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I said a while back that I wound up with no roommate moving in. I finally got work from the building director, and I'm being paired up with another person whose roommate moved out at the beginning of the year. I just met her and she's pretty cool (she likes Pokemon! Glee!) and since she says her neighbors are a lot quieter then mine, I'll be moving into her room soon. Not sure if there's a specific date I need to be moved out by, but I'll hopefully hear about from the director about that soon.
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NYCC ’10 | DC’s Batman Beyond moves from miniseries to ongoing



Thanks to rengeek for sharing the news! *hug*
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I drew a freaking TON of art this month, so it's time for monthly art post, whoo!

Mostly aliens and superheroes )

In other news, it's been confirmed that the Batman Beyond comic mini-series comes out in June. Aaaaaugh, it cannot happen fast enough!


May. 20th, 2009 11:28 am
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So hey. I graduated on Monday.

The ceremony had bubbles and a beachball. Everyone did the wave when dipolmas were being handed out. My lit teacher made faces at me from the audience. And we were our school's largest graduating class in five years at 178 strong.

And. It's over. I'm an adult now. I go to college in August. It's pretty awesome.
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So, a while back I mentioned I won a contest with my short story 'Paper Bird'. Well, I submitted it to a state-wide contest as well, and won first place in my age group. Today I got a shiny gold medal for it, and it's being put forward to a national contest, which, if I place at all, gets me a scholarship.

I also got my acceptance letter to my first choice college!

Go me!
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Pic Shows Man Robbing Stores With Klingon Sword.

Serious. A guy robbed a 7-11 with a bat'leth.

I can't help but think what I would do if I were the clerk working at the 7-11. Give him the money and then strike up a conversation, probably.

In other news, today's my birthday!
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Whooo, two posts in one day because this is a good day.

Today my high school transcripts were sent off to the colleges I'm looking in to! This also included two of the fees for applying - the other two I was able to pay online, but for some reason my state hates online payment? Also, one of the online things put the credit card bill under my name, not my mom's, so we need to call them and have that fixed.

Also, a couple of days ago I got my ACT scores. Last spring when I took them, I got a 22. For my December test, I got a 26, which means my scores are perfect for getting financial aid from the colleges for merit. On that note, I filled out my FAFSA form, but I do need to fix it a bit after we pay taxes.

So, why does this make today a good day, besides Hopey gettin' inaugurated? Because this means I've finished all my college stuff. Those of you in Trans_9 might have noticed my absence for about a month. That's because I've been stressing out with this college stuff - but that's done now! I'll be coming back to the game tomorrow or the day after. (Though, I chose to drop z5 for the time being. :/ Still too busy to play two characters at once.)

That's all from me today, I promise.
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Heeey, hope everyone had safe and happy holidays! Oddly enough, this year was wonderful in my house. No big meltdowns or anything. I think it helps that my sis has a steady career-like job and is taking some meds (she's bipolar. Seriously. To the point that she has two emotions - really happy and really depressed), so she's not stressed out like she was in college. Which is great, y'know?

My family used to spend christmas with my mom's brothers and their families, but once all the cousins started going to college and my grandmother died, we stopped that tradition. Now we see a movie on christmas day. We saw Seven Pounds, which was... okay. The story was good, but it took waaaay too long to get to the plot. And it was really easy to see where it was going with it. I would have preferred to see Frost/Nixon or Milk, but, eh.

I finally have some new games for my DS! (I've only had Pokemon Diamond since I bought the DS) Now I have Pokemon Ranger, Mystery Dungeon (blue team), Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (is this the sequel or the first one? I can't tell), and Apollo Justice. Played a bit of PW, but stopped right at the first cross-examination because it was midnight and I didn't feel like yelled at my DS. Pokemon Ranger was kind fun, but the character designs are kind... Kingdom Hearts-y, which I don't really care for. And FUCK, SOLENA, PUT ON SOME GODDAMN PANTS. Mystery Dungeon is ADORABLE. I think it's the cutest game I've ever played. I'm a mudkip in it, and my partner is a Torchic named Pecho. adkfdlkf so cuuuuute.

Oh, and I have a top hat now. :3 I can be dapper. Maybe I'll get some pictures up.

Anyways, happy holidays to everyone! I've got some art I need to upload, so I'll get to that soon.
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So, hey, that writing contest I entered Paper Bird in? I won first place. :B I feel a small, awesome sense of accomplishment.

All my college apps are in except one, which is pretty great. Still need to send some scholarship stuff in. And I'm going to a parade Saturday night with some close friends, so that'll be fun.
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:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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So, after 10 years having AOL as a shoddy internet provider, my parents finally broke down and signed up for Qwest. Now we'll also have cable, which is pretty sweet. And fast internet. And possibly wifi for my DS to hook up to. Yaaaay!

On a side note: I really should have gotten stitches in my thumb. The cut is healing in that it's not as deep, but it's a bit too wide to heal on the surface. I've used super glue to sort of squish the edges closer together, and hopefully that'll speed up the process.
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I am now a yellow belt in Kung Fu! I'm super excited, because yellow is when the first weapon is introduced - staff. Staff is my favorite weapon of all time. I also finally get to stop wearing my dingy, not-quite-white-anymore almost-year-old white belt.

And if anyone's wondering, Chinese Shaolin Center's belt system is this: white, yellow, blue, green, 3rd brown, 2nd brown, 1st brown, and 1st through 8th black.

I am going to celebrate by watching Ironman HD DVD on X's giant screen TV.

Today is a good day.
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I dunno what this is. Maybe an even creepier version of my anti-muse, murmur? All I know is that I was watching Batman Beyond and this came out of a pencil/pen.

Big Announcement!

I've talked about starting a webcomic for a while. Having looked over some of the comics I've written before, I realized something; I know nothing about writing comics. So, instead of jump into Mr. Face without knowing what I'm doing, I'm going to start a small comic in which I can work on pacing, panels, schedules, and all that stuff that makes a webcomic a comic.

It's going to be basically a 'diary comic', along the lines of Three Panel Soul, a sort of blog in strip form. I want to do it for one year, then start to work on Mr. Face with a bit of experience.

The problem is, though, I know nothing about getting a website. I really do not want to use drunkduck or keenspot, but have my own site, as that's something else I need to learn for Mr. Face. If anyone out there has a website and can give me a few tips, I will shower them with gift arts like they wouldn't believe.

More to come on this subject once I get a site.
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Drew this while watching NCIS last night. I dunno what it is about Isaac, but I love putting her in a gasmask and giving her a gun. *shrug*

So, Obama officially has the appropriate number of super delegates to get himself the Democratic nomination. Fan-fucking-tastic. Now, I love the idea of a woman president. And I have a lot of respect for senator Clinton. But I don't think that she is the right woman for the job.

Too bad I'm a year too young to vote. :(

Also, Space Pirate RP doodles coming next update! I promise!
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Okay, this here makes me happy. (Most don't know it, but I'm a super pokenerd) Turns out I'm Bublasaur. Sweeeet.

Aaaand cut for art )

Whoo-hoo! I also just got into a college astronomy class! Whoot.
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Okay, I still love Sabrous. However, I can only get on every so often. Therefore, I am ending the journals of Amred. I did have fun writing them, but now it's just too difficult, seeing as I don't play with him much anymore.

HOWEVER! I am pleased to announce that I will not be getting rid of this here journal - instead, I'm going to wipe all the 'in character' posts and use this as a sketch journal. So, people from DA, if you want to see my art, and not just the finished pieces, without joining my forum, you can come here. And the old Amred posts will stay up. Keen, no?

So, let's get to teh art!

You click here, I post there )

Also, I may ramble from time to time or post writing snippets.

Come back from time to time to see new stuffs!


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