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Aug. 12th, 2010 11:24 am
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Huh. Been a while since I've really posted anything. I've been busy. I leave for school in a week, so I'm kind of alternating between trying to enjoy the little summer I have left and panicking about whether or not I've got everything ready for school and will remember to pack everything.

Here, have a quick painting of Rei and his alien dog:
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I have a jorb! Kinda. It's not paid, but it will look damn good on a resume, so I'm considering it a job. I'm going to be working with grade school girls as a sort of teacher assistant. I'm working with two classes, an art class and an environmental class. And the instructor for the art class actually teaches at my old high school, so that's pretty cool. This will be pretty good experience working in a class-room setting (though I'd prefer to work with teens, since I'm planning on teaching high school after college). My first day is monday, whoo!

A friend of the family that works with the local public schools also might have found a volunteer position for me with an ESL program, which would also be good experience.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I really wanted to get the Doctor over at T9 to bounce Rei off of. I got my wish - we have both Five and Ten now. I am LOVING their interactions, they are sooo much fun. It's especially interesting to see how the two Doctors react to Rei, since he's a time anomaly. Five is interested and quite weirded out, but is being kind of patient with Rei and just trying to understand him. Ten, on the other hand, is rather hostile, demanding to know what Rei is rather then just asking. It's cool to see the different approaches, and I'm looking forward to playing with them more.
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I think I take rpgs a little too seriously. Not in the "this is SRS BSNS" kind of way... just... I tend to go kind of nuts making personalities for my characters. I think this started with pokemon, where I always try to come up with motivations and a personality for my trainer, and then each pokemon on my main team. Any rpg I play, I make up little personalities for the characters so that the game feels more like a story. I've just always felt that when you play a role playing game, you should, y'know, create a role and play it. It makes games a lot more fun, in my opinion, because it helps you feel attached to the little pixels and gives games a more interactive feel.

Am I alone in this? Do any of you make personalities and little stories for your video game characters?
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Nnnnnneeeeerg, damn it, Doctor Who. Damn you and your most recent plot arc that's making me want someone to play 11 at T9 so that I can bounce Rei off of him since Rei draws his powers from the cracks in time and nnnnerg. No, bad Amred. There have only been three episodes with 11 so far, do not go getting ideas.

Actually, I'd like any of the Doctors to show up at T9 (and stay) so I can bounce Rei off of them. I just feel like it would be really interesting to see two time travelers with such vastly different ideas on time traveling get together. I'd especially like to see the Doctor's reaction to Rei's utter ruthlessness when it comes to protecting the time stream. But nnnnnn giving myself ideas with no way to act on them must stoooop.

Also, I changed my default icon again. Since I like using a photo of myself as my icon, I try to keep it current. That and I kind of didn't like my whole face being in the icon - something about cropping just appeals to me.
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I don't normally like to post to other lj threads on my journal, but... I just love this thread so much.


And from now on, when I think of Nightwing, I'm always going to think 'DAT ASS'. Should make any discussion about Batman a billion times more hilarious.
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I drew a freaking TON of art this month, so it's time for monthly art post, whoo!

Mostly aliens and superheroes )

In other news, it's been confirmed that the Batman Beyond comic mini-series comes out in June. Aaaaaugh, it cannot happen fast enough!
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I am the worst.

This was pretty much directly inspired by a rather... well, crackily-awesome typo in my monster tag over at T9, where I mistakenly wrote "radioactive ham" when I meant to write "radioactive man." So... yeah. Terry fighting a giant radioactive ham. I just couldn't resist.
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I'm a terrible person, but I want this to happen so insanely badly over at T9.

Also, this is pretty much going to be my only art post this month - I haven't had time to draw with finals, and I'm not taking my scanner home over the holidays, since it'd be a pain to take home.
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Most of you know that I play Terry McGinnis/DCAU's second Batman over at [ profile] trans_9. I've been playing there for over a year now, and perhaps the only real problem I've had (besides rp commitment issues which I've done a pretty good job of getting over) is finding good user icons. I've found a few here and there, but since the show has been over for six years, and the fandom is pretty much dead, finding decent pre-made icons is pretty hard. I've made most of my icons myself.

And that what this post is for. As of now, I have about 30 icons that I use between my two rp journals, and more that I've made but don't use. And I'd like to share them. To give a hand to other Terry rpers out there that need icons.

Icons )
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Whoot, Artemis Fowl graphic novel 2 is out! That was my favorite book in the series, and I love the design of the GN (especially Holly's design). Though, they did leave a preeeety big plot point in the first GN (well, small for book 1, important for book 2), so I'm not sure how they'll get around that. But, yeah, I may just order it off Amazon and have it shipped to me. Or wait until I go home for fall break and get it from an indie shop in Denver.

Though, my first thought when I found this out was 'Sweet, more icons for Holly's rp journal!'
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So, y'know on monday, how I said I was going to post photos from DC? Yeeeah, not gonna happen. Our digital camera memory card reader died a horrible, horrible death on us. >:( Which sucks, 'cause there were some nice pictures from the trip. Like of really awesome jellyfish and stuff. Darn.

In other news, I saw Watchmen and Milk with my sister this week. My thoughts on both (a bit spoilery, so behind a cut):
Watchmen and Milk )

I've got a lot of scholarship stuff I need to work on, but for the most part I'm pretty relaxed. I've been excepted to my choice colleges - the stressful part is over. One way or another, I'll get the money I need for school. I'm content now. I'll probably turn back into a ball of nerves close to June or July, though.

Also, I decided to pick up another character in T9. Holly Short, from Artemis Fowl, one of my personal feminist role models. She's so different from Terry; she's an adult, level-headed, with no hang-ups about guns. She's a tough and pointy lady cop, and I know her and her canon backward and forward. Seriously. I can name every item she carries on her belt. FFFFF I'M A NERD.
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Whooo, two posts in one day because this is a good day.

Today my high school transcripts were sent off to the colleges I'm looking in to! This also included two of the fees for applying - the other two I was able to pay online, but for some reason my state hates online payment? Also, one of the online things put the credit card bill under my name, not my mom's, so we need to call them and have that fixed.

Also, a couple of days ago I got my ACT scores. Last spring when I took them, I got a 22. For my December test, I got a 26, which means my scores are perfect for getting financial aid from the colleges for merit. On that note, I filled out my FAFSA form, but I do need to fix it a bit after we pay taxes.

So, why does this make today a good day, besides Hopey gettin' inaugurated? Because this means I've finished all my college stuff. Those of you in Trans_9 might have noticed my absence for about a month. That's because I've been stressing out with this college stuff - but that's done now! I'll be coming back to the game tomorrow or the day after. (Though, I chose to drop z5 for the time being. :/ Still too busy to play two characters at once.)

That's all from me today, I promise.
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Soooo I watched some of that new Batman cartoon today. 'The Brave and the Bold'. It was... not bad. Batman's design looks like a real kick-back to the original comics, and he's not voiced by Kevin Conroy, so for me, someone who grew up on B:TAS and Beyond, he just doesn't seem right.


Blue Beetle 3 is in it. Which is great, because from what little I've gotten to know about the character, I like. Also, he's voiced by Will Friedle. Who voiced Terry in Beyond. This. Is. HILARIOUS to me. For those who don't know, I play Terry in a multiverse rp. The head mod plays Blue Beetle. So, I went back and read our logs, and all I can imagine is Terry talking to himself. It is magnificent.

Also, I found a new show on BBCA that I like. Some of you might remember how, a while back, I said I didn't like Torchwood because it was too much sex and not enough aliens? Well, Primeval is what Torchwood should be, just with time-traveling dinosaurs instead of sex. And a college professor instead of Captain Jack. Aaaand most of the characters are nerds. Not to mention, they do a great job of ramping up the tension, and get a lot of their dinosaur facts correct. So, as someone who played more with dinosaur toys then any other toys a kid, this show really appeals to me. I'd suggest everyone go look into it, but it's BBCA exclusive, and hard to find online. But still, it's good, and worth a look if you can find it.
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Get out your nerd hats, everyone!

Since 2006, I've had people telling me that I just had to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. I took this rather passively - if it was on while I was watching cable somewhere, I might watch it. But I wouldn't actively go looking for it. This happened once, actually - I caught the 'Avatar Day' episode while at my grandparent's house sometime that year.

Over the summer, I watched the first episode online - I was bored, it was there. I liked it, really, but quickly forgot about it. Last month, I remembered, and found the second episode. After that, practically every day I watched an episode. What can I say? I was hooked. I really liked it.

And why was that? It was the very original character designs, which, while they used anime-style art, were very well detailed, and animated in a fluid, realistic way. (In that it wasn't all chibis and sweat drops and what-have-you). It was the attention to culture and martial arts - watching Zuko use Chinese double broad swords in season two was amazing, because I could actually see real forms used by the higher belts in my studio. It was the rich story and believable writing. And, it was Sokka. Seriously, he was my favorite character. Snarky but intelligent normal guy who gets the worst lot of everything? Awesome.

I finished the series a few days ago, and what I have to say is: man. What a ride. That was the best American made cartoon I've watched since Static Shock. Maybe better.

That was nerdage number 1. Number 2 is this:

I'm sort of thinking of taking a second crack at starting an LJ rp. AegBalk was fun, but... I think if I were to restart it, I'd work a lot more on plot and setting before actually starting it. Buuuut, I'm thinking of starting a superhero rp, because I have all sorts of worlds and plots ready for that genre. Maybe. We'll see.

And on a less nerdy subject:
Took the ACT today. I don't feel like I scored any higher then last time. :/
And my CU application is in. I need to get FL in now.
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Huh. Wow, I haven't posted in a while. And I haven't really had time to do the arts stuff. But, um, rambling time?

This week has been a pretty fantastic week. It was spirit week at school, and we had some pretty interesting themes. Lets see, they were: 50s day, Superhero day, Disney day, Rave day, and School Color day. I've never done spirit week before, but this time I did, and it was a lot of fun! Monday I dressed up like James Dean, Tuesday I made myself a Batman Beyond shirt, Wednesday I was Disney's Mulan (complete with Little Dragon as Mushu :3) Thursday I got to wear my old parachute-type pants, and today my hair is purple. Fun times!

My weekend is going to be crazy busy, though, because I'm going to Nan Desu Kan. I'll be there this evening, most of the day on Saturday, and probably Sunday morning. Saturday is also my school's homecoming parade, and I'm going to be riding the band/choir float dressed in a marching band uniform and carrying my saxaphone. So... busy, but a fun kind of busy.

Also, today is my dad's 54th birthday. He's spending it off in the mountains, fishing by himself, as he has for the past few years. He's one of the coolest people I know, and I hope he'll live another 54 years. (I'm sure he will, he's really healthy)

Oh, and as for T9 - I'll still have access to a computer, so I should be able to post their at least a few times over the weekend. And the hotel the con is at has wifi, so I'm going to take my DS and finally get to do some online pokemon playin'!
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Z5 got into [ profile] trans_9. Her journal is [ profile] childof_science.


Except now I need to make icons for her....
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I started this with the intention it would be Isaac cheesecake. But all cheesecake of her turns out depressing as hell. So it became fluff. Which I inked. I'm getting better at brush pen inking.

So, I'm having a hard time starting Pendragon 9. I want to read it, but it's the second to last book, so in a way, I don't want to read it because I don't want the series to end. But I've found out that the first book is now in comic form. And the preview pages I've seen of it are... perfect. I must go get it. Nerdluuuv.

Trans 9 is... oh man, it's fantastic. I love you, T9. I love you so much. Though, in trying to play Terry accurately, he's becoming very different from everyone else. When he woke up, he didn't try to find out where he was and what was going on, he wanted to find his pants. Instead of telling everyone he's Batman, he's lying through his teeth because he's suspicious that this is a ploy to get all the heroes together and kill them at once.

And you know what? It. Is. So. Much. Fun. I love this game. I love it so much. If I ever pick up another character, it will be No1 from Artemis Fowl 5/6.
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Batman and Dr. Horrible have put me in the mood for villains, so here's yet another comparison sketch, featuring my villain character. On the left is CowGirl. She was designed for me by a friend about four years ago. About two years ago, I rehashed her looks (from a woman in old west garb with a cow head to a woman in old west garb with cow ears and hooves) but didn't really have a purpose for her. I liked her, though, so I once again redesigned her, this time in The Sheriff. She's now completely human, and a lot of her personality, origin, and reasons for being evil have changed. I kind hope I can figure out what to do with her now.

Following that train of thought, I've fallen a bit behind in Trans 9. I think I'm just going to move him straight into the current communal thread, as the whole 'get out of the pod room' thing is a bit boring, and rather hard, as I'm just talking to a robot's one liners. Other people have skipped the whole 'clothes' room, too, just implying that they got them in their next post, so I may do the same.

Yesterday, I was in a mall renewing my cell phone contract, and just happened to walk past a bookstore. I saw that a new Artemis Fowl book was out, so I decided to get it. As I was going to pay for it, I saw that the 9th Pendragon book was out, so I had to get that, too. A lot of my friends have made digs at me because I still read these series that I read in middle school. But if my dad can read a series he's been with since the 60s (Dune) and my 22 year old sister can read a series meant for high schoolers (Twilight) then I can read these, damn it!
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Doodle of Cy-T. Trying some new stuff out in photoshop.

So, I've been doing a lot of working out this week. Yard work with the pulaski, tai chi, and kung fu. Not to mention I got a really painful vaccination yesterday. All together, my arms and abs are killing me. But that's a good sign, right?

The slow posting in Trans 9 is driving me nuts. I love the game, but god is it annoying waiting for a mod. That's why I never start rps that depend on a sort of 'mod orientation' thread. But it's always hard trying to catch the attention of a mod that's working with, like, ten other people when you show up.

I finally got riolu in pokemon diamond. When I was first in Canalave, I didn't realize that Iron Island went deeper, so I just left after, like, the second room. So I got all the way to Sunnyshore before looking online and seeing that you get the riolu egg at Iron Island. So I back tracked and went through the whole thing and got the egg. I really do like riolu and lucario, but the only way to include it on my team is to get rid of my lopunny. And my lopunny's been with me forever. So... I dunno. I think I'll use it when just wandering around in the wild, and use lopunny in gym battles. I also caught Dialga a few days ago. It was pretty sweet - I caught it on the second ball toss, with an ultra ball. That's a first.

I'm going to a dragon boat race tomorrow. That'll be fun.


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