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Back in NM for school, ugh. Actually, I came back last night, because this morning I had to take a Teaching Basic Skills test. Which is a standardized test would-be teachers have to take before becoming accepted in the College of Education of most schools in NM. I think I did fine on it, really. Reading comprehension/grammar portion was incredibly easy, and the math part was actually not that bad. Get my scores back in February, so I'm eagerly waiting for that.

I have some arts today! Lots of it, actually. I don't know what it was, but I was drawing a lot over the break.

Dinosaurs, conquistadors, old OCs, and fan stuffs )

School starts Tuesday. Wheeeee
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It's been a while since I've done an art post. Probably because it's been a while since I've done any art. But I did some in August, so here we go.

Various sketches and some finished art )


Aug. 12th, 2010 11:24 am
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Huh. Been a while since I've really posted anything. I've been busy. I leave for school in a week, so I'm kind of alternating between trying to enjoy the little summer I have left and panicking about whether or not I've got everything ready for school and will remember to pack everything.

Here, have a quick painting of Rei and his alien dog:
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Aaaaaah it's done! But what is it? It's the complete piece of this piece of unfinished lineart of my character Rei I posted waaaay back in December. The sketch was done a few weeks before that, too. This this has pretty much taken me a semester to finish, because I went back and kept fixing things and trying to make it perfect. And I'm very, very pleased with the final product.
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Have I mentioned I love my new tablet? Because I do.

Turns out I'm on the Dean's list, which is pretty neat.
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Normally I hate posting twice in one day, but I just have to mention this.

My parents got me a new tablet. Shiny new Intuos 4. I was just playing around with it, and started work on inking something I scanned before I came home. Check this out:

That was done with only a 7px hard black brush. Now, I'm one of those people that believes that tools alone cannot make good art. But really? This is amazing. My old Graphire could never do this. I am stunned. Also, the stylus came with multiple nibs, which create different textures. Haven't figured out how to change them out yet, but that's pretty neat. This tablet is the closest a tablet has ever felt to drawing with pencil and paper to me. Just. Wow. Thank you so much, mom and dad.

Also, I have to name her. My old tablet was named Larry. I'm thinking of Guinevere for this new one.

more art!

Nov. 22nd, 2009 12:07 pm
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Eibborn! My half of our trade is done! :D

Eib balancing a laptop on his nose while doing a handstand. :D I dunno, I thought it was cute. And if you look closely, the screen on his laptop is the main page of the Sabrous website.

Tried some stuff out on this as far as coloring goes. I was tried to just loosen up and let my painting get a bit messy. I think it turned out pretty good. Also playing with pens. I've found I really like my Staedler chisel-tip and Micron brush-tip pens. They make for some really nice inking.
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Why yes, I have been watching old Chuck Jones cartoons, why do you ask? )

Here's a doodle of a chibi Sab!Amred hangin' off a cliff. First time using my tablet with my laptop, and there are some differences that I need to get used to. :/

...That's... pretty much all I have to say. That, and why the fuck are five out of the nine washing machines in the dorm's laundry room out of order? And four out of the five driers? >(

I'm going to go watch Hairspray online now, I think.

Edit: image put under a cut because it's kind of... long.
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Everyone needs more dapper today. Sooo go look at the thing that I killed my wrists and eyesight on today: Dapper Sam!

Um... that's it, really. Not much to say, other then Phoenix Wright is a lot of fun to play. ...I'm gonna go sleep now.
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This came up in an MSN chat with X. It went a bit like this;
Me: i've taken my time getting the yellow belt, but i WILL pass the test tomorrow
X: You'll have pikachu belt in no time!
Me: XD
X: You should put a pikachu face button on it.
Me: d'awwwww
Me: i'd so get my ass kicked for that XD
X: :C Piiiii...
Me: i wanna make a little kung fu uniform for my pikachu
X: ^___^
Me: we'd travel the old west in white uniforms and black cowboy hats, foiling bank robberies and riding donkies!
Me: and they'd call us Big Thunder and Li'l Lightning!
X: ...No. They'd call you Pajama Monkies. :C
Me: :'c
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My computer class today had a sub. Our lesson plan was to make a new logo for the computer program. The only guideline was 'don't steal something from the internet'. So I made a little chibi iMac. I think it's cute.

I was all set to go to my kung fu class tonight. Buuut I went to look for my Gi (uniform) and found that it was in the washing machine, and slightly damp. I figured, 'Okay, I'll toss it in the dryer for fifteen minutes, then go.' Only to realize that I never started the washer, just tossed my clothes in. So they were slightly damp from the previous load, and smelled terrible.

I feel kind of stupid, but I can still go tomorrow and saturday.

Also, it's been really cold today. I don't want it to be cold already. It's shouldn't be cold before October. At least it wouldn't in a perfect world.
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Team Green, finally. Meant to post this sooner, but forgot. :B

I spent today (from 7:30 to 5:00) in a parking lot with a bunch of other cars learning to drive. It was a lot more fun then I'd thought it would be, though waiting in between courses was really boring. And I'm just tired now. As soon as I got in the house, I just sort of flopped over onto the couch and didn't move until my dad finished making dinner. I am totally wiped out.

Though, during my three days of driving lecture hell, I got to know a rather cool girl. She likes Dr. Who and pokemon, rides in the horse show Westernairs, and does online rping. It was like there was a big sign attached to her back that said, 'AMRED. BE FRIENDS WITH THIS CHICK, SRSLY.' So we spent a lot of the time between courses sending text message to each other. She also said she's going to give me her friend code for Pokemon Pearl so we can trade and battle and stuff. Awesome.

Something that just struck me as hilarious to tell right now; I've had my cell number for... three years now. And throughout all three years, I've been getting messages for a 'Jessica Wiess'. I remember when I had just got the phone, I was getting a lot of calls from a guy who sounded very upset. Very sad. He left ten minute long voicemails, along the lines of 'I miss you so much," and "I'm so sorry," and "I love you. Forgive me, please." I always just missed his calls. After about four months of this, I finally managed to pick up one of his calls. I remember says, verbatim, "Dude, this isn't Jessica's phone. She changed her number. She probably doesn't love you anymore. STOP CALLING."
I think I broke the dude's heart. It was kind of funny, actually.
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More experimenting in photoshorpe. This time with Isaac.

Dragon boat fest was a lot of fun. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

I still haven't seen Dark Knight. I think this is going to go the same way as Batman Begins, in that I don't see it until a year and a half after it leaves theatres. Eh. By the time it comes out on DVD, we'll probably of bought an HD television, so that's not so bad.
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Doodle of Cy-T. Trying some new stuff out in photoshop.

So, I've been doing a lot of working out this week. Yard work with the pulaski, tai chi, and kung fu. Not to mention I got a really painful vaccination yesterday. All together, my arms and abs are killing me. But that's a good sign, right?

The slow posting in Trans 9 is driving me nuts. I love the game, but god is it annoying waiting for a mod. That's why I never start rps that depend on a sort of 'mod orientation' thread. But it's always hard trying to catch the attention of a mod that's working with, like, ten other people when you show up.

I finally got riolu in pokemon diamond. When I was first in Canalave, I didn't realize that Iron Island went deeper, so I just left after, like, the second room. So I got all the way to Sunnyshore before looking online and seeing that you get the riolu egg at Iron Island. So I back tracked and went through the whole thing and got the egg. I really do like riolu and lucario, but the only way to include it on my team is to get rid of my lopunny. And my lopunny's been with me forever. So... I dunno. I think I'll use it when just wandering around in the wild, and use lopunny in gym battles. I also caught Dialga a few days ago. It was pretty sweet - I caught it on the second ball toss, with an ultra ball. That's a first.

I'm going to a dragon boat race tomorrow. That'll be fun.
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So, I had this big thing about my weekend typed up, and I was going to post pictures of the big project I've vaguely mentioned... but the weekend report sounded whiney and my digital camera wouldn't connect to the computer. So instead you get some more Tegaki noodlings. I showed this to a friend, and they asked me why I felt the need to make The Doctor pink.'s... not the Doctor, really. It just... looks like him.

Okay, so... Hancock is a good, solid, original movie. I really liked it. It was serious, but with just enough comedy to keep it from being a downer. I liked it.

Also, if a theatre near you is playing it, or you can find it online/in a store, I greatly recommend The Fall. Imagine Baron Munchausen if Guillermo del Toro had directed it. Beautiful cinematography, brilliant story. See it if you can.

Okay, so, list of things I need to post here;
- the Big Project
- Scarlet character meme
- pokemon diamond doodles
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My trainer from pokemon Ruby and his team. The trainer is Isaac, and the team is Zakiu the zangoose, Ibicha the grumpig, Miiku the pikachu, Ynen the azumarill, Murmu the sandslash, and Flak the blaziken. They're standing in front of the battle tower. And Zakiu is loosely based on Tadoshiro Mifune. X3

So, I decided I'm finally going to get a DS. I've been going back and forth on this for a long time. When the system first came out, I didn't like the idea of the dual screens. I talked to some people who loved it, others who hated it. I thought about getting the PSP for a little while, but decided against that. (It only has two games I'd play, and I already have an iPod) So, tomorrow, I'm going to go get myself a DS lite. I'm really only interested in pokemon games, so I'm going to either pick up Diamond or Mystery Dungeon. I'll probably get both at some point, but only one at a time.

Now that the internship is over, I need to find a job.
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My team from crystal version, all colored in. :3 For those of you that watch me on DA/Sheezy, I didn't really use cell shading because I needed the practice. It's because soft shading would take too long. Laziness FTW!

FINALLY got myself some decent headphones. I've been using the crappy little ear buds that came with my iPod for a year now, but my ears stick out funny, so they don't really stay in my ears right. I got some of those nice ones that are like traditional headphones, but just clip over your ears instead of over your head. Yay!

So, I don't think I'm going to see the new Hulk movie. I was never really into the Hulk. I'm not sure why, but I think it was because he lacked the... sophistication of heroes like Ironman or Batman. Also, it has Liv Tyler as the love interest. That woman cannot act to save her life.
So, I liked the Ang Lee version (I'm one of the few) and I'd rather keep the memories of that psychological, tragic Hulk then this new one that just goes around crushing stuff.
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Based of an IM conversation very late last night. I think I'm going insane.

My dad's been importing all of his CDs onto our computer. Our computer... cannot take so many CDs in a week. The box is making funny noises a lot, and that is not good.

I start a two week long internship on Tuesday, so yay.

EDIT: Also, meme from Tochi. Reply askin' for questions, and I shall interview yoooou
Ask me deh questions... )
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Quick painting of an aemperial engine from the AegBalk rp. These are pretty much the best of the best as far as engines go, and are made special by the government. Ships that are not made by the government usually have similar engines, but no where near as nice. (Quick painting. Rather shoddy, I know, I just wanted to get it out of my system)

My office chair broke! D: I'm using a spare chair, but it has no arm rests, so balancing my tablet is really difficult. See, I have to hold my tablet at an angle so I don't strain my wrists as much. Usually, I lay it at the edge of the desk and balance it with the arm rests, and now that I have none, it's... difficult. Blah.

Took the SAT today. Four and a half hours. Oh god.
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WIP of a painting of Amred I'm working on. I don't usually use flat colors, because it was too time consuming with my old inking. But now that I've learned to ink without killing my tablet's pressure sensitivity, I thought I'd try it out.

Comic Review! )

I've been feeling kinda sick lately. I think it might have something to do with the milk I've been drinking. My dad, my sister, and myself all have a slight lactose intolerance. Nothing bad, but most milk makes us kinda queasy, so we drink skim. I think I accidentally bought 2% while shopping. And while that's not as bad as 1% or whole, it still doesn't sit well with me. Bleh.


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