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What does it say about me that while reading The Tempest for the first time, I keep thinking about how I want Ariel/Puck buddy fic really, really bad? I don't even read fic, but I want to see something where the two meet and at discuss their similar situations and then Puck whisks Ariel away from that dick Prospero and the two go and play pranks on mortals for all time.

...I'm not sure if I'm, like, missing a point of the play or something by finding Ariel and Caliban to be sad and awesome woobies that should totally be the heroes of the play. I guess I'll see after I finish the play and when I take a course on Shakespeare next year.
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I wrote a short story about a kindly old baker murdering a guy.

Read it here.
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Meant to post this sooner, but whatevs.

I finished my latest short story the other day, God's Most Precious Children. Which I just realized has a totally misleading title, as there is no mention of God (hell, the PB world doesn't even have any monotheistic religions) and there's only one child in it. Yeah, see, I tend to do this thing were I'll come up with a really good title while working on a story, and it'll only be sort of related to the story, so I'll just stick it on there. You can actually tell the stories that I had no fucking idea what to call, because they'll have super simple titles that are directly related to the story (as with Suzanna and The Lamplighter). Buuut then again, there are some titles that do work with the story, like Elephant Bones.

WOW that was quite the tangent. Anyways. This latest story is about Jack and Eain, who are STEAMPUNK COWBOYS, YEEEEAH. I really like these two. They're fun to write. And, like always, the story is based on classic lit/fairytale/fable. Try to guuuuesss. This one is actually fairly obvious, I think.
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So, I wrote a quick, spontaneous short story. A short piece from the journal of a doctor that's trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. Though, hopefully not as stereotyped as one may think. Read under the cut:

Slouching Towards Bethlehem )

The title is from the last line of Yeats's "Second Coming", which inspired the story. That, and zombies just seem to be everywhere this year. There's the Blackest Night comics event... T9 is running a zombie invasion plot... I felt like getting on the bandwagon. Also, it gives me a reason to finally use my 'zombies' tag again.

On an unrelated note, it snowed today. All these NM desert-dwelling kids were shocked and freaked out at the early snow, but as someone from CO, I'm used to snow by Halloween. It finally feels like October to me.
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I wrote a new short story for the Paper Bird world! :D However, it's pretty long, so I'm not going to post it on LJ. So here's a link to the properly-formatted DA version. You also get a small teaser.

Elephant Bones

This short is the story of two pianists, who, other then playing the piano, have nothing in common. Edgar Benoit is a rich older man, and Galwyn Stone is a poor young man who became famous by accident. After a friend of Benoit's hears Stone at a concert, he convinces his friend to set up a meeting with the young man. Benoit finds the young man to be a strange, ugly, poor-tempered person, yet is also intrigued by him. He continues meeting with the boy, becoming his friend. Things seem to be going well, except that Edgar ignores his friend's depression and sorrow...

Oh, and I've been watching the anime series Gankutsuou recently, and am loving it. I'll give a better review later, but for now I'll just say that its The Count of Monte Cristo in space. On ACID.
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So I wrote another short story set in the same world as my other two. This one takes the focus off of Sam, and places it on a young girl named Suzanna, and Borys Frankov. You can read it here on DeviantArt (recommended, as it has the right formatting) or under the cut.
'Suzanna' )
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Sooo I wrote another part of Paper Bird. Sort of. More or less. Anyways. You can read it on my SheezyArt, or in the cut below. Lemme know what you guys think of it! And if you have any idea about what literature figures the characters are based on, go ahead and say so! I'm keen to know if they're really obvious, or more difficult to get.

The Lamp Lighter )
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So, hey, that writing contest I entered Paper Bird in? I won first place. :B I feel a small, awesome sense of accomplishment.

All my college apps are in except one, which is pretty great. Still need to send some scholarship stuff in. And I'm going to a parade Saturday night with some close friends, so that'll be fun.
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I've been working on writing a steampunk short story on and off for four months. It's the story of a man of science who wants to fly, and his assistant, in a world loosely based on Victorian England. Today, I finally finished. I'm going to enter it into a writing contest going on at my school, and possibly write some more about the people who are in it/the world its in. Here, read!
Paper Bird )

Also, same offer goes as my DA and Sheezy pages: Samuel Flescher and Calil Hyaer are loosely based on famous literary characters. If you can correctly guess who they're based off of, I'll draw you somethin' purdy.
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Dear Japan: I love it when you make stuff like this. Please to be making more awesome oni hotheads/flirts/strongmen/break dancers Riders and less vampire bondage Riders.

Or, y'know. More Tendou Souji. The world needs more of him.

*Ahem* Yes, I adore Kamen Rider. Really, it's one of the few things from Japan I don't feel to be totally overrated. Except... the new one is bondage vampires. Bleeeh.

I'm going to be writing a monthly serial story for my school's newspaper from now on.
It has sky pirates! )

In other news, I've been feeling kind of sick all week. I think the stomach flu is going around school.
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So, I don't have any actual DRAWINGS for you today, but I do have a wall-of-text poem and some ridiculous photos, so I think I've made up for it.

Let's start with the poem. This was an assignment for my US history class. I was given an article about geopolitics used during WWII, and told to select words and phrases, then use those phrases to write a poem. The only other worlds I could use are 'buffer words' like it, and, or, his, etc.
This poem does not endorse or sympathize with the Nazi party in any way. It was merely a bunch of words taken from an article.

Now... I'd post it here, but LJ screws up the format, so go read it here

So, I got to do the single most villainous thing ever today.

I got to drink green slurpee from Ironman's head like some horrible war chalice. (Cellphone photo, hence the suckiness.)

D also felt like being evil. (I remembered I had a real camera, durrr :B )

I also bought a straw that came with a tiny ironman figurine. Because I'm a tool.

My friend Death got one, too. IRONMAN HIGH-FIVES!
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Do Minoans chew their hooves like humans chew their nails? NOW YOU KNOW.

Also, it's about time I posted some written work on this journal. So, here's a new part of the Gears story (You can read the rest here)
Gears: Just The Anger Talking )


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