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Monthly art dump time. Not too much for this past month. I've had the time to do art, just not much motivation.

Some sketches and some fan art )

My first class today was cancelled, and my first class tomorrow is cancelled. Nice.
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Day 12: Whatever tickles my fancy

...I got nothin'.

Uh. Here. Have a drawing of Audrey 2 I whipped up this afternoon.

She's surprisingly easy to draw, actually. She's pretty much all curves.
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I'm a terrible person, but I want this to happen so insanely badly over at T9.

Also, this is pretty much going to be my only art post this month - I haven't had time to draw with finals, and I'm not taking my scanner home over the holidays, since it'd be a pain to take home.
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Hey, so remember last month when I said I'm going to do an art dump once a month? Well, I'm keeping to that. So, hey. Art dump time!

An alien, a time traveler, and a lot of unfinished sketches )

I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Waaaant tuuurkey
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So, guess what I finally got around to scanning today?

That's right, pokemon doodles!

And almost 40 more under the cut! )
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I dunno what this is. Maybe an even creepier version of my anti-muse, murmur? All I know is that I was watching Batman Beyond and this came out of a pencil/pen.

Big Announcement!

I've talked about starting a webcomic for a while. Having looked over some of the comics I've written before, I realized something; I know nothing about writing comics. So, instead of jump into Mr. Face without knowing what I'm doing, I'm going to start a small comic in which I can work on pacing, panels, schedules, and all that stuff that makes a webcomic a comic.

It's going to be basically a 'diary comic', along the lines of Three Panel Soul, a sort of blog in strip form. I want to do it for one year, then start to work on Mr. Face with a bit of experience.

The problem is, though, I know nothing about getting a website. I really do not want to use drunkduck or keenspot, but have my own site, as that's something else I need to learn for Mr. Face. If anyone out there has a website and can give me a few tips, I will shower them with gift arts like they wouldn't believe.

More to come on this subject once I get a site.
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so i herd u liek turtwig )

So a while back I said I was going to start exercising and going outside more. Well, I've gained a little bit of weight in muscle mass, lost some fat, and have started to turn a nice bronze color. For the first time in two years, I look healthy.
My new goal is to get back into the habit of playing my alto sax, which I haven't touched in ages.
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Today was a good day. I went downtown, and just sort of wandered around. I also bought some stuff. That includes comics and Japanese snack foods. Honestly; Pocky, melon soda, and a comic about super villians? That there is happiness.

Also, here is my HARROWING STORY of what happened when I bought my snacks;

See you all later.

Blarg sick

Feb. 9th, 2008 10:47 am
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Well, got some arts for you all today.

Lookie lookie! )

In other news, my throat feels like there is a little gremlin sitting in it, scrapping away all the inside. And my sinuses pretty much exploded. Icky, icky cold.

For the hundredth time in my life, I am really glad I can't get strep throat.
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So, a pokemon RP got started on my forum. All the players are kinda having an issue with the GM, but it's going relatively smoothly for a WoA rp. (However, the server's been down for a while, so it's kinda hit a grinding halt) All of the characters are just setting out from Pallet... except for me. I worked it out with the GM so I could be someone's older brother and use my team from FR.

And lo, did doodles come out of this.

Grab your balls, boys, and let's roll )

And just a quick little note; Happy birthday to [ profile] gogoicarus, who turned 26 yesterday!

And my friend D turns 17 this Friday.

.....and just continuing along that line of thought, I turn 17 on February 5th. Which is actually probably gonna suck, because it's our state's caucus AND Mardi Gras, so I'll probably hear either 'Vote for -candidate-' or 'Gimme beads and I'll strip!' all day long instead of 'Happy Birthday!' Bleeeeeeeh.
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So, I was playing with my tablet today.

Look at what becomes of boredom )

And that is all.
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I logged back onto Sabrous for the first time in MONTHS a few nights ago, which prompted some doodles and stuff.

The Adventures of Amred.... in sketch form )

Also, I saw Sweeney Todd today for the second time. Now, I really didn't WANT to see it twice, but two of my friends took me to see it. We got the entire theatre to ourselves and talked throughout the entire movie. Then we had LOST DRIVING ADVENTURES while trying to get back to my house. Good times.


Dec. 21st, 2007 12:12 pm
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I wound up listening to some of [ profile] gogoicarus's bad fic readings, and grabbed my tablet (named Larry) and just started doodling. Eeeeyup.

Doodly stuffs )

Hey, look, it's almost Christmas! Which... I don't really care, because I already had my Christmas last weekend.
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A few months ago, I drew some 'pencil vomit' after I heard about the death of my last remaining Grandmother. The piece wound up really nice, and on Thursday, I did a companion to it.

Cut for some 'deep' stuff involving doodles )

By the way, the movie 'Enchanted' is... wonderful. Not only is it Disney going back(ish) to their roots with cell animation, but they also have the guts to make fun of themselves. A charming movie with some stunning effects. My only gripe about it is I wish they had focused a bit more on the daughter. But, it was still fun, and I laughed until my ribs hurt at some parts. Worth seeing.


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