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A friend of mine bought me a pikachu DS stylus. I made them a mew and mudkip watercolor wall hangers as a thank you.

Oof, life is... beating me senseless. This week has been pretty busy, and it's only going to get worse. Didn't help that most of sunday and monday were spent bent over the porcelain god, puking my brains out. That's how stressed I am - I'm actually sick.

There have been a few silver linings, however. On monday, after a very long wait at the DMV, I went to Target to look for decent nerf/water guns as props in my group's con costumes. I found a large six shot revolver that kind of looks like Hellboy's Big Baby, and a large gun based on military assault rifles. I was also wanting to give one of our people a red lightsaber (she is just that evil), so I went looking for one. I was going to just buy one of the cheap little kid ones, but I saw that a spring-loaded Vader lightsaber that lit up and made noises was on sale. So I had to buy it. And while this person in my group can use it during the con, there is no way I'm giving it away. Not at all.

Later today I'm going to go talk to my potential boss. I need her to know that there is a lot of stuff going on with me this semester, and if I can get my work schedule to fit to it, I won't be able to work for her.
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One more watercolor gift art. This was for a very sweet girl in my math class.

So, most people tend to get darker in the summer, right? Not me. I tend to get paler, since I stay in the basement all day.

Well, yesterday, I decided I wasn't going to do that. Every day (weather permitting) I'm going to go outside and do stuff. Even if that stuff is just taking a walk around a park, it's still better then being cooped up all day.
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Another going away gift, this time, for my English teacher. That man's a total Batman fanboy, so I thought this would fit.

So, part of my costume for Nan Desu Kan is the infamous turtle helmet. I went by the Army surplus store to see if I could find a decent helmet that I could modify. I didn't expect to find anything that would work, and I thought I might have to order something. (And, if worst came to worst, I'd use a construction helmet)
But, it turns out that I found the perfect helmet! It's a toy helmet, for hallowe'en costumes and stuff, but it's the perfect size and shape for the turtle. I do need to do some stuff to make it just right, though. And that includes;
- repainting it, so that it is a turtle shell, instead of crappy forest camo
- replacing the dinky plastic straps with leather straps and an actual buckle
- and making the turtle head and feet

I'll probably post pictures as I work on it, so look for those! :3
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Going-away gift for my very awesome astronomy professor. Playing around with watercolor, brush pens, and acrylic pens. Not stuff I usually work with.

Okay, so Wormtooth Nation has got to be one of the coolest things I've found on the internet. It's a made-for-internet video mini-series. And it's steampunk. Niiifffttttyyy!
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Quick watercolor I did last night while listening to DeVotchKa Some things turnout out good, others I could have done better. Ah well.

I'm gonna kill X and take his hoodie
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Did this for my art class. We had to work off a photo and use Indian Ink to use 'values'. I really do like how it came out. The folds look amazing, as does all the shading. I had a lot of trouble with the face, though, and it didn't come out right. Also, the paper was too thin, and the watered down ink made it warp a lot.

I took a little online quiz about 'What pseudo-historical figure are you?'
I don't usually post these, but this was great )

And one last thing to leave with you guys for the night, I have found the best fan fic ever.

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I woke up way too early for a saturday and couldn't get back to sleep. So I played around with my water colors some. The test subject this time was Ageha, my feudal japan rp character. She's a woman who just sort of wanders Japan with a katana and wakizashi, dressed in samurai garb. She's not really a samurai, or a ronin, though. Just a lady, wandering with a sword.

As for the paint, some things came out wonderful, others not so much. (The problem with the sword is just my inability to draw those damn things) Of course, this is way I just experiment a lot. I find out what works, what doesn't work, and how to make a decent skin tone with a very limited pallet.

So I just (and I mean, like, less then fifteen minutes ago) finished reading Christopher Moore's Coyote Blue. It was funny, like all of his work, but it missed some of that charm found with others he's written. It referenced his first book, though, and crossed over with another book that he didn't publish for about ten years after this one. And as always, his bastardization of different religions was awesome.


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