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Day 14 - Favorite male character

Gil Grissom, played by William Petersen, from CSI

Grissom has pretty much always been one of my favorite characters. I don't think CSI would have been able to succeed if not for him, and the show suffers from his absence. He wasn't the typical procedural lead - he didn't use guns. He wasn't a cop. He didn't shout at perps or act tough. He was a gentle, rational man of science. He brought something new to the table, and neither of the spin offs have even tried to replicate him. He was flawed, but still a good person. He was a bit distant at times, but it was clear that he cared about his team. As far as I'm concerned, the show was really about him - once he left, it wasn't really CSI anymore.
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Day 12 - An episode you've seen more then 5 times

Mythbusters Season 7, Episode 1, "Demolition Derby Special"

Because "Compact Compact" with a freaking ROCKET SLED is the most badass thing I've ever seen in my life.

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show

Pinky and The Brain

While Batman Beyond may have been an awesome cartoon, I don't really consider it part of my childhood. I was almost in middle school when it came out, and it was mostly that part of my life that the show really influenced. But Pinky and The Brain was a huge part of my childhood. It introduced me to smart humor that didn't pander to kids, and it was imaginative and original. It was one of the shows that I watched with my dad and sister every Saturday, and we still get together to watch on DVD now.

Pinky, Elmira and The Brain sucked ass.
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Day 11 - A show that disappointed you


Oh, Heroes. You had so much potential. A series about ordinary people with super powers, the search of one scientist to understand their abilities, a comic book-ish season-long plot leading to an epic battle, and characters from all over the world of all different ethnicities. I had so, so much hope for this show.

Pity it killed off most of its PoC and female characters, had lack-luster season finales, a stupid as all fuck protagonist, and pretty much turned into a soap opera about the Petrellis.
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Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving


When I first saw promos for Castle, I thought it looked like a Bones rip-off. I quickly dismissed it, and didn't think I'd ever bother watching it. But I happened to catch an episode on TV one night last semester, and I found that I actually liked it. The characters were fun and it really wasn't a Bones rip-off at all. I went and watched the full first season online, and followed the second season on hulu. It's a fun show with witty writing, lots of great nerdy references, and engaging characters. Police procedurals are a dime a dozen, I know, but this was has enough original ideas that it stands out.
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Day 09 - Best scene ever

Maybe it's not the best scene ever, but it certainly is my favorite.
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Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Time Warp

I think this show has been canceled, which is a shame. I really do think that everyone should watch it. It's one of the best things Discovery has ever shown (although, that's not saying much, as I feel Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters are the only decent things they show). It takes lots of every day things like skateboarding, popping a balloon, etc, and films them with a high speed camera, then shows it to you in super slow motion. Then they actually talk about the physics involved.

I think this should be shown in high school science classes, actually. It's engaging and cool, showing the physics behind normal things (and some awesome things, like fire breathing) and breaks it down to show the science behind it in a way that's easy to understand. It's a truly educational show, but done in a captivating way.
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Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite TV show

Justice League Unlimited, "Epilogue"

Okay, so it isn't really a Batman Beyond episode, but since it was meant to serve as an ending to the series, I'll count it as such.

And I hate it. Haaaaaate it. I've heard so many people say that they think it ties up the series and makes sense of it, and I just don't get that. 1) The series already had a great ending, both in its own series and in the movie. 2) The series ALREADY MADE SENSE, this just made it STUPID.

I hate that Terry became Bruce's son in this. As far as I'm concerned, that is not canon. It destroys Terry's character. The thing I loved about him was that he was nothing like Bruce. He wasn't like the Robins, either. A fuck this whole 'he was destined to be Batman' bullshit. That contradicts some of the greatest moments Terry's had, where he pointed out that he chose to be Batman, he stole the Batsuit on his own, he didn't wait for Bruce to adopt him like the Robins.

That episode ruined Terry. It will never be canon for me.

In other news, over the summer I've been working on a playlist for Villain Songs from musicals. There's just something about villain songs... they're often the grandest, most elaborate, and most fun numbers in any musical. So far, my list is over 2 hours long, and I'm still trying to find more songs for it. Unfortunately, some of my favorites are hard to come by (like Snake in the Grass from The Little Prince), but I'm still pretty pleased with what I have. I'm going to go ahead and put the list under the cut, so if you'd like, take a look. And if you have any suggestions, I'll take 'em!

Villain Songs )
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Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

Batman Beyond Season 2, Episode 20, "Once Burned".

I'm not even sure why I love this episode so much, since there are other episodes that are much better (like Meltdown, Zeta, or The Eggbaby) but this one is still my favorite. I loved the chemistry between Terry and Melanie, and Melanie's dilemma of whether to stay with her family and live a life of crime and give that up for a boy she liked was actually rather interesting. I liked the Batman/Catwoman sort of feel it had to it, but there was an extra element of teenaged hormones and the fact that Terry knew Melanie's identity, but she didn't know his. I really would have liked to see their relationship explored more, but all we saw of Melanie after this episode was a cameo at the end of "King's Ransom".

Also, I'm surprised this episode made it past the censors, since it was rather heavily implied that Terry and Melanie had sex in this episode.
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Day 05 - A show you hate

I can't really think of a show that I really hate. Like, I dunno, Ghost Hunters? The shows places like Discovery and History Channel play that are just a bunch of woo? Really, if I don't like a show, I stop watching it and tend to forget about it.
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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Anyone that's talked to me more then once probably already knows the answer to this - Batman Beyond.

Do I even really need to go into detail? Because I know myself, I know once I start talking about it, I'll never shut up.

Basically, I love Batman Beyond for doing what comics so often fail to do - moving forward. Batman Beyond was a shake-up to the Batman franchise, finally letting us see Bruce Wayne after he'd retired from the cowl, with little intention of going back. It was a new Gotham, a new Batman, a new story to be told. It wasn't just the same thing recycled over and over.

Terry was a fantastic Batman. While he'll never be The Batman, he did a good job of filling in for Bruce. He wasn't just a young clone of Bruce, either. His motivations for becoming Batman where different, as was the way he did it. He was rash and didn't think things through all the time and tried very hard not to let his life as Batman take over his life as Terry. He was funny. He was Bruce's opposite, basically, and that's what made him shine, to me. The writers knew he couldn't be the old man, so they didn't try to make him.

The show was well-written, constantly teetering between hilarious and grim, and that was a good thing. The characters were engaging and the show spent time on growth and development, something that tends to be missing in most cartoons. It captured me as a kid, and I can still watch it and be amazing by it.
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Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Um, well, we aren't really in a season right now, except for some of the cable channels, being summer and all. And I didn't watch anything new last season - I didn't have a tv, so I don't even know if there were any new shows. So I guess I'll talk about my favorite show that was returning this past season.

And that was Doctor freaking Who.

How can I even BEGIN to describe how much I loved that season? Just. Wow. Everything about it, from the characters to the plot to the new look I just loved. Matt Smith, especially. He still hasn't taken the place of 'Favorite Doctor' in my heart that Eccleston currently occupies, but man was he fantastic. I'm going to put myself at risk of being torn apart by fangirls/boys saying this, but I think he's a far better Doctor then Tennant was. While David was a good Doctor, he wasn't quite right, I think. He was too human - he fell in love with Rose, he could blend in with humans too easily... he just wasn't alien enough in my opinion. But Matt... from the very first moment I saw the first promo image of him in his costume, he felt like the Doctor to me. He's so strange and non-human. I love that Matt gives him such an old feel, almost grandfatherly, despite being the youngest actor to play the character.

And the story for this season... holy crap. I'll avoid spoilers, but I'll just say it was awesome. Again, going to get torn apart by the fans, but I highly prefer Moffat's writing to Davies'. While it was fun trying to pick up on the codewords during RTD's seasons, when it finally got down to the finale episode, it always felt like there wasn't enough build up. But The Moff, on the other hand, gave the season a structured feeling, so that even though there were stand alone episodes, they all had a part in the plot and lead up to something grand and amazing.

This season was great, and left me desperately wanting to see more (aaaand maybe RP a certain character >.>), which is why I can safely say it was my favorite show this season.
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Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching

Warehouse 13.

I know so many people who just dismissed this show as an X-files rip off, or some sort of Indiana Jones rip off (I dunno, something with the warehouse? I couldn't even get 30 minutes into Indiana Jones). Sure, the show may take ideas from other places, but the story lines and characters themselves are actually very original. It's a fun show, with lots of wonderfully nerdy references and enjoyable characters. It's mostly fluff, yes, but that's okay, because the show has energy to carry itself. It's certainly one of my favorite shows currently on air.

In other news, I've kind of lost my voice, and that sucks.
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Soooo I'm trying one of the 30 day memes again. Maybe I'll actually finish this one.

Day 01 - A show that never should have been canceled

It was all too easy to say 'Pushing Daisies' so I tried to think of a show that I really liked, but no one paid attention to, so it got the axe. 'Raines' was a pretty good show, I think. It was a crime drama, which I love, and it had Jeff Goldblum in it, who is awesome. But I liked its twist - that he talked to dead people. But not in the Medium/Ghost Whisperer actual talking to ghosts way - he just imagined the victims following him around, talking to him and helping him solver their murders. They went back and forth on whether he was sane or not, and I thought it was pretty interesting. It got canceled after only 7 episodes, so it didn't get to tie up any loose threads like Pushing Daisies did.

rest of list under cut )
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I've seen this meme all over the place, and have been meaning to do it for a while.

Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/literary works and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

Warning, though, I made up quite a few of these myself, either because they weren't on TVtropes, or the ones that were there were too obvious. List contains: 4 films, 3 live action tv shows, 5 books, 2 plays, 2 animes, 2 bands, and 2 cartoons.

list under cut )
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When I first heard the term 'drag race' I was about six or seven, and my first thought was "Wow, it's really mean to make a bunch of guys run around a track in dresses and high heels." I didn't realize that a drag race actually involved cars until I was almost out of middle school. I kind of prefer my version.

So I think I might be allergic to the handsoap that's put up in the dorm bathroom. My hands have been rather dry lately, and the past few days they've been really red and raw. I stopped using the soap in the bathroom in my dorm for a few days, and bought some of my own for my room, and my hands have been doing a lot better. Lotion has also helped. Still, I'm a bit concerned that soap is potentially making my hands just raw as hell.

Cybersix is fucking amazing. I didn't hear about this show until just a few hours ago, but I tracked it down and have watched a few episodes and oh my god. Awesome. There's only 13 episodes though, and I'm kind of scared of watching the whole thing because I know I'll get attached to it and just feel sad when it's over. I wonder if there are translations of the original Argentinian comics floating around somewhere?

Got done reading Blackest Night. Very awesome, and I really want to continue reading The Flash now. I'm a bit disappointed with the ending, but it was still very enjoyable. A good gateway comic, I think.

And lastly, meme snagged from [ profile] umi_mikazuki under the cut:
Music meme )
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Today was... an interesting day. Or at least one part of it was.

I go to school on an open campus. Anyone can come on campus and do stuff there. We get a lot of people registering students to vote; people will try to get students to sign petitions; and every so often, religious people will come on campus and either a) hand out pocket bibles or pamphlets or b) shout at students. Today we had one of the shouty people.

I passed by this guy three times during the day. Once on my way to public speaking, once on my way into the student union building to kill some time between classes, and again on my way back to my lab class. The first time I went past him, he was screaming about how pre-marital sex is a sin. No one was really paying attention to him, as is usually the case with these nutjobs. The second time, he'd drawn a crowd of about 20 people who were all there to heckle him. He was ranting about how smoking marijuana was a sin, and he had a sign that said 'YOU ALL DESERVE TO GO TO HELL'. At this point, people were just playfully egging him on. One stoner was talking about how he 'sees God when [he's] high', so Shouty McPious should shove off and let him practice his faith. Another guy started making fun of him by preaching the "Gospel of Harry Potter", talking about how Dumbledore died for our sins. That guy was made of win. Third time I walked past him, things had gotten tense. He was ranting about how all the students at the school would burn in hell, and that we were Satan's children and whatnot. A group of students were holding a big hand-made sign that read 'FUCK THIS GUY' and had an arrow pointing to him. A lot of people were shouting at him, and a few were verbally ripping him apart, quoting the bible and pointing out how this guy was a bad Christian. There were some campus security members hanging near by, and honestly? It felt like a riot was going to happen soon. I'd estimate by that point (it was 4, he'd gotten started around noon) there were about 50 students watching and jeering.

It was interesting, to say the least. And I saw some people taking photos of the crowd with really nice cameras, so I'm wondering if they were staff from the school newspaper.

Day 14: A non-fictional book

Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait.

This is a great read. This book is a sound debunking of various astronomical conspiracy theories, from the Moon Landing to the face on Mars. Plait keeps things simple, and doesn't bog everything down with scientific jargon. He's also very professional in his writing, never personally attacking the people behind these theories. (Which is really amazing, since you can read transcripts of radio shows he's appeared on with these people on his website, and they are always launching personal attacks against him) It's an interesting read, and I encourage it to everyone, since there really are a lot of misconceptions about astronomy.
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...My mom sent me burnt cookies and socks for my birthday. Thanks mom. Thanks a lot.

Day 13: A fictional book

The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West

This is a great book. It's a wonderfully dark and surreal look at the fakeness of Hollywood and the destructiveness of people. It deals with sex and drinking and child actors and cock fights and just general crazies. The main characters are sad, pathetic people who have deluded themselves into following the 'American Dream', and you feel sorry for them. But at the same time, they disgust you. The novel slowly builds, at first showing them fairly normal, and then heaping on flaws and weirdness until you get to the finale. And this ending? Is horrifying. It makes you feel sick and scared. And while the film based on the book isn't all that great (and seems a bit narmful at times) the ending is pitch-perfect.

This book isn't really the best for light reading, and some people may just find it too weird and dark. I personally love it, though. It's powerful, in the way it makes you feel sort of sick about America and the 'American Dream'. And the best thing about it? It was written in 1939, and a lot of the crazy behavior described in the book is still around today.

Also, it makes a fantastic companion piece to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
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Day 12: Whatever tickles my fancy

...I got nothin'.

Uh. Here. Have a drawing of Audrey 2 I whipped up this afternoon.

She's surprisingly easy to draw, actually. She's pretty much all curves.
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Today? Was nice. We watched District 9 in my Anthropology class and Art History was cancelled. Sweet.

Day 11: A photo of me taken recently

So, this was actually taken just a week ago. See, I couldn't get in touch with all my friends over the break. One of the people I didn't get a chance to hang out with talked to one of the people that I did hang out with, and sent me a text not long after I got back to NM, saying our friend Penguin had told her that I had "a Bladerunner coat and a new girly haircut" (her words, not mine) and she wanted proof. Proooobably because I've had the same general cut since sophomore year. So I snapped this with my camera phone. My coat doesn't really look like any of the coats from Bladerunner, but I guess she thought wool funnelneck = leather kinda funnelneck that Roy wears in a few scenes. Whatever, she was the same person that told my friend X that his leather trench looked just like that frock Neo wears in the Matrix sequels. But she was right, my hair is a lot more girly now. I like it though. I needed a change.
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Day 10: A photo of me taken over ten years ago

Okay, so, compromise time. Any photos of me that are 10+ years old are on actually film photo prints, at my 'rents' house. They don't have a scanner anymore, because the one they did have was actually mine, which they got as a birthday gift for me a few years back. I do not have any really old photos of me on my laptop, or on my photobucket. This is the oldest photo I have access to, and it's about 5 years old. It was taken in historic Williamsburg, VA, on a trip I took in 8th grade. You can see some blonde in my hair - that's because the previous year, I bleached my hair and dyed it pink (it was supposed to be red, but the dye was terrible). This was when I first started cutting my hair short, which I did to try and get rid of the blonde after the red faded and my roots started to show. I kept going back to that short style until really recently, and I'll explain that in tomorrow's post.

Also, the stocks were just supposed to be a quick photo-op; the friends that were with me also got photos in them. However, I was in them the longest, because my friends couldn't figure out how to work my camera.


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