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Nov. 22nd, 2009 12:07 pm
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Eibborn! My half of our trade is done! :D

Eib balancing a laptop on his nose while doing a handstand. :D I dunno, I thought it was cute. And if you look closely, the screen on his laptop is the main page of the Sabrous website.

Tried some stuff out on this as far as coloring goes. I was tried to just loosen up and let my painting get a bit messy. I think it turned out pretty good. Also playing with pens. I've found I really like my Staedler chisel-tip and Micron brush-tip pens. They make for some really nice inking.
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My scanner's fixed! My scanner's fixed! My scanner's fixed! :D

Or rather, I found a place online where I could download the drivers so it'll communicate with my laptop again.

Either way, it meant I got to scan some of the doodles I've done over the past month (have I really been in college that long!?)

Lotsa doodles! Warning, though: there is a tastefully censored nude sabrecat under the cut. )
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Why yes, I have been watching old Chuck Jones cartoons, why do you ask? )

Here's a doodle of a chibi Sab!Amred hangin' off a cliff. First time using my tablet with my laptop, and there are some differences that I need to get used to. :/

...That's... pretty much all I have to say. That, and why the fuck are five out of the nine washing machines in the dorm's laundry room out of order? And four out of the five driers? >(

I'm going to go watch Hairspray online now, I think.

Edit: image put under a cut because it's kind of... long.
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Painting-doodle of Amred to try and work out some artist's block.

Rant about my hate for a certain person )

So, it my last post, I sort of mentioned allergies. Well, lately, the burning eyes feeling has gone away. However the sneezing is still there. Today, I must have had at least five sneezing fits.

Also, on Monday, I had a really bad nose bleed. I was walking home, and was about two blocks away, and my nose just started dripping blood. I really couldn't do anything - there was no one around to help, and I didn't have any tissue. So I just sort of stood on the sidewalk, leaned forward a bit, and let it bleed. I was pretty much gushing blood for two minutes, then it slowed down, and I rushed home. I looked like I'd just killed someone, there was that much blood on my hands. And my left nostril oozed blood a bit for about ten minutes after the initial bleed. And since I'm still sneezing like mad, I'm really thinking I should consult a doctor.
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On WoA, we have a thread to talk about what game you're currently playing. One new member, Eibborn, posts on the thread, and mentions that he plays a 'Fun MUD called Sabrous. Text-based may not be for everyone, but this is really fun!'

And I proceeded to freak out.

I got to talking to him, and we discussed Sab a lot. He described his character to me, and I mentioned he might be fun to draw. He was so grateful, he offered to trade me (in game) some cotton sleeves, to replace the ones I had a while back, but lost when I died. And he did! He also gave me a sewer key and gave me a lot of helpful tips! X3

He's level, like, 23 or something, and Amred is level 11. So, I'm gonna do some heavy grinding for a while (at least three times a week) and level up. Once I'm around 20 or so, we'll group! Wish me luck!

Also; sometime in April I'll be going up to Wyoming to visit another college I'm thinking of going to. Fun fun!
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I logged back onto Sabrous for the first time in MONTHS a few nights ago, which prompted some doodles and stuff.

The Adventures of Amred.... in sketch form )

Also, I saw Sweeney Todd today for the second time. Now, I really didn't WANT to see it twice, but two of my friends took me to see it. We got the entire theatre to ourselves and talked throughout the entire movie. Then we had LOST DRIVING ADVENTURES while trying to get back to my house. Good times.


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