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Icon time again! I'm starting to wonder if I should make an account just for icon making instead of spamming my journal with them. :/ I dunno.

Anyways! This time, we've got Doctor Who icons! :D No previews, because they're rather spoilery for anything after The Hungry Earth and I'm not sure how many people on my flist follow DW. Mix of crack-y and serious icons.

Like always, mostly made for rp journals, but there are some kinda pretty ones in here )
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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Um, well, we aren't really in a season right now, except for some of the cable channels, being summer and all. And I didn't watch anything new last season - I didn't have a tv, so I don't even know if there were any new shows. So I guess I'll talk about my favorite show that was returning this past season.

And that was Doctor freaking Who.

How can I even BEGIN to describe how much I loved that season? Just. Wow. Everything about it, from the characters to the plot to the new look I just loved. Matt Smith, especially. He still hasn't taken the place of 'Favorite Doctor' in my heart that Eccleston currently occupies, but man was he fantastic. I'm going to put myself at risk of being torn apart by fangirls/boys saying this, but I think he's a far better Doctor then Tennant was. While David was a good Doctor, he wasn't quite right, I think. He was too human - he fell in love with Rose, he could blend in with humans too easily... he just wasn't alien enough in my opinion. But Matt... from the very first moment I saw the first promo image of him in his costume, he felt like the Doctor to me. He's so strange and non-human. I love that Matt gives him such an old feel, almost grandfatherly, despite being the youngest actor to play the character.

And the story for this season... holy crap. I'll avoid spoilers, but I'll just say it was awesome. Again, going to get torn apart by the fans, but I highly prefer Moffat's writing to Davies'. While it was fun trying to pick up on the codewords during RTD's seasons, when it finally got down to the finale episode, it always felt like there wasn't enough build up. But The Moff, on the other hand, gave the season a structured feeling, so that even though there were stand alone episodes, they all had a part in the plot and lead up to something grand and amazing.

This season was great, and left me desperately wanting to see more (aaaand maybe RP a certain character >.>), which is why I can safely say it was my favorite show this season.
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Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Warehouse 13.

I know so many people who just dismissed this show as an X-files rip off, or some sort of Indiana Jones rip off (I dunno, something with the warehouse? I couldn't even get 30 minutes into Indiana Jones). Sure, the show may take ideas from other places, but the story lines and characters themselves are actually very original. It's a fun show, with lots of wonderfully nerdy references and enjoyable characters. It's mostly fluff, yes, but that's okay, because the show has energy to carry itself. It's certainly one of my favorite shows currently on air.

In other news, I've kind of lost my voice, and that sucks.
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I am not going to see James Cameron's Avatar. I am not interested in white guilt recycled in space. Yes, I know that many sci-fi stories are some sort of race issue in space (or almost-space, ala Bladerunner), but at least Star Trek, Bladerunner, etc, try to be original. Avatar is clearly just white hero going "native", with the "natives" being a blatant show of othering and exoticism. People have been calling this "Dances with Smurfs", and really, that's what it looks like (though, I like to think of it as Ferngully + alien tits - Tim Curry's sexy voice). Now, this may be a bit disjointed, since I'm just posting this in case anyone asks me why I won't see this. So, I think I'm just going to do bullet points on why I won't see it.

1. The cultural appropriate to make the Navi "exotic". In an interview, Cameron said this about the design for the aliens' clothing: I designed her costumes based on a taparrabo, a loincloth thing worn by Mayan Indians. We go to another planet in this movie, so it would be stupid if she ran around in a Brazilian thong or a fur bikini like Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C. So, a fur bikini is stupid, but Mayan clothing on a non-earth world isn't? That just confuses me. But my main problem with this is that the Mayan culture is being othered because Cameron thinks it looks exotic/"native". Every promo image I've seen of the Navi has the aliens wearing feathers and beads and using bow and arrows... and it's clear what they're going for with this. It's the stereotypical image that a lot of people have in mind when they think of Native Americans before they learn what kind of clothes Native Peoples really wore. By dressing the Navi up like this, Cameron is making people think of Native Americans, and enforcing the stereotypes of Natives as "earth people" or whatever.

2. The sexism in designing Zoe Saldana's character. To be specific, Cameron's "she's gotta have tits" statement. This. Bugs. The. CRAP out of me. Cameron has had plenty of strong female characters before, like Ripley and Sarah Connor. I love Sarah Connor. I love her to death. She's one of my fictional role models. And one of the reasons why I loved her was because she wasn't there just for the male gaze. She wasn't supposed to be hot, she was supposed to be strong. Now, that's not to say that hotness and strength can't go together - they totally can, look at that bombshell Princess Leia. The problem I have with Cameron's statement is that by saying 'Right from the beginning I said, "She's got to have tits," ', that's saying that her sex appeal comes before her strength, before any other characterization at all. In the interview Cameron said this in, he also stated that "real women are complicated", and that men need to realize that real women "don't look and act like Vampirella". Yet here he is, saying that the most important feature on this female character is her TITS.

3. The CGI hype. Okay, this is my weakest argument against it, but still, needs to be said. It feels like everyone I know has said that they don't like the story for Avatar, but they'll see it "for the good CGI". Well, I'm sorry, but pretty graphics aren't enough to make me see a film any more. I saw 300 because I thought the effects looked cool, and that was a huge waste of eight bucks. Besides, I don't even think the effects look all that better then other films I've seen.

4. The White Savior becoming one of, and then saving, the Noble Savages. Just... that. I've said it. It's the same plot as Dances with Wolves and other white guilt movies. I hate the fact that the natives have to be 'saved' by the White Hero. I'm sick of that cliche, and the way that it implies that native peoples can't save themselves.

So, there you go. Why I'm not seeing Avatar and would rather not hear any more hype about it.
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Exactly what the title says! I'm thinking of doing a sketch dump once a month from now on.

Aliens, Steampunk, fan art, and one very angry cat under the cut )

In other news, I finally finished the Zot! Black and White Collection by Scott McCloud. It had some problems, but I really liked it. The conflicting ideologies of strict science and loose imagination where interesting, without be contrived or a bit science versus magic/religion/whatever plot. I also really loved the focus on the mundane - I've always dug looking at normal people doing normal things in a epic setting, because it helps me relate to the characters. Sure, I wanted to know what Zot was up to, but I could relate to Jenny's yearning to be in the perfect alternate earth and trying to deal with an idealist in a world that doesn't live up to their standards. The art could be better, and sometimes the story is a bit scattered, but it's definitely a good read.
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Hey, look, an alien.

A DEC, to be exact.

Why? There's a reason, but I'm not telling yet. It's for a seeekrit project.

And it could just be me, but aren't those blue toes just adorable? <3
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My scanner's fixed! My scanner's fixed! My scanner's fixed! :D

Or rather, I found a place online where I could download the drivers so it'll communicate with my laptop again.

Either way, it meant I got to scan some of the doodles I've done over the past month (have I really been in college that long!?)

Lotsa doodles! Warning, though: there is a tastefully censored nude sabrecat under the cut. )
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I don't know if any of you watchers of mine care about Doctor Who, but if you do, it might interest you to know that The 11th Doctor's costume has been revealed.

I gotta say, I love it. I'm glad that they're making 11 kind of quirky and odd-looking. I look forward to season 5.
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In nerdly news, Darths and Droids has ended the first part of its campaign. Gotta say, it was excellent. Nearly every page made me actually laugh, which few webcomics do. I'm happy to see it'll be continuing on with Episode II! I really hope they do all six movies. I really, reeeeally want them to play the original trilogy. How epic would that be, huh?

Speaking of the original Star Wars, I watched Return of the Jedi on some cable channel last night. Love the movie, but this was the first time I saw the 'remastered' version, or whatever. Is it just me, or does it feel like putting Hayden Christensen in as the Anakin ghost thing feel like Lucas was pissing on his original franchise? 'Cause that just... angered me.

Also, as I watched, I noticed how well Luke (or rather, Mark Hamill) can pull off the 'all black with some leather' look, but Anakin just... can't. What's up with that, Star Wars fans? Or that puppet Yoda worked a lot better then CGI Yoda?
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Soooo I watched some of that new Batman cartoon today. 'The Brave and the Bold'. It was... not bad. Batman's design looks like a real kick-back to the original comics, and he's not voiced by Kevin Conroy, so for me, someone who grew up on B:TAS and Beyond, he just doesn't seem right.


Blue Beetle 3 is in it. Which is great, because from what little I've gotten to know about the character, I like. Also, he's voiced by Will Friedle. Who voiced Terry in Beyond. This. Is. HILARIOUS to me. For those who don't know, I play Terry in a multiverse rp. The head mod plays Blue Beetle. So, I went back and read our logs, and all I can imagine is Terry talking to himself. It is magnificent.

Also, I found a new show on BBCA that I like. Some of you might remember how, a while back, I said I didn't like Torchwood because it was too much sex and not enough aliens? Well, Primeval is what Torchwood should be, just with time-traveling dinosaurs instead of sex. And a college professor instead of Captain Jack. Aaaand most of the characters are nerds. Not to mention, they do a great job of ramping up the tension, and get a lot of their dinosaur facts correct. So, as someone who played more with dinosaur toys then any other toys a kid, this show really appeals to me. I'd suggest everyone go look into it, but it's BBCA exclusive, and hard to find online. But still, it's good, and worth a look if you can find it.
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Trying to work out how the DEC sleep. They couldn't sleep on their backs, because their tail would get in the way. But they're bipedal, so I don't really see them curling up like an animal. So, I'm thinking they sleep on their stomachs. This particular DEC is Z5. (Who I am trying to app in T9)

There was some angst here, but I deleted it. :B

On a lighter note, my english teacher keeps singing Dr. Horrible songs during class. :D Best teacher I've ever had, I swear.

Also, I think I've developed an allergy to mold. Earlier this year, in late winter, I was sneezing a lot and had dry eyes. Now, I'm also sneezing a lot, and it feels like my eyes aren't even producing tears right. Both times it's been when right after heavy snow/rain. I've never had any sinus allergies before (though, I have a skin allergy to nickel, like most all humans, and I can't do woodshop working with soft woods like mahogany, because it gives me a bad rash) so I'm not sure what to do. If I can avoid taking medication, I will, because I don't really like pills. But, it is kind of annoying.
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The latest Artemis Fowl book was about time travel. Doctor Who season finally aired last night. I felt obligated to draw a time traveler. This is Rei, my Brazilian time traveler. He was originally inspired by my middle school friend Jesus, who was the same guy that designed CowGirl for me. Rei travels around time with using a three-handed pocket watch, and wears a mix of '40s and '90s clothing. He's currently being used in a really funny free-for-all rp.

I drove for the first time today. I think I have to move to the UK, because I keep wanting to drive on the left side of the road. (In an empty parking lot, thankfully) Driving is hard and kind of scary. But I'll be getting my mom's car when I go to college (she'll get a new one for herself) so I really have a whole year to learn before I actually have to take myself places.

There's this big tree in front of my house. We think it's older then the house itself, meaning it was planted around 1890. Today a US Forest Service official knocked on our door and told us that that tree is a Balsam Poplar, and is the largest in the state. We'll be getting a certificate in the mail soon. Cool, huh?

Artemis Fowl 6 was pretty awesome. (I may be biased because I like time travel...) I don't really ship for any of the fandoms I like, but, man, Artemis+Holly = OTP. The book relied on dues ex machina a bit much, but that's what you have to expect in time travel stories. If you go back in a personal timeline, the outcome will always be the same, according to Doctor Who. And he is the leader in time travel, so I'll believe him.
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It's funny - people keep telling me that they think Scarlet is too masculine, or that she's butch, or that she's not girly enough. People, please. She is a captain of a smuggling ship. The crew tends to just sit around in space. I'm sure that the doldrums there are even worse then on water. She has to be manly; she's on a ship full of lonely men. She's not going to be a little prissy girl like Keira Knightly.

I saw Hellboy 2 yesterday... )

Is anyone else getting tired of the Dark Knight viral campaign? It looks like a good movie, but I swear to god, if I see one more 'Why so serious' icon or a 'vote Harvey Dent' sticker, I am going to start stabbing things. BATMAN FANS: IF YOU ARE GOING TO SHAKE IT OVER THE JOKER, DO SO WERE I DON'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH IT, JESUS CHRIST.
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I can't see to draw humanoids this week. So here, have some aliens. From left to right, top to bottom; a Sansani hugging a Nikitak; a pair of courting DEC; head-shots of both a Rul and an Ooce'd; and Ben from Inhuman. Most of those are from AegBalk, the exception being Ben and the nikitak.

Speaking of AegBalk art, check this out. Someone went and created a Bak'shir character, and drew him. This makes me so freaking happy. Finally, another non-human character. Though, I wish someone would play a DEC. They're my favorite of the races...

I'm not sure if I want to stay in Pokemon Torrenta. It's a nice place and all, with a solid world, nice players. But... everyone seems to just want to play the pokemon game in it. Meaning, they just want to prance around, catch pokemon, and have battles. There doesn't seem to be any real plot, and most everyone is just ignoring each other in favor of playing with NPCs. And that's not how I like to play. In fact, I hate playing like that. I spent so much time coming up with an interesting character. He's shy and quiet and has problems talking to people. But there's a lot of potential for him to grow and change and become more confident if he travels with people and gets to know them. Yet no one is giving him a chance to grow, because they don't want to play with him unless it's a battle.
*sigh* I dunno. I might leave the place quietly, just slip away.

Also, note to self; do not show BEFORE painting. Considering the way I paint, I need to take a shower afterwards, and hot water is expensive.
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Quick painting of an aemperial engine from the AegBalk rp. These are pretty much the best of the best as far as engines go, and are made special by the government. Ships that are not made by the government usually have similar engines, but no where near as nice. (Quick painting. Rather shoddy, I know, I just wanted to get it out of my system)

My office chair broke! D: I'm using a spare chair, but it has no arm rests, so balancing my tablet is really difficult. See, I have to hold my tablet at an angle so I don't strain my wrists as much. Usually, I lay it at the edge of the desk and balance it with the arm rests, and now that I have none, it's... difficult. Blah.

Took the SAT today. Four and a half hours. Oh god.
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It's Yin-Yashi! In color! Whoot! I gotta say, I love drawing this kyoot li'l android. He's always so cheerful and cuddly. Perfect thing to turn around a bad mood.

Yay, all my finals are done! I think I did good on all of them, except for math. I don't like algebra. Bleh.

So, I gotta say, I like SheezyArt. It seems a bit more friendly and less anime-obsessed then DeviantArt. But there's one thing I don't really like about it; people can 'score' your work, and they don't have to give any reason for it. If my art displeases someone, I want to know why. How else can I improve? :\
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Tegaki is weird, but kind of interesting. So, I drew a Mwrr.

I can has progress? Evidentially, I can. Four years... that's a long time to be working on stuff.

Took the AP history test yesterday. Eeeh, it was okay. Also took the astronomy final on Thursday, and I'm confidant I passed that. I need to work on my Lit final, and my math final is next monday. My french final will include camcorders and jedi, so I look forward to that, and need to get working on it. No idea about my web design, art, or physics finals. Hmm.
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Look, it's Mwrr! I luff the teeny alien medic. Eibborn, why are all of your characters so cuuuute?

So, my internet it back up. This time, the crash was not AOL's fault, but rather my mom's, for changing debit cards and not updating the provider about this.

Augh, I have to get six missing assignments into my math class by friday (without a calculator), take my Astronomy final tomorrow, and do the 3 hour long AP US history test on friday morning. adfjdkjdagjdfg streeeeessss
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I haven't colored anything by hand since I changed my inking style. So here's Isaac and Z'ram. Some things worked well with the inking, others could have been better. In any case, I like it, I just need some practice.

I've been using the internet to keep up with Doctor Who this season. I really don't want to be left in the lurch again this time just because I don't have cable. Beware of spoilers... )

I've also watched a bit of Torchwood. And... eeeeeh. I don't really like it. I've never been able to handle relationship stuff (which is why I don't read Questionable Content, and stopped watching Desperate Housewives after the first season). And Torchwood is just that. A lot of drama and minimal aliens. I'll stick to flying around space and time in a big blue box, thank you.
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Latest two paintings I've done in photoshorpe. I need the practice, yes. On the left is Scarlet, my own character, and Shanielli, another player character from my space pirate rp. I adore Shanie, and she's only had two posts. Maybe it's just because I love blue people. Nightcrawler, The Blue Man Group, Smurfs, the people in Interstella 5555... they all rock so much.

Why is LJ offering me chances to win a free trip to where I live? And why is imageshack advertising christmas oreos in may?

Both rps I'm in are really taking off now. :3 Happy Amred.


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