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So, I installed the drivers for my scanner onto my laptop, and tested it out at home, and it worked... but now the scanner won't connect to any applications, and is telling me I need to reinstall the drivers. :/

I'm going to call my parents and see if they can send my the install disks. So, this puts a delay on any art I want to scan, including trades. Hopefully I can get the disks and install everything again, and get the scanner working. If not, then this scanner is dead, and I may have to get a new one. Or rather, be scanner-less until I can buy a new one.

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I got a mouse for my laptop today. It's an adorable little thing called an Arc mouse. It folds up, which turns off the power and saves the wireless battery, and also creates a little pocket to hold the USB transceiver. It works really well, and since it folds up, it's pretty compact. Sorry to sound like a commercial, but I really like it :3

Frustration at the school continues. Earlier today I got online to order a parking permit. Everything worked, but I didn't have time to place the order, so I logged out of the site and decided to do it later. I tried a few minutes ago, and the site is telling me that I'm not an on-campus student and that I need to apply for housing. FFFFFFFFFFFFFAUGH What's even more annoying is that it's a friday, so I won't be able to call housing and fix this until monday. I'm going to try again tomorrow evening, though, and hope it's just a one-time glitch. :/ Hopefully it is. I hate playing phone tag with the college offices.

My dad's been watching the HBO vampire series 'True Blood' lately. It's got a sort of interesting premise, it that everyone knows that their are vampires around and they more or less accept them. That's not something I've seen in vampire fiction before. However, there are some issues with it. As my dad said, the vampires talk like a bad dub of a Chinese movie. All their dialogue is just stilted, formal, and unnatural. I can understand trying to make the vamps seem older and more refined, but... if a hundreds year old norse vampire can learn to talk in a Texan accent, he can learn to talk not talk like a robot. Also, there's the issue I have with all HBO and Shotime series, in which every episode just sort of has a graphic sex scene shoehorned in. Most of the time it has no bearing on the plot, and reeks of the director saying 'Well, we're allowed to do sex here, so let's make a porno!' Interestingly enough, the only show that doesn't have gratuitous sex all the time is Dexter, which does have a few sex scenes, but most are short and fade to black quickly, and most are done for the sake of character development. OF COURSE, THE SHOW ABOUT THE SERIAL KILLER IS THE MOST TASTEFUL SEX-WISE.

Also: fuck you, Watchmen. I get the director's cut, open up the box, aaand... there's a flyer for the 4 hour FINAL CUT. akfjdkakfldjs BAIT AND SWITCH And of course, I'm going to have to buy it when it comes out in december.

Hm. This post has kind of just been all over the place. Ah well.
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So, I'm back! College orientation was decent - I met some nice people and learned what kind of classes I would have to take to get my degree in Secondary English Education. Evidently, it's got some of the most required courses of other teaching subjects the college offers. For instance, if I were to go into it, I would have to take three social behavior (psychology and the like) classes, and two history of fine art classes. Not to mention over 50 hours worth of English elective classes.

But that's okay, because this really is a subject I love. I love learning about it, I love sharing it with people. Though, I will go in undeclared in case I change my mind on what I want to do with my life half way through the year.

And supposedly I sound old? I dunno, other teens in my orientation group were noticing that I watch what I eat, I always wake up before 8 am, I won't drink soda before noon, etc. According to them, that makes me seem like an adult. :/ I don't really look at it like that myself, and I think most of it was just good habits that rubbed off on me from dating a health nut for almost three years. I just want to make healthy choices with my life and avoid the freshman 15 or hangovers.

Got a laptop, too! Yaaaay! :D
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Going out of town for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm going to visit my sister, and the family will eat in her apartment. This... is going to be nuts, I just know it. Dad will be stressed from doing to drive across the state. Mom will be stressed from cooking with a crappy electric stove. Sis will be stressed from buying all the food with the money she really needs to pay rent. I'll be stressed from not being able to get away from the crazy in the smallish apartment.

fakdhfjdd JOY.

Well, I'll still have pecan pie and turkey! :D

I got trendy new glasses. I really like the way they look, but they have no-line bifocal, which is new and weird to me. It makes me feel weird going down stairs. My friend Twiggy's reaction to seeing my new glasses (and slightly changed hair style) was that I now look like one of those girly j-pop boys. And my friend D told me that I could now do good cosplay of Urataros from Kamen Rider Den-O. :B I think of it like this:
Player AMRED acquired item new glasses
+5 androgyny
+2 charisma

I should take some pictures and post 'em.

Aaaand getting back to the point of this post, I'll be out of town without internet until the 30th. 29th at the earliest.

Oh, and I finally started working on the 4th pokemon trainer/team picture. I got a new plasma monitor, though, and it's brighter then my old one. The colors look a bit harsher too. So I'm messing around with the image a lot, trying to get good colors.
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I got a smexy new monitor today. 19" flat screen plasma LG monitor. It's so freaking awesome. And now I can finally do proper coloring on my art (my old screen was really dark, so my art looked vastly different from my old Gateway monitor to any new monitor).

Also, I saw Quantum of Solace today. It was... okay. A lot better then Casino Royale, but I still don't think of the new movies as true Bond films. 007 isn't witty enough, Q isn't around, and the villains are too serious, and therefore lame. A true Bond villain should be trying to make a raygun to blow up the sun. Not... doing topical, serious things.

But I did see the extended Watchmen trailer. Hooooly shiiiiit, it is going to be amazing.


Sep. 26th, 2008 08:00 am
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I hate web design with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. If I ever go into computers as a career, it'll be programming robots. And I'll either make Johnny 5, or an army of Terminators. I'll either have fun robot adventures or kill everything. It would be fun either way.

In other news, this week has been crazy and busy. Awesome in some parts, like getting to watch Rear Window in Lit. Depressing in some, because of George. Painful in others, because of running two miles for gym class. But I get the weekend free, so I'm going to take some time to really relax and get some art done.


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