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I just had an awful, brilliant, stupid idea.

Make some meringue. Dollop it out onto a baking sheet in little circles or ovals. Lightly toast, especially along the edges. Press a circle into the middle. Place a dollop of lemon custard in the middle.


I so do not have the time or the equipment to make this right now, but holy fuck, I am finding a way to make this when I go home for the summer.
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New post up on my baking blog! Which... isn't really about baking, but it is tasty dessert treats, right? Anyways, go read it!
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Holy fuck, why didn't anyone tell me about the new My Little Pony cartoon sooner? Only two episodes in, but it took all my will power to pry myself away from youtube to go make dinner instead of watching all the other episodes. I have no idea what it is, but that show is awesome. Maybe I'm just remembering the "girl" shows from my childhood, and how I was always much more interested in watching Batman cartoons or poorly dubbed shonen anime because I felt that the "girl" shows were boring. The new MLP show, though? Has girls doing stuff! And being interested in a wide range of things instead of just makeup! And it's probably THE ONLY show I can point to where I assume that a character is female unless otherwise stated instead of male being the default. Seriously, this show is great and I really want to watch more of it.

Though, I think I heard some grumblings about Rainbow Dash being lesbian because she's tomboy and has a rainbow-colored mane and tail? Okay people, 1) they're ponies. It doesn't matter. And 2) maybe it's just me, but every pony I've seen so far strikes me as a lesbian. So. Yeah.

*ahem* Well, now that I've already been a huge GIRL all over this post, might as well add to it with some cooking stuff, eh?

New post up on my blog! This time I made some Barbecue Biscuit Cups, and they are tasty and awesome. Recipe found here!
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Uuuugh, for the first time ever, midterms are actually kicking my ass. Writing a 12 page paper for NM history is the worse thing ever, especially since that class only gets two grades - midterm and final. I really hate it when professors do that, because it turns the class into pretty much pass/fail. Ugh.

Anyways, I made a thing! Or things, I guess! Mint Oreo Truffles~

These are amazing and really easy to make. Head over to my baking blog for the recipe!

Also, I didn't mention this in the blog because I hadn't tried it yet, but if you put these in the fridge for a while before eating? Soooo good. It tastes just like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
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I think it's about time for another art post.

Some random sketches, some Batman Beyond fanart.
Too bad the fandom hardly exists )

Also, I've started a blog to talk about just my baking, and how to bake on a college student's budget. Check it out here!
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Eeeeeeee, my roommates make me cook and that is AWESOME. One of wanted to make something for the suite for Valentine's Day. At first I was at lost, thinking of maybe just making cookies or something. But then I remembered seeing these adorable little chocolate cups full of fruit at a grocery store, and reading how to make the cups somewhere online. It seemed really easy so we made some cups and filled them with red and pink fruit (apples, peaches, strawberries, and raspberries). They turned out awesome and were soooo good. Maybe my new favorite desert!

Here's how to make them, they're so super easy:

Blow up a balloon to about 2 to 3 inches in diameter. You want it to be as round as possible - if it's sort of pear shaped, get a different one. Tie it, and rinse it under warm water. Dry it off.

Spoon a little circle of melted candy melts onto a sheet of wax paper. Dip your balloon into a deep bowl of melted candy melts. (We double-dipped ours in pink vanilla, then milk chocolate melts) Set the dipped balloon onto the base that you made on the wax paper, being careful to set it as upright as possible. If it's leaning over to one side, the bowl will probably break during the last step.

Let the balloon sit until the candy is completely dry. Pop the balloon. It will naturally peel back from the sides of the bowl as it deflates, so don't try to pull it out right away. If your bowl is too big or lopsided, it'll break.

Fill with anything you want, and happily eat!
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Chocolate-dipped cheesecake balls.

Oh yeah.

I wasn't really planning on baking this weekend, or really any time soon, but one of my roommates was going to her friend's baptism and wanted to bring a dessert, so she asked me for ideas. At first we were going to make cookies, but then I remembered hearing about these, and thought that would be awesome.

These are the easiest thing I have ever made. Buy a large, plain cheesecake. Using an ice cream scoop or a melon baller, scoop out the cake (avoid the crust) and roll into little balls. Melt some chocolate candy melts in a bowl, and dip the balls in. Press in a toothpick or lollipop stick and set on wax paper to dry. These are little amazing bites of heaven. I know. The Mormons I made them for told me so.
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So, before my winter break, my suitemates all got together and had a little dinner party. For that party, I made mini cinnamon rolls, which where awesome, and a huge crowd-pleaser. So, I figured I share that recipe. (I would have done so earlier, but I lost my camera's USB cord) Recipe under the cut.

Look at these. These are amazing.

Super easy mini cinnamon rolls recipe )



Oct. 15th, 2010 08:41 pm
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Check it out

Cheesecake bars. Hell yeah.

Recipe found here: They're pretty awesome, though if I made them again, I'd do a few things differently. For one, the recipe really needs more then 1 1/2 cups of crumbs for the crust - it's way too thin, and that's even after I added more. Also, I cut down on the ganache by about half. The chocolate kind of over powers everything and makes it too sweet. Still, really tasty, I'm glad I tried the recipe. These would make an awesome addition to a party or a potluck or something.
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So... I'm kind of thinking that, over the summer, I'm going to put together a little baking show to post on youtube. Like, just little videos of me baking neat stuff from my family's traditions or interesting recipes I try online. Because I have the huge urge to do some baking, and I've always liked cooking shows (I have ridiculously massive girl-crushes on Rachael Ray and Paula Dean, no lie).

I'm thinking of making more mini lantern necklaces and selling them on etsy. F-list! Tell me! Do you think you would like to buy a mini-lantern, or know anyone that would? I'd like some input before I start making any.

A literal schadenfreude pie. I want to make this so bad, it looks awesome. Nom nom nom.

6 more days til I get to leave. Ahhhhhh I want this semester to end already.
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Some college kids spend their spring break partying. I spent mine making pie.

Really awesome lemon meringue pie, at that.

*om nom nom nom*

I also tried to make s'mores cupcakes with my friend Penguin, but it was really weird. The batter didn't cook. We gave it extra time in the oven, and the tops of the cupcakes cooked through, but the actual cake was still raw in the center. It was really strange, and we had to throw them out. Which was a shame, because the bits of the tops that we pulled off of the muffin tin and ate were delicious.

Christopher Moore is going to be in town next week, signing books and talking about his latest novel, and I'm going to be back in NM. :< Sad. Though, I guess that's a good thing, because if I had gotten to meet him, I probably would have taken my copy of Fool, slapped him with it, and demanded to know what the hell he was thinking, writing a bad Mary Sue fic for King Leer. Yeah, that book disappointed me.

And I finished reading Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. It was... okay. Not really good, not really bad, just... okay. The plot was pretty much the plot of the movie Doomsday, just in Victorian Seattle instead of Future Scotland. The main characters were pretty bland and uninteresting, while the side characters were awesome and fun. I would have preferred to read a book about Lucy and Swakhammer and how they wound up in the city and in debt to the villain, rather then about the dull as hell main characters. Speaking of the villain, he doesn't show up until the last 80 or so pages of the book. Which yeah, I can understand wanting to keep him in the shadows and seem all cool and mysterious, but it doesn't really work when you reveal who he is and tie up the entire plot after he's only been in about three chapters. Climax is really rushed, and left me feeling underwhelmed. Also, a lot of elements seemed to be thrown in just to make the story more "steampunk-y", like needing goggles to see the poison gas, or describing the city as looking all washed out and yellow (seriously, I think the author wanted the reader to imagine everything with a sepia filter in their head). I wouldn't really recommend this as a staple of the steampunk genre, since it's pretty much the same tropes and cliches of all steampunk. But if you're in between books and need something to read, it's not horrible.

nom nom nom

Jan. 1st, 2010 01:29 pm
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It's a new year, and I'd just like to remind everyone of something.


This was the first year since middle school that I've actually gone out for New Year's Eve. I went and saw a fireworks display with my friend Penguin, and then we went back to her house and played Guitar Hero and listened to 90s Europop. I had a lot of coffee though, which I don't have very often, and have had a serious stomach ache and headache all morning long. My sister was the one who went out drinking, but somehow I got the hangover XD

Also, I made noms!

These are mini pumpkin pies, and the recipe can be found here. Now, I hate cooking, but I love baking. Cookies, cake, you name it. I just love it. It's the only vaguely feminine thing I do. So, Bakerella is one of my favorite blogs. I've made some stuff from that site before, like red velvet cake balls (delicious!) and candy graduation caps (adorable!).

The mini pies are pretty good, but I have some problems with the recipe. My biggest complaint is that the recipe makes too much filling. I made 24 pies, and that only used about half the filling. Fortunately, I had a third crust left over from Thanksgiving, so I made a third batch - but really, there was enough filling for 4 batches. Also, the filling could use a bit more of the spice. It calls for 1 teaspoon, but that really doesn't add that much flavor. And the cream cheese is a bitch to get smooth in the filling. But still, the pies are cute and pretty good. I didn't add chocolate to mine, though - the idea of pumpkin and chocolate mixed just doesn't appeal to me.

Anyways, happy new year, everyone!
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I just found something so awesome, it had to be shared. I want this cake for my next birthday.
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To prove that there is a difference between 'intelligence' and 'common sense', this is basically the conversation I had with my dad when I showed him the cut on my thumb today:

Dad: Jesus Christ. How did you even do that? thumb was in the bagel hole....?
Dad: ................You are such an idiot.
Me: ............yeeeah...
Dad: *inspecting cut* Holy shit. You should have gotten stitches for this!
Me: I've had worse.
Dad: ........ and why didn't you get stitches for those?
Me: Because.... I'm an idiot?
Dad: No question there.

>.> Yeah.

The cut is doing pretty good, though. It's started to heal up at the edges, and I don't think it's as deep any more. I put super glue on it, and it's doing okay. I don't think it needed stitches. (Then again, I've always let bad cuts heal without stitches, and have broken ribs, a finger, fractured a arm, and fractured a leg without getting any medical treatment. Either I'm pretty damn tough, or really THAT stupid.)

Also, I discovered Patty Melts today. Oh man. OM NOM NOM
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Tegaki is quickly growing on me. Above inspired by Shiny Toy Gun's 'Le Disko'.

I'm not much of a fish person. I've never really enjoyed the taste of just normal cooked fish, and sushi gets me really sick. (Except for Unagi, probably because that's actually cooked) Yesterday, however, I went to a little english-style pub and tried fish and chips.

Oh my god, that was delicious.
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Okay, this here makes me happy. (Most don't know it, but I'm a super pokenerd) Turns out I'm Bublasaur. Sweeeet.

Aaaand cut for art )

Whoo-hoo! I also just got into a college astronomy class! Whoot.


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