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Holy fuck, why didn't anyone tell me about the new My Little Pony cartoon sooner? Only two episodes in, but it took all my will power to pry myself away from youtube to go make dinner instead of watching all the other episodes. I have no idea what it is, but that show is awesome. Maybe I'm just remembering the "girl" shows from my childhood, and how I was always much more interested in watching Batman cartoons or poorly dubbed shonen anime because I felt that the "girl" shows were boring. The new MLP show, though? Has girls doing stuff! And being interested in a wide range of things instead of just makeup! And it's probably THE ONLY show I can point to where I assume that a character is female unless otherwise stated instead of male being the default. Seriously, this show is great and I really want to watch more of it.

Though, I think I heard some grumblings about Rainbow Dash being lesbian because she's tomboy and has a rainbow-colored mane and tail? Okay people, 1) they're ponies. It doesn't matter. And 2) maybe it's just me, but every pony I've seen so far strikes me as a lesbian. So. Yeah.

*ahem* Well, now that I've already been a huge GIRL all over this post, might as well add to it with some cooking stuff, eh?

New post up on my blog! This time I made some Barbecue Biscuit Cups, and they are tasty and awesome. Recipe found here!
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I've been hearing a lot of buzz for the new cartoon Young Justice, so I tracked down the first episode and gave it a try. I... don't think I'll be sticking with it.

Let me just say that the animation is beautiful. It's very crisp, everything is smooth, and it doesn't look like any of the other DC cartoons I've watched, so it really stands out. It reminds me a lot of the animation for X-men: Evolution, which I'm very fond of. So, my first impression was that it was going to rock.

But the first episode left me feeling underwhelmed, mostly because of the characters. To begin with, the first episode features a grand total of zero women with lines. Normally I wouldn't be too bugged by this (it happens a lot and I've accepted it) but I remember seeing female heroes in the promo images, so a complete absence of them sticks out.

Another thing is that the characters are incredibly whiny and unlikeable, in my opinion. I'm okay with teens being whiny and then proving themselves, but Jesus CHRIST are these boys whiny. And it's all the same kind of whiny - "we're not sidekicks!" "We wanna see the Justice League's toys!" "Treat us like adults!" I was doodling while watching this episode and didn't even realize multiple boys were whining because the way their voices are written all sounds the same. And on the topic of voices, the "witty" quips the writers gave Robin are HORRIBLE. They are just stupid and sound like the writers were just trying waaaay too hard, especially since he says one every two minutes. Again, I'm all for quips, but only if they're actually funny and sound natural.

Other then that, the story didn't really grab me. A show about sidekicks is a good idea, since these are characters that don't get to shine as much and may be a bit obscure compared to the main heroes. But in practice, that turns into a weakness of the show - I don't know anything about these kids, and the show is treating them like I should. I thought Aqualad was white*? I thought Green Arrow's sidekick was named Speedy? I thought that was Tim's uniform but imdb tells me that it's Dick? This is a show meant for hardcore fans, not casual ones like myself. And it looks kind of good and I'm sure there are plenty of hardcore fans that are having fun with it. But this is one superhero cartoon I'm not going to join in on the fun.

*ETA: Wiki tells me that there is a black Aqualad named Jackson Hyde. But seriously, all my knowledge of Aqualad comes from Blackest Night (think that one was Garth?) and the Teen Titans cartoon where he was voiced by Wil Wheaton.
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So, for only the second time ever, I've been watching an anime as the official subs are released week-by-week on Hulu. The first anime I did this with was FMA: Brotherhood, but I kind of fell behind on that and wound up archive-binging about the last two month's worth in a single week. This time, though, I picked up a show about three episodes in and watched it loyally, week-by-week, until it finished. And that show was Shiki. And it was worth it.

Shiki review )

I'm starting to think I should stop using the 'short review' tag, since all my reviews are seriously long any more. TL;DR - despite some kind of weird art, the series is a great, fresh look at vampires and the darker side of humanity. I highly recommend it.
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oh hey this reminds me I never did post any of my Rocky Horror photos...
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Roommate still hasn't moved in, so I assume they aren't going to at all. Which on the one hand is kind of nice, as it gives me more room to put my stuff. But I'm also a little disappointed - I like having someone to talk to in person about my day. I have a tendency to be really talkative all day long if I'm living with someone, but if I'm on my own, I get quiet, even in class and stuff. I dunno. Maybe it's just that I get so used to keeping everything in my head that I just kind of shut down socially.

Been watching Ouran High School Host Club on Hulu recently. I've had some recommendations for it before, but no one ever really explained it, and at the time that I was getting said recommendations, I was utterly sick of anime and manga about pretty high school students doing shallow things. But I'm glad I finally gave it a shot, it's turned out to be a really fun anime. It's self aware, and points out the main cliches and tropes it uses. As someone that likes to play with and parody cliches, this is right up my alley.

On a not very related note, what is up with Marble Hornets? I'm seeing people lauding it as serious nightmare fuel, and getting so freaked out by it that they can't get very far into it. Maybe it's because I've just never been interested in the horror genre, but this is just... boring. It's a guy with shaky cam running around his house in the dark and occasionally looking up like something's spooked him. And then occasionally another guy filmed in a way that you don't get a good look at him, so it looks "scary"... or, y'know. Like a dude standing on someone's porch with odd lighting. I dunno. I'm only about 4 episodes into it, but it's fucking boring, and not in the least bit scary.
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Day 14 - Favorite male character

Gil Grissom, played by William Petersen, from CSI

Grissom has pretty much always been one of my favorite characters. I don't think CSI would have been able to succeed if not for him, and the show suffers from his absence. He wasn't the typical procedural lead - he didn't use guns. He wasn't a cop. He didn't shout at perps or act tough. He was a gentle, rational man of science. He brought something new to the table, and neither of the spin offs have even tried to replicate him. He was flawed, but still a good person. He was a bit distant at times, but it was clear that he cared about his team. As far as I'm concerned, the show was really about him - once he left, it wasn't really CSI anymore.
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Day 12 - An episode you've seen more then 5 times

Mythbusters Season 7, Episode 1, "Demolition Derby Special"

Because "Compact Compact" with a freaking ROCKET SLED is the most badass thing I've ever seen in my life.

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show

Pinky and The Brain

While Batman Beyond may have been an awesome cartoon, I don't really consider it part of my childhood. I was almost in middle school when it came out, and it was mostly that part of my life that the show really influenced. But Pinky and The Brain was a huge part of my childhood. It introduced me to smart humor that didn't pander to kids, and it was imaginative and original. It was one of the shows that I watched with my dad and sister every Saturday, and we still get together to watch on DVD now.

Pinky, Elmira and The Brain sucked ass.
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Day 11 - A show that disappointed you


Oh, Heroes. You had so much potential. A series about ordinary people with super powers, the search of one scientist to understand their abilities, a comic book-ish season-long plot leading to an epic battle, and characters from all over the world of all different ethnicities. I had so, so much hope for this show.

Pity it killed off most of its PoC and female characters, had lack-luster season finales, a stupid as all fuck protagonist, and pretty much turned into a soap opera about the Petrellis.
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Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving


When I first saw promos for Castle, I thought it looked like a Bones rip-off. I quickly dismissed it, and didn't think I'd ever bother watching it. But I happened to catch an episode on TV one night last semester, and I found that I actually liked it. The characters were fun and it really wasn't a Bones rip-off at all. I went and watched the full first season online, and followed the second season on hulu. It's a fun show with witty writing, lots of great nerdy references, and engaging characters. Police procedurals are a dime a dozen, I know, but this was has enough original ideas that it stands out.
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Day 09 - Best scene ever

Maybe it's not the best scene ever, but it certainly is my favorite.
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Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Time Warp

I think this show has been canceled, which is a shame. I really do think that everyone should watch it. It's one of the best things Discovery has ever shown (although, that's not saying much, as I feel Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters are the only decent things they show). It takes lots of every day things like skateboarding, popping a balloon, etc, and films them with a high speed camera, then shows it to you in super slow motion. Then they actually talk about the physics involved.

I think this should be shown in high school science classes, actually. It's engaging and cool, showing the physics behind normal things (and some awesome things, like fire breathing) and breaks it down to show the science behind it in a way that's easy to understand. It's a truly educational show, but done in a captivating way.
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Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show

Justice League Unlimited, "Epilogue"

Okay, so it isn't really a Batman Beyond episode, but since it was meant to serve as an ending to the series, I'll count it as such.

And I hate it. Haaaaaate it. I've heard so many people say that they think it ties up the series and makes sense of it, and I just don't get that. 1) The series already had a great ending, both in its own series and in the movie. 2) The series ALREADY MADE SENSE, this just made it STUPID.

I hate that Terry became Bruce's son in this. As far as I'm concerned, that is not canon. It destroys Terry's character. The thing I loved about him was that he was nothing like Bruce. He wasn't like the Robins, either. A fuck this whole 'he was destined to be Batman' bullshit. That contradicts some of the greatest moments Terry's had, where he pointed out that he chose to be Batman, he stole the Batsuit on his own, he didn't wait for Bruce to adopt him like the Robins.

That episode ruined Terry. It will never be canon for me.

In other news, over the summer I've been working on a playlist for Villain Songs from musicals. There's just something about villain songs... they're often the grandest, most elaborate, and most fun numbers in any musical. So far, my list is over 2 hours long, and I'm still trying to find more songs for it. Unfortunately, some of my favorites are hard to come by (like Snake in the Grass from The Little Prince), but I'm still pretty pleased with what I have. I'm going to go ahead and put the list under the cut, so if you'd like, take a look. And if you have any suggestions, I'll take 'em!

Villain Songs )
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Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

Batman Beyond Season 2, Episode 20, "Once Burned".

I'm not even sure why I love this episode so much, since there are other episodes that are much better (like Meltdown, Zeta, or The Eggbaby) but this one is still my favorite. I loved the chemistry between Terry and Melanie, and Melanie's dilemma of whether to stay with her family and live a life of crime and give that up for a boy she liked was actually rather interesting. I liked the Batman/Catwoman sort of feel it had to it, but there was an extra element of teenaged hormones and the fact that Terry knew Melanie's identity, but she didn't know his. I really would have liked to see their relationship explored more, but all we saw of Melanie after this episode was a cameo at the end of "King's Ransom".

Also, I'm surprised this episode made it past the censors, since it was rather heavily implied that Terry and Melanie had sex in this episode.
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Day 05 - A show you hate

I can't really think of a show that I really hate. Like, I dunno, Ghost Hunters? The shows places like Discovery and History Channel play that are just a bunch of woo? Really, if I don't like a show, I stop watching it and tend to forget about it.
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Icon time again! I'm starting to wonder if I should make an account just for icon making instead of spamming my journal with them. :/ I dunno.

Anyways! This time, we've got Doctor Who icons! :D No previews, because they're rather spoilery for anything after The Hungry Earth and I'm not sure how many people on my flist follow DW. Mix of crack-y and serious icons.

Like always, mostly made for rp journals, but there are some kinda pretty ones in here )
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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Anyone that's talked to me more then once probably already knows the answer to this - Batman Beyond.

Do I even really need to go into detail? Because I know myself, I know once I start talking about it, I'll never shut up.

Basically, I love Batman Beyond for doing what comics so often fail to do - moving forward. Batman Beyond was a shake-up to the Batman franchise, finally letting us see Bruce Wayne after he'd retired from the cowl, with little intention of going back. It was a new Gotham, a new Batman, a new story to be told. It wasn't just the same thing recycled over and over.

Terry was a fantastic Batman. While he'll never be The Batman, he did a good job of filling in for Bruce. He wasn't just a young clone of Bruce, either. His motivations for becoming Batman where different, as was the way he did it. He was rash and didn't think things through all the time and tried very hard not to let his life as Batman take over his life as Terry. He was funny. He was Bruce's opposite, basically, and that's what made him shine, to me. The writers knew he couldn't be the old man, so they didn't try to make him.

The show was well-written, constantly teetering between hilarious and grim, and that was a good thing. The characters were engaging and the show spent time on growth and development, something that tends to be missing in most cartoons. It captured me as a kid, and I can still watch it and be amazing by it.
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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Um, well, we aren't really in a season right now, except for some of the cable channels, being summer and all. And I didn't watch anything new last season - I didn't have a tv, so I don't even know if there were any new shows. So I guess I'll talk about my favorite show that was returning this past season.

And that was Doctor freaking Who.

How can I even BEGIN to describe how much I loved that season? Just. Wow. Everything about it, from the characters to the plot to the new look I just loved. Matt Smith, especially. He still hasn't taken the place of 'Favorite Doctor' in my heart that Eccleston currently occupies, but man was he fantastic. I'm going to put myself at risk of being torn apart by fangirls/boys saying this, but I think he's a far better Doctor then Tennant was. While David was a good Doctor, he wasn't quite right, I think. He was too human - he fell in love with Rose, he could blend in with humans too easily... he just wasn't alien enough in my opinion. But Matt... from the very first moment I saw the first promo image of him in his costume, he felt like the Doctor to me. He's so strange and non-human. I love that Matt gives him such an old feel, almost grandfatherly, despite being the youngest actor to play the character.

And the story for this season... holy crap. I'll avoid spoilers, but I'll just say it was awesome. Again, going to get torn apart by the fans, but I highly prefer Moffat's writing to Davies'. While it was fun trying to pick up on the codewords during RTD's seasons, when it finally got down to the finale episode, it always felt like there wasn't enough build up. But The Moff, on the other hand, gave the season a structured feeling, so that even though there were stand alone episodes, they all had a part in the plot and lead up to something grand and amazing.

This season was great, and left me desperately wanting to see more (aaaand maybe RP a certain character >.>), which is why I can safely say it was my favorite show this season.
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Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Warehouse 13.

I know so many people who just dismissed this show as an X-files rip off, or some sort of Indiana Jones rip off (I dunno, something with the warehouse? I couldn't even get 30 minutes into Indiana Jones). Sure, the show may take ideas from other places, but the story lines and characters themselves are actually very original. It's a fun show, with lots of wonderfully nerdy references and enjoyable characters. It's mostly fluff, yes, but that's okay, because the show has energy to carry itself. It's certainly one of my favorite shows currently on air.

In other news, I've kind of lost my voice, and that sucks.
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Soooo I'm trying one of the 30 day memes again. Maybe I'll actually finish this one.

Day 01 - A show that never should have been canceled

It was all too easy to say 'Pushing Daisies' so I tried to think of a show that I really liked, but no one paid attention to, so it got the axe. 'Raines' was a pretty good show, I think. It was a crime drama, which I love, and it had Jeff Goldblum in it, who is awesome. But I liked its twist - that he talked to dead people. But not in the Medium/Ghost Whisperer actual talking to ghosts way - he just imagined the victims following him around, talking to him and helping him solver their murders. They went back and forth on whether he was sane or not, and I thought it was pretty interesting. It got canceled after only 7 episodes, so it didn't get to tie up any loose threads like Pushing Daisies did.

rest of list under cut )


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