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Wow, I have pretty much completely jumped ship over to Tumblr, haven't I? Well... actually no, not really. I mean, I check my f-list and lurk at a few communities, but I've just found Tumblr to be a much better place to post art and thoughts off the top of my head. If I post at LJ, I feel like I need to plan it out or something so that it's substantial. :/

Buuut I do have some stuff I want to post today. Art stuff. Batman Beyond stuff. No cut because these ramblings are stupid but I don't care.

So I've seriously gotten into Tiger & Bunny, and felt like drawing a redesign of Terry's batsuit based on the power armor from T&B. Then I wound up with an idea for an AU.

Basically, Terry is born in the T&B ‘verse, but goes through much of the same events as his original canon (parents have an ugly divorce; he briefly joins a gang and spends some time in juvie; his dad works at a company that does weapons R&D and gets murdered after learning something he wasn’t supposed to know), but in a different ‘verse, so when he decides to seek revenge, things go a bit differently. Since he has no powers, and a criminal background, he has no chance of doing like Barnaby and becoming a sponsored hero. So he steals an armor suit (either an old suit from another hero, or an in-development suit from the company his dad worked at) and goes out to seek his revenge on his own. He tries to avoid the cameras of Hero TV as best he can, but eventually gets caught on tape, and rumors about a new hero abound. He continues to work on getting his revenge on his own, but occasionally has run-ins with the sponsored heroes, and quickly gains anti-hero status in the eyes of the public (ala Lunatic, but without the murdering). No one knows who this mysterious “Batman” is, or why he’s not working under a company, or if he even has any powers. But they do know that, with him around, the superstitious and cowardly criminal underbelly of Sternbilt is starting to be a lot more careful…

I DESPERATELY WANT TO RP THIS. Does... does anyone know of a T&B game that accepts characters from outside the show?
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I'd like to preface this post by apologizing for the length. However, this is something that I really need to say out in the open, so I'm not going to put it behind a cut.

I do not usually talk about my sexuality on my journal. I've had discussions about my sexuality on other comms, but I generally don't like posting about that sort of thing here. Probably because I do not sit and think about it unless prompted, by being asked about it or stepping into a conversation on it. I just don't have much to say in the way of my sexuality to be posting lengthy diatribes about it on my journal. That's not to say I don't think about my sexuality at all - it is a facet of my personality and life, and I research it, think about, etc. I just don't think that it's ever so important that I need to air it in my public journal.

Lately, however, I've been thinking a lot about it. There's been some drama online that I've looked over, and conversations I've had irl, that have got me thinking about my sexuality. And I've decided to go ahead and talk about some of the things I've been thinking about.

For those who may not know, I'm identify as bi-romantic asexual. This means that I am attracted to both men and women on an intellectual level, but I'm not interested in having sex with either.

As I've already said, I don't really talk about my asexuality unless prompted. Back in high school, I'm pretty sure only two people even knew about my asexuality, partially because I was still figuring it all out, and partly because they were the two people that had expressed sexual interest to me, and I felt I needed to let them know what I wasn't - and never would be - interested. No one else in high school asked about my sexuality or even seemed to care.

In college, though, I've found things to be quite different. Most people I've talked to are... kind of all up in my business. That's about the best way I can think to phrase it. My roommates last year kept trying to set me up with people, and when I told them I wasn't interested (which was actually less to do with my asexuality and more to do with me just not liking any of their friends) they would pry. And pry. And pry. And eventually, the condescending, concern-trolling, morally horrified "BUT BUT BUT... ARE YOU GAAAAAAY, AMRED?!?!" would start. To which I would answer no, that I'm bi-rom ace, but that I'm also not interested in dating.

I'd have preferred to leave everything at that, but my roommates had never heard of asexuality and wanted it explained. Okay, fine. I don't particularly want to have to educate people, but whatever. I gave them a quick explanation. Again, I'd kind of liked to have left it at that.

But... they couldn't just leave it at that. They had to keep prying. Again - fine. They'd never heard of asexuality. They were confused. Maybe I could point them over to AVEN and let them educated themselves - oh. Oh. They want to know about me. And that's when the questions started rolling in.

Am I sure I'm ace? Have I ever had sex? Did I just give up after some bad sex? Do I masturbate? Am I just claiming asexuality because I'm just claiming my bi-romanticism for attention and want to have an excuse for not wanting to have sex with girls? Etc, etc.

This could be... infuriating. I didn't ask them about their sexual exploits, why did they have to pry into my own lack of them? But really, it wasn't the worst thing about talking to people about my asexuality. It was curiosity born of ignorance, and my roommates generally caught on that the questions were a bit personal for me and stopped asking them. No, the worse thing came from a few internet friends who will remain unnamed.

All of these friends know that I am ace. And every single one of them made a sexual pass at me. Sometimes it was joking - like the one person who made a joke about me and him having sex after I'd told him that I'd walked in on my roommate and her fuck-buddy. A couple of people suggested that I was just repressed and needed to have more sex. One person in particular started going on and on about how he'd TOTALLY HAD SEX WITH SOME ACES and that they WERE SO ~*SATISFIED*~ THAT THEY TOTALLY TURNED SEXUAL! Questions about my sexuality, I can handle. This shit, though? Is creepy and gross, and makes me genuinely scared. It's shit like this that makes me afraid to talk about my sexuality openly for fear that some asshole is going to try to "fix" me.

This leads me to the point of this post. This is a list of do's and don't's for talking to aces... or at least me, based on my own experience.
DO feel free to ask questions about my sexuality - but if I say a question is too personal, drop it.
DO educate yourself on asexuality - I'd suggest AVEN
DO feel free to date/flirt with aces that share your romantic orientation, as long as you understand that they are asexual.
DO NOT ask aces if/how they masturbate. It's just rude.
DO NOT tell an ace that you can "fix them" or brag about "satisfying" other aces. Quite frankly, it's threatening.
DO NOT imply that aces just "haven't found the right person". I personally believe that sexuality can be fluid, but I also think it's creepy and gross to try to talk someone into something they aren't interested in doing.
DO NOT tell aces that they don't exist.
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I've been making stuff!

More under the cut.

breakfast, Star Wars, and Cthulu silliness )
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Oh my god "The Doctor's Wife."


Neil Gaiman, I have my issues with you but that episode was beautiful.
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Sooooo... I went and started a Tumblr. It can be found over here.

I've been thinking about starting on for a while, because a) I keep getting linking to various tumblrs and finding myself wasting away hours reading them, and b) my LJ was never really much of a sketch blog to begin with, so I'm shuffling my artsy blogging things over to tumblr. I think the style there works a bit better for sketch blogs, and I dig the queue function.

So yeah. I'll probably do art posts over here still, but from now on I'll be posting art on tumblr as I finish it instead of hording it while trying to decide if I have even sketches to do an art post on LJ.
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Got my schedule for next semester all worked out - surprisingly, this time I managed to get all my first choices! Hooray for upperclassmanship! ...I'm... not sure if that's a word.

Anyways, my schedule next semester will be:
Algebra MWF 3-3:50
Late Shakespeare MW 4pm-5:15pm
Learning and the Classroom M 7pm-9:30pm
International Horror Film W 5:30pm-9:30pm
Modern American Lit TTh 5pm-6:15pm

Taking all night courses next semester. A lot of the classes I am required to take are only offered in the evening, so I decided to just take all evening courses - this will leave the days open, which hopefully will help me get a job easier. It'll be tough, especially being at school from 3 until 9:30 on MW, but I'll pull through it. Getting dinners will be tough, but I'll figure things out.

Have to re-take algebra because my grade last semester was at the point that I passed the class, but not that it counted towards my degree. So I'm retaking it, hopefully having it three times a week will cut down on the problem of my prof trying to cover three subjects in one day, as happened with my two-day a week class last year. Also, I'll take advantage of free tutoring this year.

As for the other things, they all count towards my degree and just sounded fun! ESPECIALLY FOREIGN HORROR FILMS OH MY GOD. Yes, that counts towards my degree - it's a "Media Arts" class about film that has multiple subjects under one course number. The other courses were Chicano Film and Lit and Film Comedy... Horror Film sounded like it would be the most fun!
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I just had an awful, brilliant, stupid idea.

Make some meringue. Dollop it out onto a baking sheet in little circles or ovals. Lightly toast, especially along the edges. Press a circle into the middle. Place a dollop of lemon custard in the middle.


I so do not have the time or the equipment to make this right now, but holy fuck, I am finding a way to make this when I go home for the summer.


Apr. 23rd, 2011 09:58 pm
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Watching The Shining for the first time, and I have one big question about it...

The setting is supposed to be Colorado, yes? High enough into the mountains that the air is thin, and the skiing is great but the hotel still doesn't stay open in the winter. And also... built on an "Indian Burial Ground," and the builders of the hotel even had to "fight off Indians" during construction in the early 1900s.

So my question is - what fucking Native group lived THAT high up in the Rockies, or at least close enough to use the area as a burial ground? And continued living there into the early 1900s... y'know, long after Indian Removal?

Sorry, Steven King/Stanley Kubrick, your lack of research is showing.
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A brief history of New Mexico:
NM: "Hey, Spain, can we choose our own governors?"
Spain: "No."
NM: "Hey, Mexico, can we choose our own governors?"
Mexico: "No."
NM: "Hey, US, can we be a state?"
USA: "No."
NM: "Hey, US, can we be a state?"
USA: "No."
NM: "Hey, US, can we be a state?"
USA: "No."
NM: "Hey, US, can we be a state?"
USA: "No."
NM: "Hey, US, can we be a state?"
USA: "No."
NM: "Hey, US, can we be a state?"
USA: "Well, maybe, we guess."
NM: "Yay!"
USA: "Oh, by the way, you brown people aren't allowed to vote or hold land anymore."
NM: "Wait, what?"
USA: "Also, we're going to build nuclear weapons here in 30 years."
NM: "..."

Poor, poor New Mexico. It is the redheaded stepchild of North America. I'm pretty sure it could succeed from the Union and no one would even notice.
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New post up on my baking blog! Which... isn't really about baking, but it is tasty dessert treats, right? Anyways, go read it!
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Bluh, why are all the classes I need to take next semester evening courses that all happen at the same time?

Those time-turners from Harry Potter really need to fucking exist.
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You know those times were you go back and watch a show or movie you loved as a kid but haven't seen in years, and you realize it's really not that good but the nostalgia just totally over-powers your critical side and you can't help but love it?

Yeah, I just had one of those over The Princess and the Goblin.

But seriously I love this movie. The male lead defeats the goblins... through song! And then gets a bunch of soldiers to do the same thing! How can you not love that?
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Roommate: Amred, why are you making all those sad noises at your laptop?
Amred: Because Andrew Hussie is a dick and also a genius.


In other news, I'm going to go hang out with a bunch of nerds this Thursday as they play with lightsabres and talk about Arthurian lore. FUCK. YES.
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I just got back from seeing The Adjustment Bureau and feel like talking about it.

This movie was, in a word, awesome. I liked almost everything about it, and the few problems I have with it are so minuscule as to, for once, not interfere with my enjoyment of it. I liked it that much.

I wanted to see it from the first time I saw the trailer - a shadowy organization is controlling the paths of people's lives? Sounds awesome, totally gonna see it. It gets a bit more complicated then that in the actual movie, though. A young, bright politician with a true rags-to-riches story is on the cusp of becoming one of the youngest and most successful senators in New York, when he meets a woman that is utterly perfect for him. But their passing is brief and she disappears from his life... until, by chance, they meet again. And he accidentally stumbles upon the titular shadowy organization as they're tinkering with his friend's brain to make his plans more successful.

The shadow organization informs him of their purpose, hinting towards the fact that they aren't just an organization... they're practically agents of some form of God. And they tell him to get back on his path, away from his dream girl, or they'll start fucking his shit up. From there, he has to choose if he's going to follow their warning, or make his own destiny.

The trailers for the movie lead me to believe that this would end in an action-y way similar to Inception, so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be more about talking and trying to run from fate instead of fight. The cinematography wasn't anything spectacular, but I liked the characters and the story kept me guessing as to whether the characters could escape their fate.

I had only three problems with the story, which are tiny, but spoilers, so they continue under the cut. Spoilers! )

Anyways, those problems were so brought up so briefly in the story (except that last one) that it was easy to overlook. As a whole, I really liked the movie. I wish that it could get a big fandom a la Inception's (since I found it a better movie that understood what it wanted to be more then Inception did) but I highly doubt it. I think it would be a great movie to discuss and play with the world and stuff.
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Holy fuck, why didn't anyone tell me about the new My Little Pony cartoon sooner? Only two episodes in, but it took all my will power to pry myself away from youtube to go make dinner instead of watching all the other episodes. I have no idea what it is, but that show is awesome. Maybe I'm just remembering the "girl" shows from my childhood, and how I was always much more interested in watching Batman cartoons or poorly dubbed shonen anime because I felt that the "girl" shows were boring. The new MLP show, though? Has girls doing stuff! And being interested in a wide range of things instead of just makeup! And it's probably THE ONLY show I can point to where I assume that a character is female unless otherwise stated instead of male being the default. Seriously, this show is great and I really want to watch more of it.

Though, I think I heard some grumblings about Rainbow Dash being lesbian because she's tomboy and has a rainbow-colored mane and tail? Okay people, 1) they're ponies. It doesn't matter. And 2) maybe it's just me, but every pony I've seen so far strikes me as a lesbian. So. Yeah.

*ahem* Well, now that I've already been a huge GIRL all over this post, might as well add to it with some cooking stuff, eh?

New post up on my blog! This time I made some Barbecue Biscuit Cups, and they are tasty and awesome. Recipe found here!
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So, my Mormon roommate has been trying very hard to get the other roommates to go to church with her. She convinced one of the roommates (a lapsed Catholic) to go to a few things, and now Catholic roomie is feeling awkward because she's not interested in converting but the Mormons are being kind of... peer pressure-y. She'd been invited to go and talk to some missionaries tonight, and asked me to come along as support (since I was raised atheist and take no bullshit when it comes to people trying to convert me).

And holy fuck, that was the most awkward meeting of my life. Mormon missionaries (or maybe it was just these guys) have this weird way of singling people out to see what they know about Christianity, and when I admitted to being raised atheist, the pressure came down. They were asking me to give praying a shot and... no. Just no. Sorry, but no. I do not believe in your god. I'm agnostic, and leaning towards Deist, and believe that even if there is a higher power, they aren't concerned with my petty mortal earthling shit. It was so awkward to say that to them and back it up - especially since this little meeting was IN THEIR CHURCH. fakhdkadasdf

Never again. Sorry, Mormon Roomie, I love ya, but no. That was just too awkward.


As we were walking back home from the church, we saw the glowing... thing inbetween some buildings on campus. We got closer and it was some dudes. FIGHTING WITH LIGHTSABERS. We talked to them, and found out that they're just a sort-of Star Wars, sort-of high fantasy, sort-of cyber-punk (!!!) group that doesn't really roleplay, but just hang out and shoot the shit and play with awesome lightsabers.

So they gave me their card. THEY HAVE A CARD! I think I might have to go to one of their get-togethers because they were really friendly and nerdy and they had a light-saber-wielding mach 1 Ironman. Seriously.
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Uuuugh, for the first time ever, midterms are actually kicking my ass. Writing a 12 page paper for NM history is the worse thing ever, especially since that class only gets two grades - midterm and final. I really hate it when professors do that, because it turns the class into pretty much pass/fail. Ugh.

Anyways, I made a thing! Or things, I guess! Mint Oreo Truffles~

These are amazing and really easy to make. Head over to my baking blog for the recipe!

Also, I didn't mention this in the blog because I hadn't tried it yet, but if you put these in the fridge for a while before eating? Soooo good. It tastes just like mint chocolate chip ice cream.


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