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I just had an awful, brilliant, stupid idea.

Make some meringue. Dollop it out onto a baking sheet in little circles or ovals. Lightly toast, especially along the edges. Press a circle into the middle. Place a dollop of lemon custard in the middle.


I so do not have the time or the equipment to make this right now, but holy fuck, I am finding a way to make this when I go home for the summer.
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I think my roommate is worried I'm a serial killer now.

I was pointlessly yammering on about my fantroll, even though she doesn't read or care about HS. But I wanted some input about what weapon my troll should use. The conversation went a bit like this:

Me: So yeah, I still have a lot of stuff I need to come up with for my troll, like a weapon. I want the weapon to have something to do with geology, but I'm not sure what to go with.
Her: Well, what kind of tools do geologists use? Like hammers and stuff, right? And don't you use acid for something?
Me: Yeah, we use hydrochloric acid to identify calcite in rocks. But the only way I could think to weaponize that is as a gun, which I don't like the sound of. And someone in the comic already uses a hammer.
Her: Well, then don't go with geology stuff. What kind of things do you like?
Me: Hmm. Well, I do love power tools.
Her: Oooh, give the troll an electric drill as a weapon!
Me: No, wait, I've got it! A cordless electric sander! Drills have been done, why not a sander? That would be awesome, she could, like... sand people's faces off.
Her: 8|
Me: Oh. Oh, wow. That was, uh. That was pretty dark.
Her: ...we're sleeping with the lights on for the rest of the semester.

Still going with the sander, though. Still need to come up with her title and planet.

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So I heard that Ophiuchus has been added to the western Zodiac. I really don't care about astrology, but I find this amusing for two reasons.

1. When my dad and I stargaze, he always points that constellation out as 'The Teapot'. I'll never be able to not think of it as that. So now 'the teapot' is a zodiac sign, and that tickles me.
2. I'm now a Capricorn. As I've said, I don't give a fuck about astrology - but this means I'm no longer an Aquarius. Which is awesome, because Gamzee is cooler then Eridan.

I have no idea how many people on my f-list will get that reference.

Also, I made a thing. A jewelry, geology nerd thing.
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I got hugged by a French woman tonight for knowing who Mello from Death Note is.

I also got hugged by a Chinese woman for baking cinnamon rolls.

Tonight was a good night.
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What does it say about me that while reading The Tempest for the first time, I keep thinking about how I want Ariel/Puck buddy fic really, really bad? I don't even read fic, but I want to see something where the two meet and at discuss their similar situations and then Puck whisks Ariel away from that dick Prospero and the two go and play pranks on mortals for all time.

...I'm not sure if I'm, like, missing a point of the play or something by finding Ariel and Caliban to be sad and awesome woobies that should totally be the heroes of the play. I guess I'll see after I finish the play and when I take a course on Shakespeare next year.
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I want to write a comic about a dog that lives on a balcony and a cat that lives on a window sill and how they fight crime.

Sometimes I really worry about what's going to happen to me once I have to go and be an adult in the real world.
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The Ramayana: One of the oldest records of victim blaming in the world.
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When I first heard the term 'drag race' I was about six or seven, and my first thought was "Wow, it's really mean to make a bunch of guys run around a track in dresses and high heels." I didn't realize that a drag race actually involved cars until I was almost out of middle school. I kind of prefer my version.

So I think I might be allergic to the handsoap that's put up in the dorm bathroom. My hands have been rather dry lately, and the past few days they've been really red and raw. I stopped using the soap in the bathroom in my dorm for a few days, and bought some of my own for my room, and my hands have been doing a lot better. Lotion has also helped. Still, I'm a bit concerned that soap is potentially making my hands just raw as hell.

Cybersix is fucking amazing. I didn't hear about this show until just a few hours ago, but I tracked it down and have watched a few episodes and oh my god. Awesome. There's only 13 episodes though, and I'm kind of scared of watching the whole thing because I know I'll get attached to it and just feel sad when it's over. I wonder if there are translations of the original Argentinian comics floating around somewhere?

Got done reading Blackest Night. Very awesome, and I really want to continue reading The Flash now. I'm a bit disappointed with the ending, but it was still very enjoyable. A good gateway comic, I think.

And lastly, meme snagged from [ profile] umi_mikazuki under the cut:
Music meme )
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I am the worst.

This was pretty much directly inspired by a rather... well, crackily-awesome typo in my monster tag over at T9, where I mistakenly wrote "radioactive ham" when I meant to write "radioactive man." So... yeah. Terry fighting a giant radioactive ham. I just couldn't resist.


Apr. 14th, 2009 08:28 am
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Riding the bus to school, today, I saw this on a church sign:


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I find it fascinating how once a person is exposed to a new idea or thing, they start seeing it everywhere. Y'know, those weird coincidences, where you've just learned about something, and it seems like you did just in time for it to be important? (Example: I read a 2003 report about the war crimes that happened in Sierra Leone yesterday, and today, BBC online posts a story about how three Sierra Leone rebel leaders have been sentenced for a combined prison term of 120 years for crimes against humanity.) Or, like, you get some material object, and suddenly you notice how many other people have the same thing. (Example: my parents bought a new car a few months ago. Now, I see that particular brand everywhere.)

It's just... interesting. Like, before you learn about this thing, you never see or hear about it, but once you do, it's everywhere. I wonder why our brains do that?
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This came up in an MSN chat with X. It went a bit like this;
Me: i've taken my time getting the yellow belt, but i WILL pass the test tomorrow
X: You'll have pikachu belt in no time!
Me: XD
X: You should put a pikachu face button on it.
Me: d'awwwww
Me: i'd so get my ass kicked for that XD
X: :C Piiiii...
Me: i wanna make a little kung fu uniform for my pikachu
X: ^___^
Me: we'd travel the old west in white uniforms and black cowboy hats, foiling bank robberies and riding donkies!
Me: and they'd call us Big Thunder and Li'l Lightning!
X: ...No. They'd call you Pajama Monkies. :C
Me: :'c
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Based of an IM conversation very late last night. I think I'm going insane.

My dad's been importing all of his CDs onto our computer. Our computer... cannot take so many CDs in a week. The box is making funny noises a lot, and that is not good.

I start a two week long internship on Tuesday, so yay.

EDIT: Also, meme from Tochi. Reply askin' for questions, and I shall interview yoooou
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Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys.

Holy shit, I am so worked up on painkillers you wouldn't believe it, hurrr. :B I like me some midol teen.

And I made these freaking adorable pokemon wall hangers out of some scraps of watercolor paper I had nothing else to do with;

Oh my god, I'm hyper. And happy. And I spiked my hair today and it looks coooool, and people are even more confused about my gender then ever, which is awesome, and I might get free dinner tomorrow and ho shit, run on sentence.

And in case you didn't notice, I changed my default icon. It's the same basic thing, but since I cut my hair and don't have my 'rabbi curls' (as one person once put it) I wanted to keep my icon updated.

I fucking love painkillers, I swear to god. Everything is all awesome and great and oh man. Painkillers. <3
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What is the point of day-light savings time? Farms are up from dawn til dusk regardless of what time is on the clock.

Also, dreamweaver is an terrible program.

Thank you, and good night.

Blarg sick

Feb. 9th, 2008 10:47 am
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Well, got some arts for you all today.

Lookie lookie! )

In other news, my throat feels like there is a little gremlin sitting in it, scrapping away all the inside. And my sinuses pretty much exploded. Icky, icky cold.

For the hundredth time in my life, I am really glad I can't get strep throat.


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