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I think I'm about due for another art post. I've been sketching quite a bit lately, which makes me happy. I think I may have a bit of an artist's block for the last few months, because I just couldn't come up with anything to draw just for the fun of it. Now I seem to be over it, though. So yay! Now, on to the art post.

Lots of boys this time, oddly enough )

My car is all fixed now, it was the steering pump that was having problems.

I talked to my adviser today, and I think I might do a minor in geology. Because... it sounds like it would be cool to do. Haven't decided yet, though.
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More updates on my car.

Power steering pump and/or rack and pinon are having problems. I'm going to take it to a mechanic tomorrow and have them take a look at it (again - got steering fluid checked last week and they warned me about this). Basically, the steering pump is really noisy when I'm turning. When I turn at an intersection, the steering is mostly smooth until the end of the turn, right before I let the wheel slide back into being straight - at this point, it shudders, makes a whirring noise, and is difficult to control. Fixing all of this may cost me upwards of $1400. My parents are willing to pay for it, but I hate that I've had to make them pay for a new battery, new tires and wheels, and now a whole lot of other new shit.

Though they're throwing around the idea of getting me a new car. I'm not too sure how I feel about that.

In other news, Arthurian lore is one big cluster-fuck of continuity. I will never again complain about movies/tv shows/etc not "getting the lore right" because there are so many conflicting versions of the stories, it's ridiculous.

I'm thinking about starting a Tumblr. I've been eying the sight for a while as a sketch blog. I know I keep saying that this is my sketch blog, but I always feel weird posting just one image, so I save things up until I have a lot of art and then I don't really have anything to say about the stuff. I kind of feel Tumblr would be a nice place to just post random doodles as I draw them, and then keep art dump days on LJ. Maybe. I don't know.

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My car might have a power steering fluid leak. :/ I'm hoping the fluid is just low on its own so I don't have to fix another thing in my car. I'm just sort of at a place were everything in the car keeps breaking down. First it was a filter, then it was an oil leak, then the alternator died, now its the powered steering. Within a single year. Aaaaaugh.

Also have a flat tire. God damn it.
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Made it to school safely, new battery/alternator seems to be working pretty good. Though, it does make a lot of high-pitched whirring noises when I start the car, or when I'm driving really slowly. Anyone on my f-list know stuff about cars? Is this normal? Should I be worried?

Roommate hasn't moved in yet, but I did get to meet some of my suite mates. Who only kind of strengthened my "people can be downright awesome sometimes" sappiness from this morning, as when I first met them, I had been carrying a box and a pillow to my dorm, and was a few feet away from the door when the bottom of the box fell out and all my stuff went everywhere. They helped me put everything back in the box and offered to give me a hand up to my room, even though at the time they didn't know we were in the same suite. :> People have put me in such a good mood today, it's so wonderful.

One last thing from me today:

That's an ashtray. With a "no-smoking" sticker on the bottom. That was in my non-smoking hotel room from last night. When I first noticed it, I was pissed, because I'm always pissed to find ashtrays in non-smoking rooms, but when I saw the sticker I just had to laugh.
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I almost started crying in a diner this morning.

But not because of stress. Now, these last two days have been all kinds of stressful, yes. My car broke down, I waited over an hour for a tow truck, and now I'm going to have to get the alternator and the battery of my car replaced. I'm nervous that I won't get to check in to my dorm on time, or that I'll have to scramble to get my new ID card and books at the last minute. I'm worried that the mechanic won't get my car fixed today and that I'll have to spend another night in a hotel, where the only places within walking distance to eat are fast food joints. Yeah, I'm pretty nervous.

But I'm also so incredibly thankful and proud of the human spirit right now. I think that everyone has a tendency to fall into the way of thinking that humans are scum, and that everyone is only interested in themselves. But if I've learned anything from this experience, it's that people are amazing.

When I was waiting for the tow truck, out on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere, freaking out because my cell kept dropping its signal, a nice old couple in a pick up truck pulled over in front of me and asked me what had happened. They offered to use their own Triple A card to call for a tow for me, and even offered to try and jump-start my car. I let them know that I was okay, and had already called for help, but I was very grateful for their offer. A few minutes after they had left, Triple A called me and apologized for the wait, and wanted to make sure that I was okay.

Once my car had been towed back into a nearby town, the mechanic that had towed it offered to fix my car, even though he didn't specialize in imported cars and didn't have the parts, but went out of his way to make sure he could track down the parts and have the delivered overnight.

I sent out a mass text to my friends to let them know what was going on, and the support they showed me was amazing. Within moments of sending it out, I got texts and calls from people, wanting to know if I was okay. A few even offered me monetary help, even though they don't have jobs. I was so touched by their kindness, and thank each and everyone of them.

This morning was what really did it, though. When I went into that diner alone, the hostess seemed to be able to tell that I was stressed, and was very kind and gave me my own booth. The place was very busy and understaffed, but the waitress that served me made sure that I got everything quickly, and even though it was obvious she was upset by the way the patrons were being so snippy that morning, she as so incredibly sweet and helpful. That little bit of kindness from someone I didn't know, and who didn't even have any idea about what was going on with my at the moment, was so amazing.

The world can be a harsh and cold place sometimes, but it is so amazing and heartening that people are so willing to help someone who's in trouble.
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was supposed to drive 400 miles to college today

200 miles into the drive, car's alternator & battery die

need to replace both, stuck in small town over night because my car is japanese & no one in town has an alternator, so one has to be driven into town overnight

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Sorry, awful, awful pun in the title.

But God DAMN, I finally passed my driving test. This was my THIRD test. And y'know what? I would have passed my second test if the instructor hadn't over reacted at one point and pressed their brake.

Anyways. I've got it now. FINALLY.
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So, driving test? I failed it because I went over the speed limit.

I retook it today. I failed because a guy illegally pulled out in front of me and the test taker slammed on their brake, meaning insta-fail for me.


Retaking it in July.

I've also been having some insomnia lately, which is... odd. I usually sleep best in the summer, but lately I've only gotten about 3-4 hours of sleep a night.


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