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Normally I hate posting twice in one day, but I just have to mention this.

My parents got me a new tablet. Shiny new Intuos 4. I was just playing around with it, and started work on inking something I scanned before I came home. Check this out:

That was done with only a 7px hard black brush. Now, I'm one of those people that believes that tools alone cannot make good art. But really? This is amazing. My old Graphire could never do this. I am stunned. Also, the stylus came with multiple nibs, which create different textures. Haven't figured out how to change them out yet, but that's pretty neat. This tablet is the closest a tablet has ever felt to drawing with pencil and paper to me. Just. Wow. Thank you so much, mom and dad.

Also, I have to name her. My old tablet was named Larry. I'm thinking of Guinevere for this new one.

more art!

Nov. 22nd, 2009 12:07 pm
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Eibborn! My half of our trade is done! :D

Eib balancing a laptop on his nose while doing a handstand. :D I dunno, I thought it was cute. And if you look closely, the screen on his laptop is the main page of the Sabrous website.

Tried some stuff out on this as far as coloring goes. I was tried to just loosen up and let my painting get a bit messy. I think it turned out pretty good. Also playing with pens. I've found I really like my Staedler chisel-tip and Micron brush-tip pens. They make for some really nice inking.
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Most of my stuff is packed and read to be put in my car. I leave for college next Tuesday. Classes start the Monday after that. I'm pretty stoked. :D

I've got some art again today! See, I recently re-started my game of Pokemon Ruby. It was mainly because I'd migrated most of my pokemon from my previous game over to Diamond, and wanted to restart so I could get the two other starters, but I wound up noticing some stuff that I wanted to make short little comics about. There's three of 'em, and they're under the cut.
Pokemon comics )

My favorite is the third, because I think it has the best joke, but... I dunno, I may the only person who finds these funny. Also, not my best art, but then again, I just did these for fun.

Also, I shout-out/thank you to my buddy Pip, who does the webcomic Sins Venials, for making me this art of my pirate character Billy!
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Proof that maX is the most awesome friend in the world:

X found this shirt at a comic book store a few months ago, and sent me a picture of it to my phone. I loved it immediately, and set the picture as my phone wallpaper, as sort of a reminder that I should try to find this shirt or one like it some day. Yesterday, at my bowling birthday party (a post - possibly with pictures - about that coming soon, once I'm properly awake), X gave me this shirt and became my favorite person ever.

This shirt is... kind of unique. It's a size Large (I'm really a Small), but that's because it seems to be the only one of it's kind in existence. X actually asked the comic book store if they could track down a smaller shirt - they tried, but they couldn't find any like this at all, on the internet or in wholesale catalogs. And when you look closely at the picture, you know why - under the picture (which has 'of the Future' as a continuation of the text) it has the copyright/printing date. 1999. Yeah. I have a ten year old shirt. This is probably a collector's item.

And you know what? I'm gonna wear the hell out of this thing. As soon as I wash it. No washings in ten years has left it rather... itchy.
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I got to meet up with my buddy X today and give him his christmas gift. I got him the 'High Five' Shirt from Dr. McNinja (in red). He really liked it, so I'm glad. He gave me the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon manga, which is so friggin' cute. Also, I just knew he'd give me something to do with Mudkips. I knew it. We also had dinner at an Italian restaurant in my neighborhood that I meant to take him to when we were a couple, but never did. Some how, taking him a platonic friend was just a lot nicer. We talked about the new Doctor, about the Joker, and about Watchmen, which was fun and nerdy.

Also, school was supposed to start back up tomorrow, but I just got a call from the school's robo-caller saying it would start on Wednesday. Hmm.

I need to work on my Financial aid form. Auuuugh loooong form is loooong.
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Heeey, hope everyone had safe and happy holidays! Oddly enough, this year was wonderful in my house. No big meltdowns or anything. I think it helps that my sis has a steady career-like job and is taking some meds (she's bipolar. Seriously. To the point that she has two emotions - really happy and really depressed), so she's not stressed out like she was in college. Which is great, y'know?

My family used to spend christmas with my mom's brothers and their families, but once all the cousins started going to college and my grandmother died, we stopped that tradition. Now we see a movie on christmas day. We saw Seven Pounds, which was... okay. The story was good, but it took waaaay too long to get to the plot. And it was really easy to see where it was going with it. I would have preferred to see Frost/Nixon or Milk, but, eh.

I finally have some new games for my DS! (I've only had Pokemon Diamond since I bought the DS) Now I have Pokemon Ranger, Mystery Dungeon (blue team), Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (is this the sequel or the first one? I can't tell), and Apollo Justice. Played a bit of PW, but stopped right at the first cross-examination because it was midnight and I didn't feel like yelled at my DS. Pokemon Ranger was kind fun, but the character designs are kind... Kingdom Hearts-y, which I don't really care for. And FUCK, SOLENA, PUT ON SOME GODDAMN PANTS. Mystery Dungeon is ADORABLE. I think it's the cutest game I've ever played. I'm a mudkip in it, and my partner is a Torchic named Pecho. adkfdlkf so cuuuuute.

Oh, and I have a top hat now. :3 I can be dapper. Maybe I'll get some pictures up.

Anyways, happy holidays to everyone! I've got some art I need to upload, so I'll get to that soon.
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One more watercolor gift art. This was for a very sweet girl in my math class.

So, most people tend to get darker in the summer, right? Not me. I tend to get paler, since I stay in the basement all day.

Well, yesterday, I decided I wasn't going to do that. Every day (weather permitting) I'm going to go outside and do stuff. Even if that stuff is just taking a walk around a park, it's still better then being cooped up all day.
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Another going away gift, this time, for my English teacher. That man's a total Batman fanboy, so I thought this would fit.

So, part of my costume for Nan Desu Kan is the infamous turtle helmet. I went by the Army surplus store to see if I could find a decent helmet that I could modify. I didn't expect to find anything that would work, and I thought I might have to order something. (And, if worst came to worst, I'd use a construction helmet)
But, it turns out that I found the perfect helmet! It's a toy helmet, for hallowe'en costumes and stuff, but it's the perfect size and shape for the turtle. I do need to do some stuff to make it just right, though. And that includes;
- repainting it, so that it is a turtle shell, instead of crappy forest camo
- replacing the dinky plastic straps with leather straps and an actual buckle
- and making the turtle head and feet

I'll probably post pictures as I work on it, so look for those! :3
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Happy New Year, internets.

What did I do on New Years Eve? Sat around and worked on art requests for people on the Gaia website.

What did I do today? Saw Juno, watched X-men 2, and sat around and worked on art requests for people on the Gaia website.

So, needless to say, my New Years kinda sucked.

Until about five minutes ago, when I got this;

This is my avatar on Gaia, drawn for me by a Gaia member called Embrace Tomorrow. She found a random topic I made and was the second person to request art from me. And after I made her her art, this showed up. And MADE MY DAY.

Eventually, I'll post all the art I've been making. I don't really like the site, but it is good for shameless self promotion. So I'm exploiting that bitch.

Anyways. Gift art is ALWAYS a fantastic way to start the year. God, I am happy now.


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