Feb. 6th, 2011

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So much awesome happened this weekend aaaaaaaaah

I turned 20 yesterday, which is awesome. No longer a teen, whoo! 'Wicked' happened to be playing in the local performing arts center this month, and my mom was awesome and got me tickets! My sister came down and saw the show with me and holy crap. It was awesome. It deviates quite a bit from the book (which I only read half of, a long time ago, but I could still tell it kind of took an axe to the source...) but it was still really enjoyable. The first part of the first act was kind of meh, but it got awesome right before the act break and in the second act. The stage effects were amazing, the costumes were amazing, the music was amazing. I loved it.

Also got comics for my birthday! Some I bought myself (Batman Beyond 1 and 2) and some my roommates got me for my birthday (Justice League Europe #1 (from the 80s!) and some 90s X-men title). Haven't read the comics my friends got me yet, but I just finished Batman Beyond and fafdafadfkjkldsafd it was awesome.

Terry teaming up with the future Justice League will always make for awesomeness, because the future league is COOL. And I am going to continue to ship Batman/Aquagirl EVEN THOUGH THEY'VE SPOKEN LIKE TWICE NOW. I said in my review of Hush Beyond that I had some issues with how they write Terry and Bruce, and I think they are improving. Terry is back to cracking jokes and being a smartass, and I can hear his dialogue in my head as being spoken by the show's VA, so that's an improvement over the miniseries. Bruce still feels more like the comic Bats then Cartoon Bats, but it's not as extreme as it was in the miniseries. He just... back-seat superheroes a whole lot more in the comics then the cartoon. Also, Terry family and Dana are actually getting some active roles in the comic! The cartoon was pretty careful to keep them out of danger, and even when their lives were threatened by the Joker in the movie, we didn't see them in danger. I like that they give Terry a reason to be careful and that they themselves show signs of bravery. Having a family is the biggest difference between Terry and Bruce, and I'm glad the comic writers are taking advantage of that.

Ah damn, that got way too long. I came here to talk about my birthday, not Batman.


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