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Got my schedule for next semester all worked out - surprisingly, this time I managed to get all my first choices! Hooray for upperclassmanship! ...I'm... not sure if that's a word.

Anyways, my schedule next semester will be:
Algebra MWF 3-3:50
Late Shakespeare MW 4pm-5:15pm
Learning and the Classroom M 7pm-9:30pm
International Horror Film W 5:30pm-9:30pm
Modern American Lit TTh 5pm-6:15pm

Taking all night courses next semester. A lot of the classes I am required to take are only offered in the evening, so I decided to just take all evening courses - this will leave the days open, which hopefully will help me get a job easier. It'll be tough, especially being at school from 3 until 9:30 on MW, but I'll pull through it. Getting dinners will be tough, but I'll figure things out.

Have to re-take algebra because my grade last semester was at the point that I passed the class, but not that it counted towards my degree. So I'm retaking it, hopefully having it three times a week will cut down on the problem of my prof trying to cover three subjects in one day, as happened with my two-day a week class last year. Also, I'll take advantage of free tutoring this year.

As for the other things, they all count towards my degree and just sounded fun! ESPECIALLY FOREIGN HORROR FILMS OH MY GOD. Yes, that counts towards my degree - it's a "Media Arts" class about film that has multiple subjects under one course number. The other courses were Chicano Film and Lit and Film Comedy... Horror Film sounded like it would be the most fun!
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Bluh, why are all the classes I need to take next semester evening courses that all happen at the same time?

Those time-turners from Harry Potter really need to fucking exist.
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Uuuugh, for the first time ever, midterms are actually kicking my ass. Writing a 12 page paper for NM history is the worse thing ever, especially since that class only gets two grades - midterm and final. I really hate it when professors do that, because it turns the class into pretty much pass/fail. Ugh.

Anyways, I made a thing! Or things, I guess! Mint Oreo Truffles~

These are amazing and really easy to make. Head over to my baking blog for the recipe!

Also, I didn't mention this in the blog because I hadn't tried it yet, but if you put these in the fridge for a while before eating? Soooo good. It tastes just like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
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'Kay, so, I got a letter in the mail the other day offering me a chance to apply as a Student Orientation Leader this summer. Which pays really well and would really, I need the job.

But today, it snowed. Like, an inch. So the whole city shut down. It's going to snow a bit tomorrow. So classes have been canceled for two days in a row.

Another thing that's been canceled? The only information meeting for Orientation applicants that I can make. djhfdkjshfdjshasa

Gave a call to the people running this stuff, going to find out if I can just stop by their offices to get some of this information, and I'll still apply. Bleh.

There was also a meet-n-greet type thing for the apartments I want to move into next year tomorrow evening, on campus, which will probably also be canceled. But that wasn't nearly as important.

Other then all that stuff, this is shaping up to be a good week. Because of the snow day, my roomies and I had a girls-day-out to enjoy the snow. (Well... I'm used to snow and don't give a damn, but one is from Utah and the other is from India, and aren't used to snow so it's still cool to them) It was pretty awesome. Tomorrow I'm just going to enjoy a day to myself. And Saturday I turn 20! My sis is coming into town because Wicked happens to me in the local theatre on my birthday, and my mom bought tickets for me and my sis! So awesome!

Also, I just realized that since classes are canceled tomorrow I'll miss my geology lab D: Oh noes, I like that class! We were gonna do sedimentary rock identification, too!
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So, I went to the first day of my US History class just a while ago and found out that that class requires a lab... which was not mentioned on the class registration, which means that I couldn't plan my schedule around it. No one even got to sign up for labs until today. Fortunately, they have a lab that I can make it to, but this still pisses me off. Mostly, because this means I am now taking seven classes this semester, but since two are labs, I'm only getting five classes worth of credits.

WTF, college. What. The. Fuck.
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Back in NM for school, ugh. Actually, I came back last night, because this morning I had to take a Teaching Basic Skills test. Which is a standardized test would-be teachers have to take before becoming accepted in the College of Education of most schools in NM. I think I did fine on it, really. Reading comprehension/grammar portion was incredibly easy, and the math part was actually not that bad. Get my scores back in February, so I'm eagerly waiting for that.

I have some arts today! Lots of it, actually. I don't know what it was, but I was drawing a lot over the break.

Dinosaurs, conquistadors, old OCs, and fan stuffs )

School starts Tuesday. Wheeeee
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Usually dislike two posts in one day, but I really need to just talk about this.

I got all of my final grades back today, and... I only got a D+ in Algebra. I'm so, so pissed off at myself right now. I worked so hard in that class. I got high B's and low A's on all my tests, got A's on all my quizzes... it must have been the final test that dragged my grade down. I'm just... augh, I'm so disappointed with myself right now. Fortunately, it's a passing grade, so I get credits for it, but I'm worried about how it will affect my GPA.
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Done with my finals! I head back home tomorrow. It's weird, though... it really doesn't feel like it should be winter break already. Maybe it's because the weather here has been 65 degrees F and sunny since October. It just... doesn't feel like winter.

Also, art post time, yay! Some half naked ladies this time, so beware.

Also some fannish stuff and steampunk stuff )
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Got my classes for next semester figured out!

MWF 10-10:50 US history to 1877
W 12-1:50 Earth History lab
MWF 2-2:50 Music appreciation
TR 9:30-10:45 Small group communication
TR 12:30-1:45 History of NM
TR 3-4:15 Earth History lecture

Not really the best classes... really just getting things for gen ed and some field requirements out of the way. It was odd, there were, like, no English classes that I need open or in good times. So, no English courses for me this semester. Two history courses may be rough, those always have the most reading. But the history of NM class seems interesting. And I'm really looking forward to Earth History. Yay for Geology! Not so much yay for music appreciation and communication... those are just there to fill up my scholarship's minimum amount of hours and finishing gen ed.
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What does it say about me that while reading The Tempest for the first time, I keep thinking about how I want Ariel/Puck buddy fic really, really bad? I don't even read fic, but I want to see something where the two meet and at discuss their similar situations and then Puck whisks Ariel away from that dick Prospero and the two go and play pranks on mortals for all time.

...I'm not sure if I'm, like, missing a point of the play or something by finding Ariel and Caliban to be sad and awesome woobies that should totally be the heroes of the play. I guess I'll see after I finish the play and when I take a course on Shakespeare next year.
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More updates on my car.

Power steering pump and/or rack and pinon are having problems. I'm going to take it to a mechanic tomorrow and have them take a look at it (again - got steering fluid checked last week and they warned me about this). Basically, the steering pump is really noisy when I'm turning. When I turn at an intersection, the steering is mostly smooth until the end of the turn, right before I let the wheel slide back into being straight - at this point, it shudders, makes a whirring noise, and is difficult to control. Fixing all of this may cost me upwards of $1400. My parents are willing to pay for it, but I hate that I've had to make them pay for a new battery, new tires and wheels, and now a whole lot of other new shit.

Though they're throwing around the idea of getting me a new car. I'm not too sure how I feel about that.

In other news, Arthurian lore is one big cluster-fuck of continuity. I will never again complain about movies/tv shows/etc not "getting the lore right" because there are so many conflicting versions of the stories, it's ridiculous.

I'm thinking about starting a Tumblr. I've been eying the sight for a while as a sketch blog. I know I keep saying that this is my sketch blog, but I always feel weird posting just one image, so I save things up until I have a lot of art and then I don't really have anything to say about the stuff. I kind of feel Tumblr would be a nice place to just post random doodles as I draw them, and then keep art dump days on LJ. Maybe. I don't know.

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I said a while back that I wound up with no roommate moving in. I finally got work from the building director, and I'm being paired up with another person whose roommate moved out at the beginning of the year. I just met her and she's pretty cool (she likes Pokemon! Glee!) and since she says her neighbors are a lot quieter then mine, I'll be moving into her room soon. Not sure if there's a specific date I need to be moved out by, but I'll hopefully hear about from the director about that soon.
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I'm taking a world lit class this semester. For about every 3 texts or so we read, we are given a few questions, and choose one to write a short essay examining two of the three stories/plays/poems. The professor decided to start adding "creative" prompts. Updating scenes, creating a dialogue between characters. I just received an email from the TAs, explaining that we'll write a paper solely on Dante's Inferno, and one of our options... is to create our own hell.

That's when it struck me. Our homework... is fanfic.
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Just finished reading Aeschylus's The Eumenides for my world lit class and... hooboy. It has lines like this:

(Clytemnestra's ghost, to the Furies) "Storm at him/ With hot blood-reeking blasts blown from your vaporous wombs

Okay, yes, periods are icky. But really? Really.

And then there's this:

(Apollo) "The mother is not the true parent of the child/ Which is called hers. She is a nurse who tends the growth/ Of young seed planted by its true parent, the male.

Not only are women just incubators, they don't even have a true connection with the kid!

What the fuck, Ancient Greece?
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The Ramayana: One of the oldest records of victim blaming in the world.
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Dear Social Scientists,

Just because you're out actively working against discrimination policy and similar things, and "hard scientists" (chemists, physicists, etc) are working in a lab, that does not mean that they don't care about the ethics and moral implications of their work.

- Amred

Soooo, yeah. My Sociology prof said in class today, and this is word for word: "Sociologists have to decide if they have a moral and political obligation, and what that is. That's what separates us from the hard sciences - a chemist sitting in a lab mixing chemicals doesn't have any sort of moral or political obligation."

Okay. There is all kinds of wrong in this statement. My dad is a research chemist. He works for the government, in a renewable fuels lab. His lab has been doing all kinds of research and testing on ethanol fuel since the 70s, as well as other fuel types that could reduce America's dependency on foreign oil. And you best be-fucking-lieve that his work has moral and political implications, and that he cares about them. In fact, ALL scientists have to deal with the moral implications of their work.

Think about it: If a chemist working in, say, a cosmetics company didn't have any moral obligations, they could just put, say, lead in foundation cream, and not care about what happens to the people that use it. But (for the most part), they don't, in part because of the moral obligations they have (don't poison people) and their company needing to keep a good image (this company doesn't poison its customers, so it's a good company).

Scientists in real life are not like the mad scientists of movies. They do care about how what they're doing may change the world. The work they do is just as important as policy change - if there were no geologists, for example, we wouldn't have earthquake engineering (the field that studies how earthquakes effect structures and tries to figure out how to build things that won't topple over in a quake).

So no, just because the hard scientists are not in the public eye very much, campaigning for social change, does not mean that they don't care about the public.

Sorry for the rant, this just reeeeeally annoyed me. I didn't say anything when it happened, but if it's brought up again, I will fucking call that prof out on their bullshit.
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Roommate still hasn't moved in, so I assume they aren't going to at all. Which on the one hand is kind of nice, as it gives me more room to put my stuff. But I'm also a little disappointed - I like having someone to talk to in person about my day. I have a tendency to be really talkative all day long if I'm living with someone, but if I'm on my own, I get quiet, even in class and stuff. I dunno. Maybe it's just that I get so used to keeping everything in my head that I just kind of shut down socially.

Been watching Ouran High School Host Club on Hulu recently. I've had some recommendations for it before, but no one ever really explained it, and at the time that I was getting said recommendations, I was utterly sick of anime and manga about pretty high school students doing shallow things. But I'm glad I finally gave it a shot, it's turned out to be a really fun anime. It's self aware, and points out the main cliches and tropes it uses. As someone that likes to play with and parody cliches, this is right up my alley.

On a not very related note, what is up with Marble Hornets? I'm seeing people lauding it as serious nightmare fuel, and getting so freaked out by it that they can't get very far into it. Maybe it's because I've just never been interested in the horror genre, but this is just... boring. It's a guy with shaky cam running around his house in the dark and occasionally looking up like something's spooked him. And then occasionally another guy filmed in a way that you don't get a good look at him, so it looks "scary"... or, y'know. Like a dude standing on someone's porch with odd lighting. I dunno. I'm only about 4 episodes into it, but it's fucking boring, and not in the least bit scary.
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Soooo.... I'm not sure if I've actually got a roommate this year. Like, the room I'm in is a two person room, and there's another name on my door. But today was the last day of check-in, and my roommate hasn't checked in. So I'm don't know if I'm actually going to be living with someone this year or not. Well, they've got until tomorrow evening before they're dropped from housing, so we'll see.
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Made it to school safely, new battery/alternator seems to be working pretty good. Though, it does make a lot of high-pitched whirring noises when I start the car, or when I'm driving really slowly. Anyone on my f-list know stuff about cars? Is this normal? Should I be worried?

Roommate hasn't moved in yet, but I did get to meet some of my suite mates. Who only kind of strengthened my "people can be downright awesome sometimes" sappiness from this morning, as when I first met them, I had been carrying a box and a pillow to my dorm, and was a few feet away from the door when the bottom of the box fell out and all my stuff went everywhere. They helped me put everything back in the box and offered to give me a hand up to my room, even though at the time they didn't know we were in the same suite. :> People have put me in such a good mood today, it's so wonderful.

One last thing from me today:

That's an ashtray. With a "no-smoking" sticker on the bottom. That was in my non-smoking hotel room from last night. When I first noticed it, I was pissed, because I'm always pissed to find ashtrays in non-smoking rooms, but when I saw the sticker I just had to laugh.
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was supposed to drive 400 miles to college today

200 miles into the drive, car's alternator & battery die

need to replace both, stuck in small town over night because my car is japanese & no one in town has an alternator, so one has to be driven into town overnight



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