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I think I take rpgs a little too seriously. Not in the "this is SRS BSNS" kind of way... just... I tend to go kind of nuts making personalities for my characters. I think this started with pokemon, where I always try to come up with motivations and a personality for my trainer, and then each pokemon on my main team. Any rpg I play, I make up little personalities for the characters so that the game feels more like a story. I've just always felt that when you play a role playing game, you should, y'know, create a role and play it. It makes games a lot more fun, in my opinion, because it helps you feel attached to the little pixels and gives games a more interactive feel.

Am I alone in this? Do any of you make personalities and little stories for your video game characters?
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So, guess what I finally got around to scanning today?

That's right, pokemon doodles!

And almost 40 more under the cut! )
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Heeey, hope everyone had safe and happy holidays! Oddly enough, this year was wonderful in my house. No big meltdowns or anything. I think it helps that my sis has a steady career-like job and is taking some meds (she's bipolar. Seriously. To the point that she has two emotions - really happy and really depressed), so she's not stressed out like she was in college. Which is great, y'know?

My family used to spend christmas with my mom's brothers and their families, but once all the cousins started going to college and my grandmother died, we stopped that tradition. Now we see a movie on christmas day. We saw Seven Pounds, which was... okay. The story was good, but it took waaaay too long to get to the plot. And it was really easy to see where it was going with it. I would have preferred to see Frost/Nixon or Milk, but, eh.

I finally have some new games for my DS! (I've only had Pokemon Diamond since I bought the DS) Now I have Pokemon Ranger, Mystery Dungeon (blue team), Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (is this the sequel or the first one? I can't tell), and Apollo Justice. Played a bit of PW, but stopped right at the first cross-examination because it was midnight and I didn't feel like yelled at my DS. Pokemon Ranger was kind fun, but the character designs are kind... Kingdom Hearts-y, which I don't really care for. And FUCK, SOLENA, PUT ON SOME GODDAMN PANTS. Mystery Dungeon is ADORABLE. I think it's the cutest game I've ever played. I'm a mudkip in it, and my partner is a Torchic named Pecho. adkfdlkf so cuuuuute.

Oh, and I have a top hat now. :3 I can be dapper. Maybe I'll get some pictures up.

Anyways, happy holidays to everyone! I've got some art I need to upload, so I'll get to that soon.
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I have no idea why, but I just watched the Dungeons and Dragons movie on cable. Maybe because Jeremy Irons plays the villian? Anyways, it was laughably terrible. I was playing my DS while watching. And right in the middle of the climax, I was able to catch Azelf (38th try. I've counted.) and evolve a Golbat into Crobat. So, hey, I guess it game me good luck on gaming, right?

........*snrk* No, no, it was just bad.

I saw Changeling yesterday. Very good movie, if it does run a bit long.
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Huh. Wow, I haven't posted in a while. And I haven't really had time to do the arts stuff. But, um, rambling time?

This week has been a pretty fantastic week. It was spirit week at school, and we had some pretty interesting themes. Lets see, they were: 50s day, Superhero day, Disney day, Rave day, and School Color day. I've never done spirit week before, but this time I did, and it was a lot of fun! Monday I dressed up like James Dean, Tuesday I made myself a Batman Beyond shirt, Wednesday I was Disney's Mulan (complete with Little Dragon as Mushu :3) Thursday I got to wear my old parachute-type pants, and today my hair is purple. Fun times!

My weekend is going to be crazy busy, though, because I'm going to Nan Desu Kan. I'll be there this evening, most of the day on Saturday, and probably Sunday morning. Saturday is also my school's homecoming parade, and I'm going to be riding the band/choir float dressed in a marching band uniform and carrying my saxaphone. So... busy, but a fun kind of busy.

Also, today is my dad's 54th birthday. He's spending it off in the mountains, fishing by himself, as he has for the past few years. He's one of the coolest people I know, and I hope he'll live another 54 years. (I'm sure he will, he's really healthy)

Oh, and as for T9 - I'll still have access to a computer, so I should be able to post their at least a few times over the weekend. And the hotel the con is at has wifi, so I'm going to take my DS and finally get to do some online pokemon playin'!
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Doodle of Cy-T. Trying some new stuff out in photoshop.

So, I've been doing a lot of working out this week. Yard work with the pulaski, tai chi, and kung fu. Not to mention I got a really painful vaccination yesterday. All together, my arms and abs are killing me. But that's a good sign, right?

The slow posting in Trans 9 is driving me nuts. I love the game, but god is it annoying waiting for a mod. That's why I never start rps that depend on a sort of 'mod orientation' thread. But it's always hard trying to catch the attention of a mod that's working with, like, ten other people when you show up.

I finally got riolu in pokemon diamond. When I was first in Canalave, I didn't realize that Iron Island went deeper, so I just left after, like, the second room. So I got all the way to Sunnyshore before looking online and seeing that you get the riolu egg at Iron Island. So I back tracked and went through the whole thing and got the egg. I really do like riolu and lucario, but the only way to include it on my team is to get rid of my lopunny. And my lopunny's been with me forever. So... I dunno. I think I'll use it when just wandering around in the wild, and use lopunny in gym battles. I also caught Dialga a few days ago. It was pretty sweet - I caught it on the second ball toss, with an ultra ball. That's a first.

I'm going to a dragon boat race tomorrow. That'll be fun.
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so i herd u liek turtwig )

So a while back I said I was going to start exercising and going outside more. Well, I've gained a little bit of weight in muscle mass, lost some fat, and have started to turn a nice bronze color. For the first time in two years, I look healthy.
My new goal is to get back into the habit of playing my alto sax, which I haven't touched in ages.
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I got accepted into Pokemon Torrenta. Awesome. Now, to post in it...

Here, have an art meme. )

So, I finally got a DS and Pokemon Diamond. About a year late, but whatever. I just got to the point where I smacked around Team Galactic for trying to steal honey (gaaaay). I kinda like the game, but I have a few complaints. The largest one being; for adding another 100 pokemon to the game, for the first two hours I played, all I saw was two. Fucking Starly and Bidoof. It got to the point were I felt that if I saw another fucking bidoof, I thought I would throw the DS out a window. God damn.

But Turtwig is cute. So... yeah.
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My trainer from pokemon Ruby and his team. The trainer is Isaac, and the team is Zakiu the zangoose, Ibicha the grumpig, Miiku the pikachu, Ynen the azumarill, Murmu the sandslash, and Flak the blaziken. They're standing in front of the battle tower. And Zakiu is loosely based on Tadoshiro Mifune. X3

So, I decided I'm finally going to get a DS. I've been going back and forth on this for a long time. When the system first came out, I didn't like the idea of the dual screens. I talked to some people who loved it, others who hated it. I thought about getting the PSP for a little while, but decided against that. (It only has two games I'd play, and I already have an iPod) So, tomorrow, I'm going to go get myself a DS lite. I'm really only interested in pokemon games, so I'm going to either pick up Diamond or Mystery Dungeon. I'll probably get both at some point, but only one at a time.

Now that the internship is over, I need to find a job.
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I logged back onto Sabrous for the first time in MONTHS a few nights ago, which prompted some doodles and stuff.

The Adventures of Amred.... in sketch form )

Also, I saw Sweeney Todd today for the second time. Now, I really didn't WANT to see it twice, but two of my friends took me to see it. We got the entire theatre to ourselves and talked throughout the entire movie. Then we had LOST DRIVING ADVENTURES while trying to get back to my house. Good times.


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