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It's been a while since I've done an art post. Probably because it's been a while since I've done any art. But I did some in August, so here we go.

Various sketches and some finished art )
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Heeeey, it's been a while since I've done an art post. Probably because I didn't do too much art in June. So, hey, let's do one of those.

Some sketches, mostly fan art sort of stuff )

That's about it. Not much to talk about lately. I'm going to one last showing of Rocky Horror tomorrow, though, which will be awesome.
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Heeey, I forgot to do my month art post last month! Well, not so much forgot, as just didn't have time to do it. So time to catch up.

So yeah. )

Working on finding a summer job, but it's proving to be tricky. Though, I may be able to get a volunteer job at my old high school, working on their summer-school for incoming freshman thing. That'd be pretty neat.
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My scanner's fixed! My scanner's fixed! My scanner's fixed! :D

Or rather, I found a place online where I could download the drivers so it'll communicate with my laptop again.

Either way, it meant I got to scan some of the doodles I've done over the past month (have I really been in college that long!?)

Lotsa doodles! Warning, though: there is a tastefully censored nude sabrecat under the cut. )
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Maybe I should update my internets. Mines still says Al Gore is president.

At least it's not Ronald Reagan?

Ronald W. Reagan II. Future dark overlord of the United States of Eurasia.

Does he have a Death Star, or a vampire moon base?

It started as one but when the renovations were done, it ended up as the other.

Either way, Doc Brown, Dr. McNinja, and The Doctor will blow it up with a tricycle and a boomerang. This is getting heavy!

Great Scott!

Mudkip is the hard boiled P.I. that finds out how they did it for a fee of 2 dozen cookies plus milk expenses.

This is getting expensive.

"I knew the dame was trouble as soon as she walked in. Torchics usually are."

"The name's Phillip R. Mudkip. She wanted me to track down the rare maltese pidgeot. I told her I'd do it for 12 dozen cookies, no less."

And now to go to lit class.
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So, tomorrow I drive down to NM, and on Wednesday, I move into my dorm. I'm pretty excited. :3

'Course, this means I'm gonna be gone for a few days while I unpack and get used to everything. I probably won't be doing anything artsy for a while, or at least posting it. Though I am bringing my scanner and tablet. So, before I go, here's one more pokemon comic.

I finally bought some new technical pens, because both my cheap Microns and my super expensive really great Staedlers were dying on me. So I got replacements for those, and a few more pens, because I always get carried away at the art supply store. So I used this little comic to experiment a bit. It was inked with a Micron brush pen (which turned out really nice), a small felt-tipped Micron marker, and a chisel-tip Staedler pen. I think the results are actually pretty good.
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Most of my stuff is packed and read to be put in my car. I leave for college next Tuesday. Classes start the Monday after that. I'm pretty stoked. :D

I've got some art again today! See, I recently re-started my game of Pokemon Ruby. It was mainly because I'd migrated most of my pokemon from my previous game over to Diamond, and wanted to restart so I could get the two other starters, but I wound up noticing some stuff that I wanted to make short little comics about. There's three of 'em, and they're under the cut.
Pokemon comics )

My favorite is the third, because I think it has the best joke, but... I dunno, I may the only person who finds these funny. Also, not my best art, but then again, I just did these for fun.

Also, I shout-out/thank you to my buddy Pip, who does the webcomic Sins Venials, for making me this art of my pirate character Billy!
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Y'know this is supposed to be an art blog? I SURE DIDN'T. Or... I did and then sort of stopped posting anything. Prooobably because I don't really sketch as much as a used to. Buuut I've been doing some art recently so here's an art dump. Wheeee

I am the very model of a modern major general )

Aaand there we go.
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So, guess what I finally got around to scanning today?

That's right, pokemon doodles!

And almost 40 more under the cut! )
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Hey guys, I'm now officially part of the [ profile] pokemonathon! My first post is over here!
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I got to meet up with my buddy X today and give him his christmas gift. I got him the 'High Five' Shirt from Dr. McNinja (in red). He really liked it, so I'm glad. He gave me the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon manga, which is so friggin' cute. Also, I just knew he'd give me something to do with Mudkips. I knew it. We also had dinner at an Italian restaurant in my neighborhood that I meant to take him to when we were a couple, but never did. Some how, taking him a platonic friend was just a lot nicer. We talked about the new Doctor, about the Joker, and about Watchmen, which was fun and nerdy.

Also, school was supposed to start back up tomorrow, but I just got a call from the school's robo-caller saying it would start on Wednesday. Hmm.

I need to work on my Financial aid form. Auuuugh loooong form is loooong.
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I have no idea why, but I just watched the Dungeons and Dragons movie on cable. Maybe because Jeremy Irons plays the villian? Anyways, it was laughably terrible. I was playing my DS while watching. And right in the middle of the climax, I was able to catch Azelf (38th try. I've counted.) and evolve a Golbat into Crobat. So, hey, I guess it game me good luck on gaming, right?

........*snrk* No, no, it was just bad.

I saw Changeling yesterday. Very good movie, if it does run a bit long.
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This came up in an MSN chat with X. It went a bit like this;
Me: i've taken my time getting the yellow belt, but i WILL pass the test tomorrow
X: You'll have pikachu belt in no time!
Me: XD
X: You should put a pikachu face button on it.
Me: d'awwwww
Me: i'd so get my ass kicked for that XD
X: :C Piiiii...
Me: i wanna make a little kung fu uniform for my pikachu
X: ^___^
Me: we'd travel the old west in white uniforms and black cowboy hats, foiling bank robberies and riding donkies!
Me: and they'd call us Big Thunder and Li'l Lightning!
X: ...No. They'd call you Pajama Monkies. :C
Me: :'c
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Team Green, finally. Meant to post this sooner, but forgot. :B

I spent today (from 7:30 to 5:00) in a parking lot with a bunch of other cars learning to drive. It was a lot more fun then I'd thought it would be, though waiting in between courses was really boring. And I'm just tired now. As soon as I got in the house, I just sort of flopped over onto the couch and didn't move until my dad finished making dinner. I am totally wiped out.

Though, during my three days of driving lecture hell, I got to know a rather cool girl. She likes Dr. Who and pokemon, rides in the horse show Westernairs, and does online rping. It was like there was a big sign attached to her back that said, 'AMRED. BE FRIENDS WITH THIS CHICK, SRSLY.' So we spent a lot of the time between courses sending text message to each other. She also said she's going to give me her friend code for Pokemon Pearl so we can trade and battle and stuff. Awesome.

Something that just struck me as hilarious to tell right now; I've had my cell number for... three years now. And throughout all three years, I've been getting messages for a 'Jessica Wiess'. I remember when I had just got the phone, I was getting a lot of calls from a guy who sounded very upset. Very sad. He left ten minute long voicemails, along the lines of 'I miss you so much," and "I'm so sorry," and "I love you. Forgive me, please." I always just missed his calls. After about four months of this, I finally managed to pick up one of his calls. I remember says, verbatim, "Dude, this isn't Jessica's phone. She changed her number. She probably doesn't love you anymore. STOP CALLING."
I think I broke the dude's heart. It was kind of funny, actually.
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A friend of mine bought me a pikachu DS stylus. I made them a mew and mudkip watercolor wall hangers as a thank you.

Oof, life is... beating me senseless. This week has been pretty busy, and it's only going to get worse. Didn't help that most of sunday and monday were spent bent over the porcelain god, puking my brains out. That's how stressed I am - I'm actually sick.

There have been a few silver linings, however. On monday, after a very long wait at the DMV, I went to Target to look for decent nerf/water guns as props in my group's con costumes. I found a large six shot revolver that kind of looks like Hellboy's Big Baby, and a large gun based on military assault rifles. I was also wanting to give one of our people a red lightsaber (she is just that evil), so I went looking for one. I was going to just buy one of the cheap little kid ones, but I saw that a spring-loaded Vader lightsaber that lit up and made noises was on sale. So I had to buy it. And while this person in my group can use it during the con, there is no way I'm giving it away. Not at all.

Later today I'm going to go talk to my potential boss. I need her to know that there is a lot of stuff going on with me this semester, and if I can get my work schedule to fit to it, I won't be able to work for her.
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Doodle of Cy-T. Trying some new stuff out in photoshop.

So, I've been doing a lot of working out this week. Yard work with the pulaski, tai chi, and kung fu. Not to mention I got a really painful vaccination yesterday. All together, my arms and abs are killing me. But that's a good sign, right?

The slow posting in Trans 9 is driving me nuts. I love the game, but god is it annoying waiting for a mod. That's why I never start rps that depend on a sort of 'mod orientation' thread. But it's always hard trying to catch the attention of a mod that's working with, like, ten other people when you show up.

I finally got riolu in pokemon diamond. When I was first in Canalave, I didn't realize that Iron Island went deeper, so I just left after, like, the second room. So I got all the way to Sunnyshore before looking online and seeing that you get the riolu egg at Iron Island. So I back tracked and went through the whole thing and got the egg. I really do like riolu and lucario, but the only way to include it on my team is to get rid of my lopunny. And my lopunny's been with me forever. So... I dunno. I think I'll use it when just wandering around in the wild, and use lopunny in gym battles. I also caught Dialga a few days ago. It was pretty sweet - I caught it on the second ball toss, with an ultra ball. That's a first.

I'm going to a dragon boat race tomorrow. That'll be fun.
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so i herd u liek turtwig )

So a while back I said I was going to start exercising and going outside more. Well, I've gained a little bit of weight in muscle mass, lost some fat, and have started to turn a nice bronze color. For the first time in two years, I look healthy.
My new goal is to get back into the habit of playing my alto sax, which I haven't touched in ages.
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Sketch of my character, Jacobi, from Torrenta and his starter, Meepa.
Funny thing about this rp - all throughout the 'get your starter' thread, I was really impatient, just absolutely dying to get my starter and jump into the real game. But as soon as I started that thread, I had no idea what to do. It's mainly because I don't know what the right etiquette on this board is. Can I jump into someone else's thread, or do I have to start my own? I have no idea. DX

I'm going to see Kung Fu Panda today, at the recommendation of my Tai Chi instructor. I think it looks good.

On the vein of Tai Chi, two weeks ago I messed up my right knee doing stretches improperly. I managed to get through the whole practice session on the banged up knee, and was more or less okay. The pain went away a few days later. But I went for a walk yesterday, and it suddenly came back. And so I had to go through another session with a bad knee. ajghfdjkgfd arg.
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I got accepted into Pokemon Torrenta. Awesome. Now, to post in it...

Here, have an art meme. )

So, I finally got a DS and Pokemon Diamond. About a year late, but whatever. I just got to the point where I smacked around Team Galactic for trying to steal honey (gaaaay). I kinda like the game, but I have a few complaints. The largest one being; for adding another 100 pokemon to the game, for the first two hours I played, all I saw was two. Fucking Starly and Bidoof. It got to the point were I felt that if I saw another fucking bidoof, I thought I would throw the DS out a window. God damn.

But Turtwig is cute. So... yeah.
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My trainer from pokemon Ruby and his team. The trainer is Isaac, and the team is Zakiu the zangoose, Ibicha the grumpig, Miiku the pikachu, Ynen the azumarill, Murmu the sandslash, and Flak the blaziken. They're standing in front of the battle tower. And Zakiu is loosely based on Tadoshiro Mifune. X3

So, I decided I'm finally going to get a DS. I've been going back and forth on this for a long time. When the system first came out, I didn't like the idea of the dual screens. I talked to some people who loved it, others who hated it. I thought about getting the PSP for a little while, but decided against that. (It only has two games I'd play, and I already have an iPod) So, tomorrow, I'm going to go get myself a DS lite. I'm really only interested in pokemon games, so I'm going to either pick up Diamond or Mystery Dungeon. I'll probably get both at some point, but only one at a time.

Now that the internship is over, I need to find a job.


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