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So, my Mormon roommate has been trying very hard to get the other roommates to go to church with her. She convinced one of the roommates (a lapsed Catholic) to go to a few things, and now Catholic roomie is feeling awkward because she's not interested in converting but the Mormons are being kind of... peer pressure-y. She'd been invited to go and talk to some missionaries tonight, and asked me to come along as support (since I was raised atheist and take no bullshit when it comes to people trying to convert me).

And holy fuck, that was the most awkward meeting of my life. Mormon missionaries (or maybe it was just these guys) have this weird way of singling people out to see what they know about Christianity, and when I admitted to being raised atheist, the pressure came down. They were asking me to give praying a shot and... no. Just no. Sorry, but no. I do not believe in your god. I'm agnostic, and leaning towards Deist, and believe that even if there is a higher power, they aren't concerned with my petty mortal earthling shit. It was so awkward to say that to them and back it up - especially since this little meeting was IN THEIR CHURCH. fakhdkadasdf

Never again. Sorry, Mormon Roomie, I love ya, but no. That was just too awkward.


As we were walking back home from the church, we saw the glowing... thing inbetween some buildings on campus. We got closer and it was some dudes. FIGHTING WITH LIGHTSABERS. We talked to them, and found out that they're just a sort-of Star Wars, sort-of high fantasy, sort-of cyber-punk (!!!) group that doesn't really roleplay, but just hang out and shoot the shit and play with awesome lightsabers.

So they gave me their card. THEY HAVE A CARD! I think I might have to go to one of their get-togethers because they were really friendly and nerdy and they had a light-saber-wielding mach 1 Ironman. Seriously.
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I made two observations today.

The first is that Easter is a big deal down here in NM, because everyone I've spoken to, from professors to GAs to other students to people working in the school cafeteria, have wished me a happy Easter.

The second is that apparently I hate being told to have a happy Easter.

I don't have a problem with people that celebrate it, and if they're looking forward to some sort of big family thing this weekend, good for them. But my family hasn't done anything for Easter since I was in elementary school, and even then it wasn't really "Easter" it was "let the kids have candy for breakfast one day a year, and oh yeah, color some eggs or something". Kind of like Halloween, but with candy for breakfast instead of all day long, eggs instead of pumpkins, and way more lame because it doesn't involve costumes. It wasn't even until middle school that I found out what Easter is actually supposed to celebrate (I thought it was more or less invented by candy companies up til that point).

I think the thing that's annoying me the most about this is that I don't like people assuming Easter is a big deal for me. For those that don't know, I'm agnostic, but was raised atheist. This Easter thing is a bit like Christmas - I don't mind when people tell me to have a Merry Christmas, because while my family doesn't observe the religious aspects of the holiday, we do celebrate it as part of family tradition. But I can understand why, say, a Jewish person could get tired of hearing all about Christmas, and everyone just assuming they celebrate the holiday. So when people assume that I celebrate Easter, it gets on my nerves after a while, because EVERYONE has been mentioning it and I can't escape it.

for george

Sep. 22nd, 2008 06:39 pm
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This afternoon, my family's female tabby cat, George, had to be put to sleep. She had problems with her blood chemistry, and the vets thought it was an internal rupture or infection. While things could have been done to help, it would have been way too expensive, and she had low chances of pulling through.

I loved her, and I'll miss her. I'm sorry that I never made an icon for her.

And I'll be okay, if anyone is wondering. This is the fifth pet death I've experienced in my life, and the ninth general death. I've learned that it's stupid to mourn and be depressed at death. I believe in reincarnation, and either George is living it up somewhere awesome as a person, or she's being treated as a queen in India. Either way, it's good for her. And I'm going on with my life. Don't expect less art or posting or anything from me; if anything, I'll be more prolific, because this is a reminder that life is short, and we should do the best with what we have.


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