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Icon time again! I'm starting to wonder if I should make an account just for icon making instead of spamming my journal with them. :/ I dunno.

Anyways! This time, we've got Doctor Who icons! :D No previews, because they're rather spoilery for anything after The Hungry Earth and I'm not sure how many people on my flist follow DW. Mix of crack-y and serious icons.

Like always, mostly made for rp journals, but there are some kinda pretty ones in here )
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And this time they aren't Batman Beyond icons! Instead, it's Cybersix icons! Because that show is awesome and needs more love. 24 icons in this batch, all from the opening theme to the show.

Sample, just 'cause:

More under the cut )

It is a LOT easier to get good screencaps from Cybersix then it is Batman Beyond. Cybersix has much more consistent animation, so every episode looks really good, whereas the quality of BB varies from episode to episode. Though, it might have something to do with different episodes of BB being animated by different companies, while Cybersix was kept to a single company. Interestingly enough, though, the BB movie was animated by the same company that did Cybersix.
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Nnnnnneeeeerg, damn it, Doctor Who. Damn you and your most recent plot arc that's making me want someone to play 11 at T9 so that I can bounce Rei off of him since Rei draws his powers from the cracks in time and nnnnerg. No, bad Amred. There have only been three episodes with 11 so far, do not go getting ideas.

Actually, I'd like any of the Doctors to show up at T9 (and stay) so I can bounce Rei off of them. I just feel like it would be really interesting to see two time travelers with such vastly different ideas on time traveling get together. I'd especially like to see the Doctor's reaction to Rei's utter ruthlessness when it comes to protecting the time stream. But nnnnnn giving myself ideas with no way to act on them must stoooop.

Also, I changed my default icon again. Since I like using a photo of myself as my icon, I try to keep it current. That and I kind of didn't like my whole face being in the icon - something about cropping just appeals to me.
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I drew a freaking TON of art this month, so it's time for monthly art post, whoo!

Mostly aliens and superheroes )

In other news, it's been confirmed that the Batman Beyond comic mini-series comes out in June. Aaaaaugh, it cannot happen fast enough!
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Oh Freddy Mercury, you were too good for this world. <3

Also, hooray for shiny new adorable icon of Stitch!
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I made icons, whoo. Because I actually found a Melanie/Ten player! So Melanie icons, whoo!

under the cut! )
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Most of you know that I play Terry McGinnis/DCAU's second Batman over at [ profile] trans_9. I've been playing there for over a year now, and perhaps the only real problem I've had (besides rp commitment issues which I've done a pretty good job of getting over) is finding good user icons. I've found a few here and there, but since the show has been over for six years, and the fandom is pretty much dead, finding decent pre-made icons is pretty hard. I've made most of my icons myself.

And that what this post is for. As of now, I have about 30 icons that I use between my two rp journals, and more that I've made but don't use. And I'd like to share them. To give a hand to other Terry rpers out there that need icons.

Icons )
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Decided to update my default user icon. I've changed by glasses, hair, and location since making that old one, as well as got a pair of goggles. But I kept little dragon.

But, yeah, just alerting people, because I'm not sure if everyone is like me, but when I see a new icon on my flist I tend to be a bit confused at first. I may just be weird.

Mainly, I wanted an icon that showed me actually smiling. The old one was too... 'broody angsty'.

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Whoot, Artemis Fowl graphic novel 2 is out! That was my favorite book in the series, and I love the design of the GN (especially Holly's design). Though, they did leave a preeeety big plot point in the first GN (well, small for book 1, important for book 2), so I'm not sure how they'll get around that. But, yeah, I may just order it off Amazon and have it shipped to me. Or wait until I go home for fall break and get it from an indie shop in Denver.

Though, my first thought when I found this out was 'Sweet, more icons for Holly's rp journal!'
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Oi, here. Have an icon meme. )

And this was really difficult with the few icons that I have. But it reminded me that I had some new icons to put up, so there you do.


Oct. 9th, 2008 11:02 am
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What the fuck, livejournal? Where the hell did my default usericon go? Anyone else have a problem with this recently?
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First off, meme from [ profile] gogoicarus.

1. Reply to THIS post, and I'll pick four or five of your userpics that I like.
2. Make an entry and talk about the icons I've selected.
3. Other people will then comment on your entry and you'll do the same as I've done for you.
4. Thus, we will help create a NEVER ENDING STREAM of icon squee. awesome.

And the winning five are... )

And secondly, the big project revealed!


A 1950's milk can, painted with a garden scene, for my sister. You can see some other shots of it here.
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Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys.

Holy shit, I am so worked up on painkillers you wouldn't believe it, hurrr. :B I like me some midol teen.

And I made these freaking adorable pokemon wall hangers out of some scraps of watercolor paper I had nothing else to do with;

Oh my god, I'm hyper. And happy. And I spiked my hair today and it looks coooool, and people are even more confused about my gender then ever, which is awesome, and I might get free dinner tomorrow and ho shit, run on sentence.

And in case you didn't notice, I changed my default icon. It's the same basic thing, but since I cut my hair and don't have my 'rabbi curls' (as one person once put it) I wanted to keep my icon updated.

I fucking love painkillers, I swear to god. Everything is all awesome and great and oh man. Painkillers. <3
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For I have successfully completed the 16th level of this castle. Let's hope I don't get killed by a monster before the end of level 17, yes?

My gift to myself was new LJ icons. I was getting tired of the old Amred art, so I switched it out to photos of stuff animals, toys, and my cats. Yay!

Sketch of the day/week/month/whatever )

Well, that's it from me.


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