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Made it to school safely, new battery/alternator seems to be working pretty good. Though, it does make a lot of high-pitched whirring noises when I start the car, or when I'm driving really slowly. Anyone on my f-list know stuff about cars? Is this normal? Should I be worried?

Roommate hasn't moved in yet, but I did get to meet some of my suite mates. Who only kind of strengthened my "people can be downright awesome sometimes" sappiness from this morning, as when I first met them, I had been carrying a box and a pillow to my dorm, and was a few feet away from the door when the bottom of the box fell out and all my stuff went everywhere. They helped me put everything back in the box and offered to give me a hand up to my room, even though at the time they didn't know we were in the same suite. :> People have put me in such a good mood today, it's so wonderful.

One last thing from me today:

That's an ashtray. With a "no-smoking" sticker on the bottom. That was in my non-smoking hotel room from last night. When I first noticed it, I was pissed, because I'm always pissed to find ashtrays in non-smoking rooms, but when I saw the sticker I just had to laugh.
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Today? Was nice. We watched District 9 in my Anthropology class and Art History was cancelled. Sweet.

Day 11: A photo of me taken recently

So, this was actually taken just a week ago. See, I couldn't get in touch with all my friends over the break. One of the people I didn't get a chance to hang out with talked to one of the people that I did hang out with, and sent me a text not long after I got back to NM, saying our friend Penguin had told her that I had "a Bladerunner coat and a new girly haircut" (her words, not mine) and she wanted proof. Proooobably because I've had the same general cut since sophomore year. So I snapped this with my camera phone. My coat doesn't really look like any of the coats from Bladerunner, but I guess she thought wool funnelneck = leather kinda funnelneck that Roy wears in a few scenes. Whatever, she was the same person that told my friend X that his leather trench looked just like that frock Neo wears in the Matrix sequels. But she was right, my hair is a lot more girly now. I like it though. I needed a change.
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Day 10: A photo of me taken over ten years ago

Okay, so, compromise time. Any photos of me that are 10+ years old are on actually film photo prints, at my 'rents' house. They don't have a scanner anymore, because the one they did have was actually mine, which they got as a birthday gift for me a few years back. I do not have any really old photos of me on my laptop, or on my photobucket. This is the oldest photo I have access to, and it's about 5 years old. It was taken in historic Williamsburg, VA, on a trip I took in 8th grade. You can see some blonde in my hair - that's because the previous year, I bleached my hair and dyed it pink (it was supposed to be red, but the dye was terrible). This was when I first started cutting my hair short, which I did to try and get rid of the blonde after the red faded and my roots started to show. I kept going back to that short style until really recently, and I'll explain that in tomorrow's post.

Also, the stocks were just supposed to be a quick photo-op; the friends that were with me also got photos in them. However, I was in them the longest, because my friends couldn't figure out how to work my camera.
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Day 9: A photo I took

I took this years ago - I think back in 6th grade. I used to have a good eye for photography, but I kind of... don't anymore. I'm not sure why, but when I take photos, I can't really find any sort of composition or balance or anything. I'm not really sure how that turned out, but I do know I stopped looking for interesting things to take photos of when my nice film-using Nikon became sort of obsolete and I switched to using a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. Going out snapping photos, using a viewfinder, on a heavy film camera while trying to balance the zoom lens just felt like it was part of the process. You don't really get the same feeling using a digital camera.

Anyways. I like this photo, so there you go.
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Isn't it interesting, how the smallest of things can turn a bad day into a good one?

I woke up feel like crap this morning. I still have insomnia, I woke up with a really bad crick in my neck, and I just felt kind of depressed. I went out to get breakfast at the dining hall and... in the fruit they put out, they had fresh pineapple and strawberries. And just that little thing, of getting to eat my two favorite fruits with breakfast, completely re-energized me and made me feel a lot better about the day.

Also, the day just got better, in that I got my rental fridge delivered! My roomie owned the fridge that used to be in the room, so when she moved out, she took it (along with the microwave and TV, also her's). The dorm has a kitchen with a microwave, so I didn't care about that, but since I like to eat breakfast in my room some days, and whatnot, I kind of needed a fridge. I put in the application for one a week and a half ago, and by yesterday, I still didn't have a fridge. So yesterday, I called the maintenance office, found out that my application was lost somehow, and had to go and fill out a new one. BUT. I got my fridge today. And it actually has a freezer, holy fuck, that's awesome.

Day 7: A photo that makes me happy

This is my cousin, with a baby lion. Why does this make me happy? Well, for one, it's cute as hell. But also because my cousin is my inspiration. All her life, she wanted to be a zookeeper. That's all she wanted to do, from the time she was little until she went to college. A lot of people told her it was a terrible idea, but she ignored them, got a degree in zoology, and now is the head of the pachyderm house in the Pueblo County Zoo. She followed her dream and never let anyone talk her out of it, so when I look at this picture, I'm reminded that I can achieve my goals, and that I should never let anyone get me down.

nom nom nom

Jan. 1st, 2010 01:29 pm
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It's a new year, and I'd just like to remind everyone of something.


This was the first year since middle school that I've actually gone out for New Year's Eve. I went and saw a fireworks display with my friend Penguin, and then we went back to her house and played Guitar Hero and listened to 90s Europop. I had a lot of coffee though, which I don't have very often, and have had a serious stomach ache and headache all morning long. My sister was the one who went out drinking, but somehow I got the hangover XD

Also, I made noms!

These are mini pumpkin pies, and the recipe can be found here. Now, I hate cooking, but I love baking. Cookies, cake, you name it. I just love it. It's the only vaguely feminine thing I do. So, Bakerella is one of my favorite blogs. I've made some stuff from that site before, like red velvet cake balls (delicious!) and candy graduation caps (adorable!).

The mini pies are pretty good, but I have some problems with the recipe. My biggest complaint is that the recipe makes too much filling. I made 24 pies, and that only used about half the filling. Fortunately, I had a third crust left over from Thanksgiving, so I made a third batch - but really, there was enough filling for 4 batches. Also, the filling could use a bit more of the spice. It calls for 1 teaspoon, but that really doesn't add that much flavor. And the cream cheese is a bitch to get smooth in the filling. But still, the pies are cute and pretty good. I didn't add chocolate to mine, though - the idea of pumpkin and chocolate mixed just doesn't appeal to me.

Anyways, happy new year, everyone!
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So, my sister can in to town for a couple days, and we wandered around town and hung out. She also made me finally go to the comic store a few blocks down the street from the college. I've been meaning to go there for a while, but was kind of embarrassed to admit that I don't really read any comics. But the guys at the store were really friendly and nice, and talked me into picking up some Green Lantern comics and reading Blackest Night.

They also made my fucking month. How?

Because they sold me something that I've been wanting for a year.

Something that's kind of rare and hard to find.

That's been out of production for six years.

A Batman Beyond action figure... for $7.

Fuck YES I am going there again.

ETA: Photo!

I didn't realize it until I took the picture, either, but I put Batman right next to my Canned Bat from Carlsbad. :B
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Anyone remember this post? Well, it may not be Nathan Fillion and John Leguizamo, but my friends and I did put on a Las Vegas-set version of Two Gentlemen for the Public School Shakespeare Fest (or at least the final scene):

I play Valentine, the '70s Elvis.

This was filmed in a classroom the day before the fest, because the fest has been so noisy in past years that it's nearly impossible to get decent sound. But there are some pics under the cut of the fest itself!

Photos! )

So, by no means are we good actors, but that's not really the point. This is the fourth time I've been in Shakespeare Fest - the first was in 8th grade for a scene from Two Gentlemen in which I played Julia's maid, and a friend of mine played Julia, and we actually played the scene straight. The second and third were for 9th and 10th grade, with a group similar to this one, in which we did Goth Midsummer's Night Dream (I was Puck) and Samurai King Leer (I was Kent), both done as comedies. I've learned that it's just a lot more fun to perform Shakespeare as a comedy, to not take it too seriously, and to just have a good time with it.

Also, we did this back in early May, but I just now got around to posting about it. >.
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My sister flew back to her home on Saturday evening. But earlier that afternoon, she and I went and looked around some of the local art galleries a few blocks from our house. I wore my dapper new hat, which she got a picture of:

I love this hat. It's so damn great.

Also, just because I was downloading pictures from my camera:

Scooter's taken to using the number pad on my keyboard as a pillow. Silleh kitteh.
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Sooo, I went to a con a few weeks back. And I completely forgot to post any of my photos of it until one of [ profile] cloudsnapper's posts today kinda reminded me. So here they are!

Dial-up users beware! )
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Today in lit class, we were assigned a very... different assignment. We're supposed to use wordless photos to make an argumentative essay about something that bothers us. We were given about 15 minutes to just make a list of what we worry about. This was my list: )

I showed it to my teacher, a total nerd who knows me to be a smart ass. He told me to go for 21. I'm kinda feelin' 18+19. :D
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Per request, I took photos at the Dragon Boat Racing Fest I went to on Saturday. I only had my phone as a camera, so that's why the pics are tiny and blurry.
Dragon Boat Fest pics )

Well, there you guys go. I was doing volunteer work at a school today, so I don't have any art. But I'm finally working on the third of those pokemon team pics, so that should be up soon or later.
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So, I don't have any actual DRAWINGS for you today, but I do have a wall-of-text poem and some ridiculous photos, so I think I've made up for it.

Let's start with the poem. This was an assignment for my US history class. I was given an article about geopolitics used during WWII, and told to select words and phrases, then use those phrases to write a poem. The only other worlds I could use are 'buffer words' like it, and, or, his, etc.
This poem does not endorse or sympathize with the Nazi party in any way. It was merely a bunch of words taken from an article.

Now... I'd post it here, but LJ screws up the format, so go read it here

So, I got to do the single most villainous thing ever today.

I got to drink green slurpee from Ironman's head like some horrible war chalice. (Cellphone photo, hence the suckiness.)

D also felt like being evil. (I remembered I had a real camera, durrr :B )

I also bought a straw that came with a tiny ironman figurine. Because I'm a tool.

My friend Death got one, too. IRONMAN HIGH-FIVES!
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Today, I drew fan art. Soshika Lypha of Inhuman and (New)Envy from Sins Venials

You've probably noticed my new icon.

I spent the day hanging out with X. When I was headed out the door, he asked me if I wanted a dragon. Well, I love dragons, so of course I did. And he gave me a very awesome dragon figurine he got at Highlander's closing sale.
Cut for photooooos )
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Two sketches today, compiled as one! Whoot!

On the left is a sketch of Z'ram, my Horseman of War character. I always feel kinda bad for her. The entire purpose of her life is to create chaos and then die at the Second Coming of maX Volnutt. Because of that, I gave her a much more complex personality then most minions. And, from time to time, like here, I dress her up in something nicer then that stuffy suit of armor. And two little notes about the outfit; the shirt says Mercy Angel' because I like irony, and I thought the look of the peace sign patch was so cool, I made one for myself.

The sketch on the right is just a random android based in my Mr Face story. I just felt like drawing it, that's all. That, and I wish I had headphones like that. Those would rock so much.

My friends finally sent me photos from the rave!

See how much of a spaz I am )
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Thaaaaat's right, my friends and I wrote an emo poem on the overhead in a math room. XD
God that rocked so much

Also, some more stuff to show off;

I can now officially say I have joined the ranks of published cartoonists. Long Dark Teatime of the Soul is a simple little comic strip about a goth girl that I wrote for my school's newspaper. And it came out today! Not my best art or best jokes, but it's still kind of fun to do. It's projected that I'll make three more for the rest of the semester.

If you'd like to see the original (the print was blurry and the photo is worse), take a look here


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