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Aaaaaah it's done! But what is it? It's the complete piece of this piece of unfinished lineart of my character Rei I posted waaaay back in December. The sketch was done a few weeks before that, too. This this has pretty much taken me a semester to finish, because I went back and kept fixing things and trying to make it perfect. And I'm very, very pleased with the final product.
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What's this? An art update? And less then a month after the last one? Madness!

A dapper pokemon trainer, a non-stereotypical cat girl pirate, Katara, and a squid )

In other news, my iPod my finally be dying.

And I possibly have a slight case of pink eye. My right eye is really red, and a bit dry/itchy. Though, I haven't really had any other symptoms of pink eye, and while the redness was really bad last night, it's been going down and is barely noticeable now. But I'm trying not to touch it or rub it, just in case.
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One of the important things that I want to do in Mr. Face is to have culturally diverse cast - and to be able to show it. (For example, Face is Indian, Damien is Rwandan/Dominican, and Mokodo is Japanese/Hispanic.) This means using more racial traits. I think I'm getting there. :3

I'm done with school, so I may start updating with more frequency.
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Surrealism project for art class that took waaaay longer then it should have to finish. But I like the end results.

I need to stop listening to punk rock when I walk home. My furious head banging and air guitaring are scaring the middle school students that I walk past.
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Latest two paintings I've done in photoshorpe. I need the practice, yes. On the left is Scarlet, my own character, and Shanielli, another player character from my space pirate rp. I adore Shanie, and she's only had two posts. Maybe it's just because I love blue people. Nightcrawler, The Blue Man Group, Smurfs, the people in Interstella 5555... they all rock so much.

Why is LJ offering me chances to win a free trip to where I live? And why is imageshack advertising christmas oreos in may?

Both rps I'm in are really taking off now. :3 Happy Amred.
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Sooooo.... I was messing around with acrylics last night.

See the extent of my poor skills )

Also... I think my boyfriend and my friend D have given me two different colds which has mutated into one mega cold. Blarg.


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