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I got hugged by a French woman tonight for knowing who Mello from Death Note is.

I also got hugged by a Chinese woman for baking cinnamon rolls.

Tonight was a good night.
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Oh man. I think I did more stuff today then all the other weekends this semester combined. Today was awesome.

Moved into my new room, which is about 15 feet away from my old room, so it was a quick move. The new room feels kind of small, but I think that's because we've got two people living in here. Which is fine. Our walls are absolutely COVERED with posters, which is awesome - my roomie for the first half of last year didn't have any decorations. My suitemates are all awesome and nice and they're like an actual community which is what I wanted to have while living in a suite and my old suitemates suck.

Went out with my roomie and her bf to get shakes at a diner. A diner that I've got past countless times but haven't bothered to eat at. But oh man. Their shakes. They are so awesome. I had a chocolate covered strawberry shake and nom nom nom so good.

Helped one of my suitemates put together a zombie costume. By which I mean, I used purple eyeshadow to give her the appearance of sunken cheeks and eye sockets, but she looked awesome. MEETING PEOPLE, YAY!

So yeah, awesome day. Tomorrow I'm going trick-or-treating with my roomie, and need to get all checked out of my old room. Should be awesome! GOD I'M BEING SOCIAL WHAT IS THIS

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I almost started crying in a diner this morning.

But not because of stress. Now, these last two days have been all kinds of stressful, yes. My car broke down, I waited over an hour for a tow truck, and now I'm going to have to get the alternator and the battery of my car replaced. I'm nervous that I won't get to check in to my dorm on time, or that I'll have to scramble to get my new ID card and books at the last minute. I'm worried that the mechanic won't get my car fixed today and that I'll have to spend another night in a hotel, where the only places within walking distance to eat are fast food joints. Yeah, I'm pretty nervous.

But I'm also so incredibly thankful and proud of the human spirit right now. I think that everyone has a tendency to fall into the way of thinking that humans are scum, and that everyone is only interested in themselves. But if I've learned anything from this experience, it's that people are amazing.

When I was waiting for the tow truck, out on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere, freaking out because my cell kept dropping its signal, a nice old couple in a pick up truck pulled over in front of me and asked me what had happened. They offered to use their own Triple A card to call for a tow for me, and even offered to try and jump-start my car. I let them know that I was okay, and had already called for help, but I was very grateful for their offer. A few minutes after they had left, Triple A called me and apologized for the wait, and wanted to make sure that I was okay.

Once my car had been towed back into a nearby town, the mechanic that had towed it offered to fix my car, even though he didn't specialize in imported cars and didn't have the parts, but went out of his way to make sure he could track down the parts and have the delivered overnight.

I sent out a mass text to my friends to let them know what was going on, and the support they showed me was amazing. Within moments of sending it out, I got texts and calls from people, wanting to know if I was okay. A few even offered me monetary help, even though they don't have jobs. I was so touched by their kindness, and thank each and everyone of them.

This morning was what really did it, though. When I went into that diner alone, the hostess seemed to be able to tell that I was stressed, and was very kind and gave me my own booth. The place was very busy and understaffed, but the waitress that served me made sure that I got everything quickly, and even though it was obvious she was upset by the way the patrons were being so snippy that morning, she as so incredibly sweet and helpful. That little bit of kindness from someone I didn't know, and who didn't even have any idea about what was going on with my at the moment, was so amazing.

The world can be a harsh and cold place sometimes, but it is so amazing and heartening that people are so willing to help someone who's in trouble.
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Rocky Horror was awesome. It was just... ahahaha. Amazing.

Details on the night and my devirginizing under the cut )

Very fun night, and I so want to go and see it again next month.
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There's a concert going on in the field across from my dorm. And despite being a good half a block away from the field, in a room with closed door and window, I can still hear the music. Whaaaat. And it's hip hop, which is my least favorite genre of music (mainly because it's never really made me feel anything, emotionally, or made me want to get up and move, which are the two things I look for in music).

Other then that, today has been an awesome day. I went to the Founder's Day festival in old town, and got to watch some Pueblo dancers and it was nice. Mom and sis then took me to the botanic gardens and aquarium, which were both really fun. This town has one of the most kid-friendly botanic garden's I've ever seen - there's this huge dragon statue and a section with all these giant fake bugs and pinecones and stuff that make you feel like you've been shrunk down. Very fun.

Got lots to do these last few weeks of school. My public speaking final is on thursday, and I'm stoked. I'm actually going to go practice my speech in a few minutes. But yeah, end-of-the-semester busy stuff. Only two more weeks of classes and then finals week, though! Almost done!
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I had a pretty awesome weekend this week! Which is nice, because last weekend was just homework and laundry tiems. My sister came down to spend the weekend here (sort of), and I had fun. We went to the zoo, I got myself some comics, and we went and saw Clash of the Titans. Fun weekend, and I might post some zoo pictures later in the week.

Though, the real reason I'm making a post is so that I can talk about the Clash of the Titans remake. Which I will do so under the cut, because this might get long winded and spoilery.

TL;DR - I prefer the Harryhausen version )
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Today was... an interesting day. Or at least one part of it was.

I go to school on an open campus. Anyone can come on campus and do stuff there. We get a lot of people registering students to vote; people will try to get students to sign petitions; and every so often, religious people will come on campus and either a) hand out pocket bibles or pamphlets or b) shout at students. Today we had one of the shouty people.

I passed by this guy three times during the day. Once on my way to public speaking, once on my way into the student union building to kill some time between classes, and again on my way back to my lab class. The first time I went past him, he was screaming about how pre-marital sex is a sin. No one was really paying attention to him, as is usually the case with these nutjobs. The second time, he'd drawn a crowd of about 20 people who were all there to heckle him. He was ranting about how smoking marijuana was a sin, and he had a sign that said 'YOU ALL DESERVE TO GO TO HELL'. At this point, people were just playfully egging him on. One stoner was talking about how he 'sees God when [he's] high', so Shouty McPious should shove off and let him practice his faith. Another guy started making fun of him by preaching the "Gospel of Harry Potter", talking about how Dumbledore died for our sins. That guy was made of win. Third time I walked past him, things had gotten tense. He was ranting about how all the students at the school would burn in hell, and that we were Satan's children and whatnot. A group of students were holding a big hand-made sign that read 'FUCK THIS GUY' and had an arrow pointing to him. A lot of people were shouting at him, and a few were verbally ripping him apart, quoting the bible and pointing out how this guy was a bad Christian. There were some campus security members hanging near by, and honestly? It felt like a riot was going to happen soon. I'd estimate by that point (it was 4, he'd gotten started around noon) there were about 50 students watching and jeering.

It was interesting, to say the least. And I saw some people taking photos of the crowd with really nice cameras, so I'm wondering if they were staff from the school newspaper.

Day 14: A non-fictional book

Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait.

This is a great read. This book is a sound debunking of various astronomical conspiracy theories, from the Moon Landing to the face on Mars. Plait keeps things simple, and doesn't bog everything down with scientific jargon. He's also very professional in his writing, never personally attacking the people behind these theories. (Which is really amazing, since you can read transcripts of radio shows he's appeared on with these people on his website, and they are always launching personal attacks against him) It's an interesting read, and I encourage it to everyone, since there really are a lot of misconceptions about astronomy.
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Isn't it interesting, how the smallest of things can turn a bad day into a good one?

I woke up feel like crap this morning. I still have insomnia, I woke up with a really bad crick in my neck, and I just felt kind of depressed. I went out to get breakfast at the dining hall and... in the fruit they put out, they had fresh pineapple and strawberries. And just that little thing, of getting to eat my two favorite fruits with breakfast, completely re-energized me and made me feel a lot better about the day.

Also, the day just got better, in that I got my rental fridge delivered! My roomie owned the fridge that used to be in the room, so when she moved out, she took it (along with the microwave and TV, also her's). The dorm has a kitchen with a microwave, so I didn't care about that, but since I like to eat breakfast in my room some days, and whatnot, I kind of needed a fridge. I put in the application for one a week and a half ago, and by yesterday, I still didn't have a fridge. So yesterday, I called the maintenance office, found out that my application was lost somehow, and had to go and fill out a new one. BUT. I got my fridge today. And it actually has a freezer, holy fuck, that's awesome.

Day 7: A photo that makes me happy

This is my cousin, with a baby lion. Why does this make me happy? Well, for one, it's cute as hell. But also because my cousin is my inspiration. All her life, she wanted to be a zookeeper. That's all she wanted to do, from the time she was little until she went to college. A lot of people told her it was a terrible idea, but she ignored them, got a degree in zoology, and now is the head of the pachyderm house in the Pueblo County Zoo. She followed her dream and never let anyone talk her out of it, so when I look at this picture, I'm reminded that I can achieve my goals, and that I should never let anyone get me down.
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Never drive 800+ miles in three days if you can avoid it.

Grandfather's funeral was... nice. My dad put it together, so it was less a standard religious thing and more just everyone telling funny stories about the guy. I liked it. I think it was the best funeral I've ever been too, since it was more the celebration of life then mourning of death.

My sister found her old copy of the soundtrack for Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker and gave it to me. We listened to it in the car, and I've got to say, it is one of the most intense and metal soundtracks I've ever heard. Also, slowly but surely, I'm gaining more and more old BB swag for cheap.

Sink's leaking in my dorm faucet pretty bad, I'm thinking of calling maintenance to come and check it out on monday.
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Since the first time since the second week of school, I finally feel like I'm not drowning in homework. It's... a really, really nice feeling.

So, like I said, I went back to CO over the weekend. It was... a lot of driving. And I mean a lot. But, it was also fun. I got to hang out with a friend of mine, and give my kitties hugs. I found out a friend of mine is going to be the Queen of Hearts for Halloween, which is an awesome coincidence, since I'm going to be the Mad Hatter. Too bad we'll be 450 miles apart :/ Maybe we can talk our friend in Chicago to be the White Rabbit and we can all be Alice in Wonderland characters together... while apart. I missed getting to hang out with another friend, who turned 21 today, whose birthday I was going to help celebrate early, but I couldn't get a hold of them at all. Which sucks.

I have kind of missed CO. The seasons actually flow right there! I've been so confused about what month it really is down here, because it feels like it's still August. Back home, it was chilly, the first snow of the year had already happened, and most of the trees had lost all their leaves. That, to me, is a normal October. Only last week did the trees down here start to change color, and it's still getting into the 80s some days. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. Though, it did rain today. That's... fall-like, I guess.

I also got my hands on a few comics these past weeks, which I'll probably talk about soon. I've also been working on my SEEKRIT PROJECT. Design phase is almost done, and I'll probably start the actual thing sometime this week. I'm working really hard on it, and it should be really interesting, so keep an eye out for updates.
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Back from Denver. Had fun. Went shopping with my Goth friend. Bought books.

I have more to say, but I am really tired. I managed to got back to NM two hours earlier then I expected, though, which is good.

I need to finish an outline for my Western Civ midterm and study for my geology midterm. Civ is a take-home test due wednesday. Geo is in class tomorrow morning.

Oh, and I got googles. Sweeet.
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So I survived my first week o' college! It wasn't that bad, really. My classes are pretty spread out, so it gives me a lot of time to just get homework done as soon as I'm out of class, which is nice. One of my biggest problems with homework during high school was that if I got homework for my first class at 8:30 am, the first real time I would have to do it was at 4 pm, and by that time I had pushed it to the bad of my mind because of everything else that was going on that day. Getting homework at 11:45 am and getting to start on it at noon is so much nicer. It cuts back on my procrastination by a LOT.

So, the classes I'm taking are:
Geology 101
Western Civ 101
Spanish 101
Lit 102 and 150 (two classes from two professors, but it's an 'integrated course', meaning that they're one right after the other and they build on the lectures from each other. One is a writing course and the other is a film and lit course)

They're all pretty nice, and the profs are pretty cool.

I still don't really know anyone here yet, but that should get better as I get to know the people in my classes more. I finally got all my books (pushing $600, Christ). And the window in my room was fixed this morning.

Also, I finally got to meet Maelstrom in person! Mael is one of the few cool people on the old WoA forums I admined, and when I first mentioned thinking of going to UNM, he offered to answer any questions I had about the school, since he's been here for 3 years now. So it's nice having one person here that I've gotten to know before (albeit on the internet) who's willing to help me navigate the town and understands what it's like being an out of state student. (Mael's from Texas)

I need to find the laundry room in the dorm, and a gas station. And I need to go back to the grocery store. And supposedly there's a job fair going on on campus until 2, so I may go check that out.
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Trying to stay calm about housing/parking permit stuff going on. Now, instead of being able to get on the parking permit store and then being told I'm not an on-campus student, I can't even reach the site, so I'm thinking it's a problem with the website itself, rather then the housing dept.

Anyways, trying to stay calm and positive. I bought some dorm stuff today, which actually is a really good way to calm down. Normally I hate shopping (especially for clothes, because, to quote my sister, '[I] shop just like a guy, go in, get a pair of pants, try them on, and pay for them in all of 15 minutes'), but for some reason I really enjoy shopping for house stuff. I remember going with my sister when she was trying to buy a cast iron skillet, and just be enchanted by all the neat kitchen gadgets at the store we were at. I also just love buying interior design stuff, probably because the room I live in now, and the one I lived in before that, were original my sister's, and I was just given all her old stuff while she got new stuff. So actually getting some space of my own to decorate is really fun.

I've even bought a lot of stuff based on color, to match my quilt (bright blue, with light blue and lime green), which has been really great. Going around to different stores and trying to find things that match is so much fun for me. Like, I found a $5 lamp that's in the exact same lime green as the green on my quilt, and blue portable drawers that match the blue, and on and on. I also found the most adorable toothbrush holder (my room has a sink in it, so I though having my toothbrush in my room was convenient) that is in the shape of a little green dinosaur popping out of an egg. The egg opens up and you put the top of your brush in it, then you close it, and the back has suction cups to stick to the mirror. It's just so sweet and cute.

Ah, anyways. I'm a loser, I know. But I just find decorating a lot of fun - I love decorating the house for christmas each year, and I wish they we had decorations around for halloween.
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I got a mouse for my laptop today. It's an adorable little thing called an Arc mouse. It folds up, which turns off the power and saves the wireless battery, and also creates a little pocket to hold the USB transceiver. It works really well, and since it folds up, it's pretty compact. Sorry to sound like a commercial, but I really like it :3

Frustration at the school continues. Earlier today I got online to order a parking permit. Everything worked, but I didn't have time to place the order, so I logged out of the site and decided to do it later. I tried a few minutes ago, and the site is telling me that I'm not an on-campus student and that I need to apply for housing. FFFFFFFFFFFFFAUGH What's even more annoying is that it's a friday, so I won't be able to call housing and fix this until monday. I'm going to try again tomorrow evening, though, and hope it's just a one-time glitch. :/ Hopefully it is. I hate playing phone tag with the college offices.

My dad's been watching the HBO vampire series 'True Blood' lately. It's got a sort of interesting premise, it that everyone knows that their are vampires around and they more or less accept them. That's not something I've seen in vampire fiction before. However, there are some issues with it. As my dad said, the vampires talk like a bad dub of a Chinese movie. All their dialogue is just stilted, formal, and unnatural. I can understand trying to make the vamps seem older and more refined, but... if a hundreds year old norse vampire can learn to talk in a Texan accent, he can learn to talk not talk like a robot. Also, there's the issue I have with all HBO and Shotime series, in which every episode just sort of has a graphic sex scene shoehorned in. Most of the time it has no bearing on the plot, and reeks of the director saying 'Well, we're allowed to do sex here, so let's make a porno!' Interestingly enough, the only show that doesn't have gratuitous sex all the time is Dexter, which does have a few sex scenes, but most are short and fade to black quickly, and most are done for the sake of character development. OF COURSE, THE SHOW ABOUT THE SERIAL KILLER IS THE MOST TASTEFUL SEX-WISE.

Also: fuck you, Watchmen. I get the director's cut, open up the box, aaand... there's a flyer for the 4 hour FINAL CUT. akfjdkakfldjs BAIT AND SWITCH And of course, I'm going to have to buy it when it comes out in december.

Hm. This post has kind of just been all over the place. Ah well.
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So, driving test? I failed it because I went over the speed limit.

I retook it today. I failed because a guy illegally pulled out in front of me and the test taker slammed on their brake, meaning insta-fail for me.


Retaking it in July.

I've also been having some insomnia lately, which is... odd. I usually sleep best in the summer, but lately I've only gotten about 3-4 hours of sleep a night.
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So I opened up my first checking account, and I'm going to be getting my first debit card soon. College orientation is on June 23rd, and school starts August 14th.

I keep getting hit with these moments of 'Holy shit. I'm an adult now.'

...and then I find myself standing in line at Target looking at Pokemon cards and seriously considering rebuilding a deck, just because the pack has a buneary on it. Pfft, adulthood.
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So I'm going to be taking my driver's license test on Tuesday. I've only been driving about 9 months, but I'm feeling pretty okay about it. (I'm over 18. In my state as soon as you hit 18, you can take the test without having a permit or driving school.) The only real problem is my parents. They keep giving me conflicting advice for driving - for example, my mom constantly tells me to go slower around corners. My dad is always telling me to take corners faster. Also, there's the fact that my mother always makes passive aggressive comments about how I'm going to get myself killed because I 'just can't drive' faslfkdsjkfd BULLSHIT. Ooor my dad only being able to shout advice.

BUT. I'll be taking the test on Tuesday afternoon, and I'm feeling good about it. I'm comfortable driving and can make pretty good decisions.
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I'm home! And let me tell you, it feels good to back in Colorado. DC/Virginia is pretty and all, but it's humid there and the restaurants still have smoking sections. Also, hotel beds are uncomfortable, and Virginia drivers seem intent on plowing down pedestrians whether they have the right of way or not. And everyone there goes crazy when it snows, oh my god.

But, I'm back, in the thin air and dry conditions and with my kitties. I'll probably post some of the photos I took tomorrow, though that may wait until Tuesday. My sister's coming into town tomorrow, and we're going to see Watchmen together, so I may be busy tomorrow. She's the one who first got me into the comic, and we promised not to see it without each other.

Also, if you're wondering about that image up at the top of the post? That's a painting by Alex Ross, a FANTASTIC comic artist, who's made some awesome political shirts. I have that on a shirt, which I bought at a tiny comic book store in DC. I think it rocks.
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Ha ha, today was a long day.

See, my dad is a renewable energy research chemist. He works with a big renewable energy company that's funded by the government. And in our state, they put on a 'Science Bowl' for high schoolers. Basically, high schools put together teams of 4-5 kids and come be a part of a little competition with... buzzers and chemistry/math/astronomy questions and stuff. Ever since I was 8 or so, I've been a 'runner' for them. Basically, between rounds of questions, I go around and collect the scores and take them back to the people keeping track of who's in the lead and whatnot. Today was this year's competition, and the last year I'll be a runner. So, today involved a lot of walking around and cutting through crowds of high schoolers that DON'T KNOW HOW TO NOT BLOCK HALLWAYS JESUS CHRIST* and talking to science-y types and stuff.

That was from... oh, 7am to 4pm. And then I got home and remembered, oh, I was invited to go laser tagging for a friends birthday at 5:30! Of course... said friend didn't tell anyone where we were laser tagging. Aaaand other friends could not get a hold of birthday friend. Eventually we got the address, but... it seemed wrong. But, we decide to meet birthday friend anyways. And while we're car-pooling there, we get a phone call - birthday friend was totally wrong about address of laser tag place! It's really all the way across town, in the 'burbs! So, we were already downtown. So we just got pizza at an awesome pizza place/goth bar, poked around a Hot Topic to make fun of goth kids (and my friends tried to get me to try on some leather pants - not gonna happen) and then poke around a book store some. Then I got home around 8:45.

So. Long day. And next weekend will be long too, as I'm doing some band stuff all day on Friday and Saturday. Also, I turn 18 on the 5th! I'm going to take people out bowling. While wearing funny hats. Yeah. Fun times!

Time to pass out now.

*By the way, might as well explain why this pisses me off so much. I have Enochlophobia, the fear of crowds. Being surrounded by more then 8 people can upset me, and group hugs honestly scare me. If I'm stuck in a big crowd too long, I start to panic, hyperventilate, and, on one occasion, have an anxiety attack and need to be taken to the nurse's office. So, I hate when people stand in the middle of halls/block doorways/etc. It really bothers me. Interestingly enough, I don't have Claustrophobia or Agoraphobia at all.
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Happy New Year, everyone! (Though, at the time of writing this, it's only 11:30 in CO, but whatever.)

Once again, I did nothing to celebrate. Well, except for getting beat up at Tai Chi, eating tamales and drinking mexican hot chocolate (omnomnon), and watching movies with my dad. We watched Hairspray, which was wonderful. (I love musicals. I'm not ashamed to admit it. My favorite is Little Shop of Horrors.) We also watched Beneath the Planet of the Apes, which was one of the most ridiculously horrible movies I've ever seen - though I hear the rest of the series is even worse. Honestly, I think it might top Zardoz in my list of terrible B movies.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a good new year! 2009... I'll be graduating high school this year, and then starting college. I really hope that goes well.


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