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So, I didn't have a costume planned for halloween because I wasn't expecting to do anything. But my new roomie invited me to go trick or treating, and since I haven't done that in years, I was like 'hell yeah'. But again, I don't really have a costume.


I've decided to throw together a last-minute steampunk costume. But I need advice on how to make it look better. Here's the base idea for it:

I really like the hat, goggles, and Rocketeer jacket, but I'm not so sure what else to do with it. All I could really think of for the pants is khaki slacks, and I'll wear my work boots for shoes. Shirt underneath will probably be black. May also include fingerless gloves.

I'm going for a sort of treasure hunter look, so I may go buy some cheap jewelry to use as baubles hanging from belt loops/neck/wrists/whatever. Might also wear some gaudy clip-on earrings. So, any suggestions? I've got three days and about $15 to $20 to spend on this, so it can't be too extravagant, but little things to add would be nice.
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I don't know if any of you watchers of mine care about Doctor Who, but if you do, it might interest you to know that The 11th Doctor's costume has been revealed.

I gotta say, I love it. I'm glad that they're making 11 kind of quirky and odd-looking. I look forward to season 5.
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Sooo, I went to a con a few weeks back. And I completely forgot to post any of my photos of it until one of [ profile] cloudsnapper's posts today kinda reminded me. So here they are!

Dial-up users beware! )
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Huh. Wow, I haven't posted in a while. And I haven't really had time to do the arts stuff. But, um, rambling time?

This week has been a pretty fantastic week. It was spirit week at school, and we had some pretty interesting themes. Lets see, they were: 50s day, Superhero day, Disney day, Rave day, and School Color day. I've never done spirit week before, but this time I did, and it was a lot of fun! Monday I dressed up like James Dean, Tuesday I made myself a Batman Beyond shirt, Wednesday I was Disney's Mulan (complete with Little Dragon as Mushu :3) Thursday I got to wear my old parachute-type pants, and today my hair is purple. Fun times!

My weekend is going to be crazy busy, though, because I'm going to Nan Desu Kan. I'll be there this evening, most of the day on Saturday, and probably Sunday morning. Saturday is also my school's homecoming parade, and I'm going to be riding the band/choir float dressed in a marching band uniform and carrying my saxaphone. So... busy, but a fun kind of busy.

Also, today is my dad's 54th birthday. He's spending it off in the mountains, fishing by himself, as he has for the past few years. He's one of the coolest people I know, and I hope he'll live another 54 years. (I'm sure he will, he's really healthy)

Oh, and as for T9 - I'll still have access to a computer, so I should be able to post their at least a few times over the weekend. And the hotel the con is at has wifi, so I'm going to take my DS and finally get to do some online pokemon playin'!
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I've never been really satisfied with Face's costume. I think I may have finally found a design I'm happy with, though, and that would be the above. Of course, it would still have a Badass Long Coat over it.

Spent my labor day weekend... doing manual labor. My parents, sister, and myself were painting the exterior of my granddad's house. We got 4 of the 5 sides painted, but ran out of the main color of paint. Next weekend, my aunt and uncle will finish up the main part and start on the trim. We'll go back down in a couple of weeks to do touch ups. Weather was okay for the painting, and over all it went smoothly. Only real problem was that there was a lot of bags of manure in my granddad's garage, which was connected to the house, and right next to the walls we were painting. We had evil blood thirsty flies swarming all over us, biting us, and getting in the paint. I fucking hate bugs.

Whatever it is that's been making me sneeze was even worse at my granddad's house. I was sneezing every couple of minutes down there, and my eyes were really irritated. I took some allergy medicine, and that did help my eyes, but it made it so I couldn't breath through my nose. I'm doing okay now, with just a bit of sneezing.

Got my convention confirmation email today. Now, I need to really get to work on my costume. I still need for it:
- henna tattoo stuff
- urban camo vest
- finish my turtle helmet
- make a pirate flag

Should be able to get it all finished in time.
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Another going away gift, this time, for my English teacher. That man's a total Batman fanboy, so I thought this would fit.

So, part of my costume for Nan Desu Kan is the infamous turtle helmet. I went by the Army surplus store to see if I could find a decent helmet that I could modify. I didn't expect to find anything that would work, and I thought I might have to order something. (And, if worst came to worst, I'd use a construction helmet)
But, it turns out that I found the perfect helmet! It's a toy helmet, for hallowe'en costumes and stuff, but it's the perfect size and shape for the turtle. I do need to do some stuff to make it just right, though. And that includes;
- repainting it, so that it is a turtle shell, instead of crappy forest camo
- replacing the dinky plastic straps with leather straps and an actual buckle
- and making the turtle head and feet

I'll probably post pictures as I work on it, so look for those! :3


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