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I've been making stuff!

More under the cut.

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So I heard that Ophiuchus has been added to the western Zodiac. I really don't care about astrology, but I find this amusing for two reasons.

1. When my dad and I stargaze, he always points that constellation out as 'The Teapot'. I'll never be able to not think of it as that. So now 'the teapot' is a zodiac sign, and that tickles me.
2. I'm now a Capricorn. As I've said, I don't give a fuck about astrology - but this means I'm no longer an Aquarius. Which is awesome, because Gamzee is cooler then Eridan.

I have no idea how many people on my f-list will get that reference.

Also, I made a thing. A jewelry, geology nerd thing.
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I'll just leave this here.

Made with Sculpey Clay, about 2 inches tall.
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So... I'm kind of thinking that, over the summer, I'm going to put together a little baking show to post on youtube. Like, just little videos of me baking neat stuff from my family's traditions or interesting recipes I try online. Because I have the huge urge to do some baking, and I've always liked cooking shows (I have ridiculously massive girl-crushes on Rachael Ray and Paula Dean, no lie).

I'm thinking of making more mini lantern necklaces and selling them on etsy. F-list! Tell me! Do you think you would like to buy a mini-lantern, or know anyone that would? I'd like some input before I start making any.

A literal schadenfreude pie. I want to make this so bad, it looks awesome. Nom nom nom.

6 more days til I get to leave. Ahhhhhh I want this semester to end already.
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(click image to see bigger version)

Yeah, that's right. I made a mini Green Lantern Power Battery out of clay and put it on a necklace. Because I can.

Actually no, this was a gift for a friend of mine who loves Green Lantern and got me into the comics. Also, he gave me a Blue Lantern ring as a gift, so now I feel compelled to make a Blue power battery. And thus the descent into a fandom I never saw myself in will begin.


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