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I just got back from seeing The Adjustment Bureau and feel like talking about it.

This movie was, in a word, awesome. I liked almost everything about it, and the few problems I have with it are so minuscule as to, for once, not interfere with my enjoyment of it. I liked it that much.

I wanted to see it from the first time I saw the trailer - a shadowy organization is controlling the paths of people's lives? Sounds awesome, totally gonna see it. It gets a bit more complicated then that in the actual movie, though. A young, bright politician with a true rags-to-riches story is on the cusp of becoming one of the youngest and most successful senators in New York, when he meets a woman that is utterly perfect for him. But their passing is brief and she disappears from his life... until, by chance, they meet again. And he accidentally stumbles upon the titular shadowy organization as they're tinkering with his friend's brain to make his plans more successful.

The shadow organization informs him of their purpose, hinting towards the fact that they aren't just an organization... they're practically agents of some form of God. And they tell him to get back on his path, away from his dream girl, or they'll start fucking his shit up. From there, he has to choose if he's going to follow their warning, or make his own destiny.

The trailers for the movie lead me to believe that this would end in an action-y way similar to Inception, so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be more about talking and trying to run from fate instead of fight. The cinematography wasn't anything spectacular, but I liked the characters and the story kept me guessing as to whether the characters could escape their fate.

I had only three problems with the story, which are tiny, but spoilers, so they continue under the cut. Spoilers! )

Anyways, those problems were so brought up so briefly in the story (except that last one) that it was easy to overlook. As a whole, I really liked the movie. I wish that it could get a big fandom a la Inception's (since I found it a better movie that understood what it wanted to be more then Inception did) but I highly doubt it. I think it would be a great movie to discuss and play with the world and stuff.
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Holy fuck, why didn't anyone tell me about the new My Little Pony cartoon sooner? Only two episodes in, but it took all my will power to pry myself away from youtube to go make dinner instead of watching all the other episodes. I have no idea what it is, but that show is awesome. Maybe I'm just remembering the "girl" shows from my childhood, and how I was always much more interested in watching Batman cartoons or poorly dubbed shonen anime because I felt that the "girl" shows were boring. The new MLP show, though? Has girls doing stuff! And being interested in a wide range of things instead of just makeup! And it's probably THE ONLY show I can point to where I assume that a character is female unless otherwise stated instead of male being the default. Seriously, this show is great and I really want to watch more of it.

Though, I think I heard some grumblings about Rainbow Dash being lesbian because she's tomboy and has a rainbow-colored mane and tail? Okay people, 1) they're ponies. It doesn't matter. And 2) maybe it's just me, but every pony I've seen so far strikes me as a lesbian. So. Yeah.

*ahem* Well, now that I've already been a huge GIRL all over this post, might as well add to it with some cooking stuff, eh?

New post up on my blog! This time I made some Barbecue Biscuit Cups, and they are tasty and awesome. Recipe found here!
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I've been hearing a lot of buzz for the new cartoon Young Justice, so I tracked down the first episode and gave it a try. I... don't think I'll be sticking with it.

Let me just say that the animation is beautiful. It's very crisp, everything is smooth, and it doesn't look like any of the other DC cartoons I've watched, so it really stands out. It reminds me a lot of the animation for X-men: Evolution, which I'm very fond of. So, my first impression was that it was going to rock.

But the first episode left me feeling underwhelmed, mostly because of the characters. To begin with, the first episode features a grand total of zero women with lines. Normally I wouldn't be too bugged by this (it happens a lot and I've accepted it) but I remember seeing female heroes in the promo images, so a complete absence of them sticks out.

Another thing is that the characters are incredibly whiny and unlikeable, in my opinion. I'm okay with teens being whiny and then proving themselves, but Jesus CHRIST are these boys whiny. And it's all the same kind of whiny - "we're not sidekicks!" "We wanna see the Justice League's toys!" "Treat us like adults!" I was doodling while watching this episode and didn't even realize multiple boys were whining because the way their voices are written all sounds the same. And on the topic of voices, the "witty" quips the writers gave Robin are HORRIBLE. They are just stupid and sound like the writers were just trying waaaay too hard, especially since he says one every two minutes. Again, I'm all for quips, but only if they're actually funny and sound natural.

Other then that, the story didn't really grab me. A show about sidekicks is a good idea, since these are characters that don't get to shine as much and may be a bit obscure compared to the main heroes. But in practice, that turns into a weakness of the show - I don't know anything about these kids, and the show is treating them like I should. I thought Aqualad was white*? I thought Green Arrow's sidekick was named Speedy? I thought that was Tim's uniform but imdb tells me that it's Dick? This is a show meant for hardcore fans, not casual ones like myself. And it looks kind of good and I'm sure there are plenty of hardcore fans that are having fun with it. But this is one superhero cartoon I'm not going to join in on the fun.

*ETA: Wiki tells me that there is a black Aqualad named Jackson Hyde. But seriously, all my knowledge of Aqualad comes from Blackest Night (think that one was Garth?) and the Teen Titans cartoon where he was voiced by Wil Wheaton.
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So much awesome happened this weekend aaaaaaaaah

I turned 20 yesterday, which is awesome. No longer a teen, whoo! 'Wicked' happened to be playing in the local performing arts center this month, and my mom was awesome and got me tickets! My sister came down and saw the show with me and holy crap. It was awesome. It deviates quite a bit from the book (which I only read half of, a long time ago, but I could still tell it kind of took an axe to the source...) but it was still really enjoyable. The first part of the first act was kind of meh, but it got awesome right before the act break and in the second act. The stage effects were amazing, the costumes were amazing, the music was amazing. I loved it.

Also got comics for my birthday! Some I bought myself (Batman Beyond 1 and 2) and some my roommates got me for my birthday (Justice League Europe #1 (from the 80s!) and some 90s X-men title). Haven't read the comics my friends got me yet, but I just finished Batman Beyond and fafdafadfkjkldsafd it was awesome.

Terry teaming up with the future Justice League will always make for awesomeness, because the future league is COOL. And I am going to continue to ship Batman/Aquagirl EVEN THOUGH THEY'VE SPOKEN LIKE TWICE NOW. I said in my review of Hush Beyond that I had some issues with how they write Terry and Bruce, and I think they are improving. Terry is back to cracking jokes and being a smartass, and I can hear his dialogue in my head as being spoken by the show's VA, so that's an improvement over the miniseries. Bruce still feels more like the comic Bats then Cartoon Bats, but it's not as extreme as it was in the miniseries. He just... back-seat superheroes a whole lot more in the comics then the cartoon. Also, Terry family and Dana are actually getting some active roles in the comic! The cartoon was pretty careful to keep them out of danger, and even when their lives were threatened by the Joker in the movie, we didn't see them in danger. I like that they give Terry a reason to be careful and that they themselves show signs of bravery. Having a family is the biggest difference between Terry and Bruce, and I'm glad the comic writers are taking advantage of that.

Ah damn, that got way too long. I came here to talk about my birthday, not Batman.
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So, for only the second time ever, I've been watching an anime as the official subs are released week-by-week on Hulu. The first anime I did this with was FMA: Brotherhood, but I kind of fell behind on that and wound up archive-binging about the last two month's worth in a single week. This time, though, I picked up a show about three episodes in and watched it loyally, week-by-week, until it finished. And that show was Shiki. And it was worth it.

Shiki review )

I'm starting to think I should stop using the 'short review' tag, since all my reviews are seriously long any more. TL;DR - despite some kind of weird art, the series is a great, fresh look at vampires and the darker side of humanity. I highly recommend it.
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I finally got my hands on the Batman Beyond miniseries comics! Well, sort of. I went to the comic store for the first time in months the other week, and they had issues 4-6, so I bought those. But they didn't have 1-3 and didn't think any store in town would. So I resorted to buying online... but couldn't find issue 1. BUT. I got 2-6, so I at least got to read them. Here's my thoughts on the miniseries, under the cut because of spoilers.

Hush Beyond spoilers )

Wooooow, TL;DR. Congrats to whoever read through all my nerdy ramblings. So, long story short: There are some problems with characterization and the villains, but I still really enjoyed the series. I look forward to the ongoing series, and hope the fandom will get more active. Oh, and expect some icons from the comic from me soon.
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Roommate still hasn't moved in, so I assume they aren't going to at all. Which on the one hand is kind of nice, as it gives me more room to put my stuff. But I'm also a little disappointed - I like having someone to talk to in person about my day. I have a tendency to be really talkative all day long if I'm living with someone, but if I'm on my own, I get quiet, even in class and stuff. I dunno. Maybe it's just that I get so used to keeping everything in my head that I just kind of shut down socially.

Been watching Ouran High School Host Club on Hulu recently. I've had some recommendations for it before, but no one ever really explained it, and at the time that I was getting said recommendations, I was utterly sick of anime and manga about pretty high school students doing shallow things. But I'm glad I finally gave it a shot, it's turned out to be a really fun anime. It's self aware, and points out the main cliches and tropes it uses. As someone that likes to play with and parody cliches, this is right up my alley.

On a not very related note, what is up with Marble Hornets? I'm seeing people lauding it as serious nightmare fuel, and getting so freaked out by it that they can't get very far into it. Maybe it's because I've just never been interested in the horror genre, but this is just... boring. It's a guy with shaky cam running around his house in the dark and occasionally looking up like something's spooked him. And then occasionally another guy filmed in a way that you don't get a good look at him, so it looks "scary"... or, y'know. Like a dude standing on someone's porch with odd lighting. I dunno. I'm only about 4 episodes into it, but it's fucking boring, and not in the least bit scary.
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I saw the Karate Kid remake today, and I really enjoyed it. I admit, when I first heard it was being remade, I had my doubts. The original was a great movie, and I didn't really think it needed to be remade. But as I saw the trailers come out, I became really excited about it. And it really did not disappoint.

I'm kind of annoyed by the title - it really should be 'The Kung Fu Kid' instead of Karate, and that's actually what the international title is. I'm disappointed that someone in production decided Americans are too dumb to realize that this is a Karate Kid remake without the title.

Still, the film was really enjoyable. It follows the plot of the original really closely, though with some differences (waxing the car turns into hanging up a jacket, Mr. Haung's family is lost a different way from Mr. Miyagi's, etc), but that's okay, I think. The movie is energetic and fun. When the kids hit one another, it really looks like it hurts. The audience (at least where I was watching) really go into the action, and cared about the characters. There were some points were Dre got hit really hard, and you could hear a collective gasp from everyone in the theatre. When he scored a good hit, people clapped and cheered. I don't normally like when people do that in theatres, but even I couldn't resist.

The characters were fantastic, and easy to like. Dre was portrayed as a typical American - there was hardly any mention that he was black, other then a few comments about his hair from some of his Chinese school mates. It was nice to see him be just a character, instead of a 'black character'. He was energetic and a little ignorant, but well-meaning and sweet. Mr. Haung was an amazing role for Jackie Chan. He tends to get type-cast into comedic roles, but here he really got to show off his serious acting chops, and he was amazing. He didn't have very many fight scenes, and when he did, they weren't super-fancy. At the end of them, he'd even look really tired, like he was getting too old for martial arts. His fighting didn't overshadow Jaden's, and that was a good thing. And speaking of Jaden's martial arts... holy crap. I hope the kid keeps up with it, because he was amazing. I'd love to see him getting staring roles in American-made wuxia films when he's an adult. How awesome would that be? A black kung fu star. I'd love to see that.

Anyways, it was a great movie. If you've seen the original, you know how it ends, so you may not be inclined to see it. But I think it brings enough originality to it to make it really fun and interesting.
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I had a pretty awesome weekend this week! Which is nice, because last weekend was just homework and laundry tiems. My sister came down to spend the weekend here (sort of), and I had fun. We went to the zoo, I got myself some comics, and we went and saw Clash of the Titans. Fun weekend, and I might post some zoo pictures later in the week.

Though, the real reason I'm making a post is so that I can talk about the Clash of the Titans remake. Which I will do so under the cut, because this might get long winded and spoilery.

TL;DR - I prefer the Harryhausen version )
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Some college kids spend their spring break partying. I spent mine making pie.

Really awesome lemon meringue pie, at that.

*om nom nom nom*

I also tried to make s'mores cupcakes with my friend Penguin, but it was really weird. The batter didn't cook. We gave it extra time in the oven, and the tops of the cupcakes cooked through, but the actual cake was still raw in the center. It was really strange, and we had to throw them out. Which was a shame, because the bits of the tops that we pulled off of the muffin tin and ate were delicious.

Christopher Moore is going to be in town next week, signing books and talking about his latest novel, and I'm going to be back in NM. :< Sad. Though, I guess that's a good thing, because if I had gotten to meet him, I probably would have taken my copy of Fool, slapped him with it, and demanded to know what the hell he was thinking, writing a bad Mary Sue fic for King Leer. Yeah, that book disappointed me.

And I finished reading Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. It was... okay. Not really good, not really bad, just... okay. The plot was pretty much the plot of the movie Doomsday, just in Victorian Seattle instead of Future Scotland. The main characters were pretty bland and uninteresting, while the side characters were awesome and fun. I would have preferred to read a book about Lucy and Swakhammer and how they wound up in the city and in debt to the villain, rather then about the dull as hell main characters. Speaking of the villain, he doesn't show up until the last 80 or so pages of the book. Which yeah, I can understand wanting to keep him in the shadows and seem all cool and mysterious, but it doesn't really work when you reveal who he is and tie up the entire plot after he's only been in about three chapters. Climax is really rushed, and left me feeling underwhelmed. Also, a lot of elements seemed to be thrown in just to make the story more "steampunk-y", like needing goggles to see the poison gas, or describing the city as looking all washed out and yellow (seriously, I think the author wanted the reader to imagine everything with a sepia filter in their head). I wouldn't really recommend this as a staple of the steampunk genre, since it's pretty much the same tropes and cliches of all steampunk. But if you're in between books and need something to read, it's not horrible.
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I just got back from seeing the Sherlock Holmes movie. The theatre was totally packed, which was surprising. I know that it's the opening day, but I didn't realize how popular the movie was already. That, and I'm used to theatres being empty on Dec 25.

Anyways, the movie was fun. Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr have great chemistry as Watson and Holmes - they threw banter back and forth all throughout the film, and it seemed very natural. The film picks up after the characters have been working together for quite some time, and the acting really makes it feel like the two are very close. I'm very glad that the film didn't fall into the stereotypes that many adaptations of the story gets into - Watson wasn't the bumbling comic relief (as is seen in the later stories, but never in the originals), Holmes never dons a deerstalker. Now, it's been ages since I've read the books, so I can't vouch too much for accuracy to the stories, but it was still a fun watch. It drags a bit in the third act, though. And Mark Strong makes such a good villain.

I was pretty much suckered in to seeing this because of the costumes, by the way. I love me some Victorian clothing.

Also, seems that Robert Downey Jr believes that Watson and Holmes are gay. I'm sure with that, he made a loooot of slash writers very, very happy.
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Exactly what the title says! I'm thinking of doing a sketch dump once a month from now on.

Aliens, Steampunk, fan art, and one very angry cat under the cut )

In other news, I finally finished the Zot! Black and White Collection by Scott McCloud. It had some problems, but I really liked it. The conflicting ideologies of strict science and loose imagination where interesting, without be contrived or a bit science versus magic/religion/whatever plot. I also really loved the focus on the mundane - I've always dug looking at normal people doing normal things in a epic setting, because it helps me relate to the characters. Sure, I wanted to know what Zot was up to, but I could relate to Jenny's yearning to be in the perfect alternate earth and trying to deal with an idealist in a world that doesn't live up to their standards. The art could be better, and sometimes the story is a bit scattered, but it's definitely a good read.
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I got a mouse for my laptop today. It's an adorable little thing called an Arc mouse. It folds up, which turns off the power and saves the wireless battery, and also creates a little pocket to hold the USB transceiver. It works really well, and since it folds up, it's pretty compact. Sorry to sound like a commercial, but I really like it :3

Frustration at the school continues. Earlier today I got online to order a parking permit. Everything worked, but I didn't have time to place the order, so I logged out of the site and decided to do it later. I tried a few minutes ago, and the site is telling me that I'm not an on-campus student and that I need to apply for housing. FFFFFFFFFFFFFAUGH What's even more annoying is that it's a friday, so I won't be able to call housing and fix this until monday. I'm going to try again tomorrow evening, though, and hope it's just a one-time glitch. :/ Hopefully it is. I hate playing phone tag with the college offices.

My dad's been watching the HBO vampire series 'True Blood' lately. It's got a sort of interesting premise, it that everyone knows that their are vampires around and they more or less accept them. That's not something I've seen in vampire fiction before. However, there are some issues with it. As my dad said, the vampires talk like a bad dub of a Chinese movie. All their dialogue is just stilted, formal, and unnatural. I can understand trying to make the vamps seem older and more refined, but... if a hundreds year old norse vampire can learn to talk in a Texan accent, he can learn to talk not talk like a robot. Also, there's the issue I have with all HBO and Shotime series, in which every episode just sort of has a graphic sex scene shoehorned in. Most of the time it has no bearing on the plot, and reeks of the director saying 'Well, we're allowed to do sex here, so let's make a porno!' Interestingly enough, the only show that doesn't have gratuitous sex all the time is Dexter, which does have a few sex scenes, but most are short and fade to black quickly, and most are done for the sake of character development. OF COURSE, THE SHOW ABOUT THE SERIAL KILLER IS THE MOST TASTEFUL SEX-WISE.

Also: fuck you, Watchmen. I get the director's cut, open up the box, aaand... there's a flyer for the 4 hour FINAL CUT. akfjdkakfldjs BAIT AND SWITCH And of course, I'm going to have to buy it when it comes out in december.

Hm. This post has kind of just been all over the place. Ah well.
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So I saw the latest Harry Potter movie yesterday, and... honestly, it was better then I expected. In short: it had more humor then I was expecting, cut out a lot of more dull parts of the book, and was decent. There were still a lot of problems, such as the over-use of de-saturization filters, a lot of wooden acting, and a few too many Lord of the Rings similarities. A longer and rather spoiler-filled review is under the cut.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince review )

Agh, way too long there. But fuck it, I had to say it.
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Y'know what, Pixar? Fuck you. Fuck you and your emotionally stirring movies that give me a serious case of mood whiplash. Fuck you.

But really, I just saw Up and it was a really good movie. The plot was a lot more adult then most Pixar movies, which I was not expecting. They showed a lot depressing (and, having gone through 3 grandparent's deaths, true) and mundane parts of being old. But it also had a lot of very funny and uplifting moments. The characters felt genuine - Carl came across perfectly as a cranky old man, and Russel was such a perfect whiny little kid. There was a lot of emotional depth, and you really do feel that the characters grow. When it's funny, it's REALLY funny, and when it's sad, it's REALLY sad.

It really seemed to be trying to send a message, but my parents and I disagree on what that message is. (We're getting a bit into spoiler territory here, so I'll try to be brief.) My parents think that the message is to get out and have your adventures while your still young so that you don't feel like you've wasted your life. But what I got out of it was that life, even if it's dull, is an adventure. And sometimes you can be so caught up in trying to be someone else, someplace else, that you forget how wonderful life is. As Russel said, "I think I remember the boring parts best".

Not too spoilery, but it's over now.

It also had the best talking dogs ever. If a lab could talk, it would sound like Dug.

As for trailers, Thank you, Sony Pictures Animation, for taking one of my beloved childhood books and raping it up the ass. You could at least TRY to emulate the original art style like Horton Hears a Who did. But seriously, stop with this trend. As soon as I saw this trailer, I threw up my arts in frustration and almost walked out.

On the other hand, The Princess and the Frog looks like it could be very good. A black princess? A French prince (with a personality)? Traditional animation? A frikkin' VOODOO WITCH DOCTOR?!? Hells yeah. This looks promising.
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So, y'know on monday, how I said I was going to post photos from DC? Yeeeah, not gonna happen. Our digital camera memory card reader died a horrible, horrible death on us. >:( Which sucks, 'cause there were some nice pictures from the trip. Like of really awesome jellyfish and stuff. Darn.

In other news, I saw Watchmen and Milk with my sister this week. My thoughts on both (a bit spoilery, so behind a cut):
Watchmen and Milk )

I've got a lot of scholarship stuff I need to work on, but for the most part I'm pretty relaxed. I've been excepted to my choice colleges - the stressful part is over. One way or another, I'll get the money I need for school. I'm content now. I'll probably turn back into a ball of nerves close to June or July, though.

Also, I decided to pick up another character in T9. Holly Short, from Artemis Fowl, one of my personal feminist role models. She's so different from Terry; she's an adult, level-headed, with no hang-ups about guns. She's a tough and pointy lady cop, and I know her and her canon backward and forward. Seriously. I can name every item she carries on her belt. FFFFF I'M A NERD.
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I saw Coraline a few days ago, and I must say, it was good. The story was solid, and the voice acting was spot-on. Everyone sounded natural, especially Dakota Fanning, who pulled off 'bored kid' beautifully. The animation was a bit choppy in parts, but over looked great. I'd go so far as to say the animation was even better then Nightmare, in that it was more detailed, and the characters interacted better with the backgrounds. They felt like they were in a full world, not just a stage, like Nightmare did.

The story was very dark, though I won't say kid's shouldn't see it. It was a bit like old school Brother's Grimm - dark and spooky, with a clear moral about strength and independance, without the Disney treatment. While the lead character did get some help in some spots, she was clever and brave, and would make a great role model for little girls. I highly recommend it.
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Heeey, hope everyone had safe and happy holidays! Oddly enough, this year was wonderful in my house. No big meltdowns or anything. I think it helps that my sis has a steady career-like job and is taking some meds (she's bipolar. Seriously. To the point that she has two emotions - really happy and really depressed), so she's not stressed out like she was in college. Which is great, y'know?

My family used to spend christmas with my mom's brothers and their families, but once all the cousins started going to college and my grandmother died, we stopped that tradition. Now we see a movie on christmas day. We saw Seven Pounds, which was... okay. The story was good, but it took waaaay too long to get to the plot. And it was really easy to see where it was going with it. I would have preferred to see Frost/Nixon or Milk, but, eh.

I finally have some new games for my DS! (I've only had Pokemon Diamond since I bought the DS) Now I have Pokemon Ranger, Mystery Dungeon (blue team), Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (is this the sequel or the first one? I can't tell), and Apollo Justice. Played a bit of PW, but stopped right at the first cross-examination because it was midnight and I didn't feel like yelled at my DS. Pokemon Ranger was kind fun, but the character designs are kind... Kingdom Hearts-y, which I don't really care for. And FUCK, SOLENA, PUT ON SOME GODDAMN PANTS. Mystery Dungeon is ADORABLE. I think it's the cutest game I've ever played. I'm a mudkip in it, and my partner is a Torchic named Pecho. adkfdlkf so cuuuuute.

Oh, and I have a top hat now. :3 I can be dapper. Maybe I'll get some pictures up.

Anyways, happy holidays to everyone! I've got some art I need to upload, so I'll get to that soon.
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Soooo I watched some of that new Batman cartoon today. 'The Brave and the Bold'. It was... not bad. Batman's design looks like a real kick-back to the original comics, and he's not voiced by Kevin Conroy, so for me, someone who grew up on B:TAS and Beyond, he just doesn't seem right.


Blue Beetle 3 is in it. Which is great, because from what little I've gotten to know about the character, I like. Also, he's voiced by Will Friedle. Who voiced Terry in Beyond. This. Is. HILARIOUS to me. For those who don't know, I play Terry in a multiverse rp. The head mod plays Blue Beetle. So, I went back and read our logs, and all I can imagine is Terry talking to himself. It is magnificent.

Also, I found a new show on BBCA that I like. Some of you might remember how, a while back, I said I didn't like Torchwood because it was too much sex and not enough aliens? Well, Primeval is what Torchwood should be, just with time-traveling dinosaurs instead of sex. And a college professor instead of Captain Jack. Aaaand most of the characters are nerds. Not to mention, they do a great job of ramping up the tension, and get a lot of their dinosaur facts correct. So, as someone who played more with dinosaur toys then any other toys a kid, this show really appeals to me. I'd suggest everyone go look into it, but it's BBCA exclusive, and hard to find online. But still, it's good, and worth a look if you can find it.
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Get out your nerd hats, everyone!

Since 2006, I've had people telling me that I just had to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. I took this rather passively - if it was on while I was watching cable somewhere, I might watch it. But I wouldn't actively go looking for it. This happened once, actually - I caught the 'Avatar Day' episode while at my grandparent's house sometime that year.

Over the summer, I watched the first episode online - I was bored, it was there. I liked it, really, but quickly forgot about it. Last month, I remembered, and found the second episode. After that, practically every day I watched an episode. What can I say? I was hooked. I really liked it.

And why was that? It was the very original character designs, which, while they used anime-style art, were very well detailed, and animated in a fluid, realistic way. (In that it wasn't all chibis and sweat drops and what-have-you). It was the attention to culture and martial arts - watching Zuko use Chinese double broad swords in season two was amazing, because I could actually see real forms used by the higher belts in my studio. It was the rich story and believable writing. And, it was Sokka. Seriously, he was my favorite character. Snarky but intelligent normal guy who gets the worst lot of everything? Awesome.

I finished the series a few days ago, and what I have to say is: man. What a ride. That was the best American made cartoon I've watched since Static Shock. Maybe better.

That was nerdage number 1. Number 2 is this:

I'm sort of thinking of taking a second crack at starting an LJ rp. AegBalk was fun, but... I think if I were to restart it, I'd work a lot more on plot and setting before actually starting it. Buuuut, I'm thinking of starting a superhero rp, because I have all sorts of worlds and plots ready for that genre. Maybe. We'll see.

And on a less nerdy subject:
Took the ACT today. I don't feel like I scored any higher then last time. :/
And my CU application is in. I need to get FL in now.


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