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This makes me wanna cry.

Or stab my eyes out with a spoon.

Not sure which.

FYI, that's a cover for an X-men Manga. Yeeeeah. Flip through the gallery some more - it's a doozy. And painful, seriously.

And what's this crap I'm reading under that image about the Xavier Institute being an all-boy's school? Ooooh, why did I have to be shown this? I finally got re-acquainted with the awesomeness that is X-men Evolution and now I just want to weep.
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I am the worst.

This was pretty much directly inspired by a rather... well, crackily-awesome typo in my monster tag over at T9, where I mistakenly wrote "radioactive ham" when I meant to write "radioactive man." So... yeah. Terry fighting a giant radioactive ham. I just couldn't resist.
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Maybe I should update my internets. Mines still says Al Gore is president.

At least it's not Ronald Reagan?

Ronald W. Reagan II. Future dark overlord of the United States of Eurasia.

Does he have a Death Star, or a vampire moon base?

It started as one but when the renovations were done, it ended up as the other.

Either way, Doc Brown, Dr. McNinja, and The Doctor will blow it up with a tricycle and a boomerang. This is getting heavy!

Great Scott!

Mudkip is the hard boiled P.I. that finds out how they did it for a fee of 2 dozen cookies plus milk expenses.

This is getting expensive.

"I knew the dame was trouble as soon as she walked in. Torchics usually are."

"The name's Phillip R. Mudkip. She wanted me to track down the rare maltese pidgeot. I told her I'd do it for 12 dozen cookies, no less."

And now to go to lit class.
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Hey, LJ buddies.

If you could make a movie, with any budget and any actors you wanted, what would you make? Like, what would the basic plot be, who would be in it, etc?

Me, I'd make a modernized version of Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona, set in present-day Las Vegas. Valentine and Proteus would be Elvis Impersonators, and the reason Valentine goes to Vegas is because he won a spot in an Elvis competition. Julia would be an erotic dancer, her maid Lucetta would be the manager of the club she worked at. Silvia would be a Vegas show girl, and her father, The Duke, would be a mob boss. Thurio would be one of the Duke's hitmen. It would star Nathan Fillion as Valentine, Zach Braff as Proteus, John Leguizamo as Julia, Michelle Pfeiffer as Silvia, and Robert De Niro as The Duke. Lucetta and Thurio, I'm not too sure.
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Team Green, finally. Meant to post this sooner, but forgot. :B

I spent today (from 7:30 to 5:00) in a parking lot with a bunch of other cars learning to drive. It was a lot more fun then I'd thought it would be, though waiting in between courses was really boring. And I'm just tired now. As soon as I got in the house, I just sort of flopped over onto the couch and didn't move until my dad finished making dinner. I am totally wiped out.

Though, during my three days of driving lecture hell, I got to know a rather cool girl. She likes Dr. Who and pokemon, rides in the horse show Westernairs, and does online rping. It was like there was a big sign attached to her back that said, 'AMRED. BE FRIENDS WITH THIS CHICK, SRSLY.' So we spent a lot of the time between courses sending text message to each other. She also said she's going to give me her friend code for Pokemon Pearl so we can trade and battle and stuff. Awesome.

Something that just struck me as hilarious to tell right now; I've had my cell number for... three years now. And throughout all three years, I've been getting messages for a 'Jessica Wiess'. I remember when I had just got the phone, I was getting a lot of calls from a guy who sounded very upset. Very sad. He left ten minute long voicemails, along the lines of 'I miss you so much," and "I'm so sorry," and "I love you. Forgive me, please." I always just missed his calls. After about four months of this, I finally managed to pick up one of his calls. I remember says, verbatim, "Dude, this isn't Jessica's phone. She changed her number. She probably doesn't love you anymore. STOP CALLING."
I think I broke the dude's heart. It was kind of funny, actually.


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