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I just had an awful, brilliant, stupid idea.

Make some meringue. Dollop it out onto a baking sheet in little circles or ovals. Lightly toast, especially along the edges. Press a circle into the middle. Place a dollop of lemon custard in the middle.


I so do not have the time or the equipment to make this right now, but holy fuck, I am finding a way to make this when I go home for the summer.
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NYCC ’10 | DC’s Batman Beyond moves from miniseries to ongoing



Thanks to rengeek for sharing the news! *hug*
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Rocky Horror was awesome. It was just... ahahaha. Amazing.

Details on the night and my devirginizing under the cut )

Very fun night, and I so want to go and see it again next month.
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Oh Freddy Mercury, you were too good for this world. <3

Also, hooray for shiny new adorable icon of Stitch!
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Oh hey, I just found my Meatloaf CD. So here, have some epic rock spam.

Now that? That is true rock.

Also, did you know that Meatloaf and Tim Burton had planned to make a Batman musical? Somehow I doubt it would be as epic as this one.
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This is just cool.

From the article: Scientists today announced the discovery of the oldest fossil skeleton of a human ancestor. The find reveals that our forebears underwent a previously unknown stage of evolution more than a million years before Lucy, the iconic early human ancestor specimen that walked the Earth 3.2 million years ago. [...]

The fossil puts to rest the notion, popular since Darwin's time, that a chimpanzee-like missing link—resembling something between humans and today's apes—would eventually be found at the root of the human family tree. [...]

Ardi instead shows an unexpected mix of advanced characteristics and of primitive traits seen in much older apes that were unlike chimps or gorillas [...]

All previously known hominids—members of our ancestral lineage—walked upright on two legs, like us. But Ardi's feet, pelvis, legs, and hands suggest she was a biped on the ground but a quadruped when moving about in the trees.

Her big toe, for instance, splays out from her foot like an ape's, the better to grasp tree limbs. Unlike a chimpanzee foot, however, Ardipithecus's contains a special small bone inside a tendon, passed down from more primitive ancestors, that keeps the divergent toe more rigid. Combined with modifications to the other toes, the bone would have helped Ardi walk bipedally on the ground, though less efficiently than later hominids like Lucy.

Check out the rest of the article, too - it's really interesting. There's also some artistic interpretations of Ardi, and an interactive page about some of Ardi's specific skeletal features.

Way, way cool.
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Scored 95.5 out of 100 on my first geology exam.

Fuuuuuuck yeah.
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Maybe I should update my internets. Mines still says Al Gore is president.

At least it's not Ronald Reagan?

Ronald W. Reagan II. Future dark overlord of the United States of Eurasia.

Does he have a Death Star, or a vampire moon base?

It started as one but when the renovations were done, it ended up as the other.

Either way, Doc Brown, Dr. McNinja, and The Doctor will blow it up with a tricycle and a boomerang. This is getting heavy!

Great Scott!

Mudkip is the hard boiled P.I. that finds out how they did it for a fee of 2 dozen cookies plus milk expenses.

This is getting expensive.

"I knew the dame was trouble as soon as she walked in. Torchics usually are."

"The name's Phillip R. Mudkip. She wanted me to track down the rare maltese pidgeot. I told her I'd do it for 12 dozen cookies, no less."

And now to go to lit class.
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So, there are very few things that make me literally fall out of my chair laughing. But Voldemort tap dancing is definitely one of them.

(Voldy starts dancing at about 3:20)
And if you liked that, check out the rest of A Very Potter Musical, you can watch the all of it starting here. Trust me, it is hilarious.
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So this is one of the coolest fucking things I have ever seen or heard.

A fossilized dinosaur (a hadrosaur, to be exact) was found with it's skin fossilized and intact. This is something that is very rare - skin decomposes, so it's not likely to fossilize. It takes just the right circumstances - in this case, being quickly covered by water and silt - for skin to fossilize right along with bones. This is a huge, HUGE discovery in paleontology, because up to this point, we haven't been able to tell what a dino looks with skin. All the models, drawings, etc where guess work, with some cues taken from impressions of skin found in fossilized rock. Unfortunately, that article has very few pictures of the fossil itself, though it states that the whole body was intact.

I'm sure this isn't as exciting to everyone else, but I love dinosaurs. Like, seriously LOVE dinosaurs. When I was a kid, I had a tape of songs about dinosaurs that I listened to so much that the ribbon shredded. I had a tone of dinosaur toys. I even got the book Dinotopia, and read it religiously. Not because the story was any good (it was crap, really) but because of the rich illustrations of dinosaurs living along side man. Hell, when I heard about the dino skin on the radio, I knew exactly what a hydrosaur was.

And for the record, my favorite dinosaur is deinonychus, a small raptor with a large, nasty claw on its feet.


May. 20th, 2009 11:28 am
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So hey. I graduated on Monday.

The ceremony had bubbles and a beachball. Everyone did the wave when dipolmas were being handed out. My lit teacher made faces at me from the audience. And we were our school's largest graduating class in five years at 178 strong.

And. It's over. I'm an adult now. I go to college in August. It's pretty awesome.
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So, I've been trying to be healthier (eat better, work out more) this year, so that I can get into good habits for when I go off to college. Turns out I've been doing a good job - I did some calculations for BMI, and turns out I've gained about five pounds of muscle mass.

I'm pretty stoked about this, because I've always been skinny but not really healthy. So, this is a pretty big accomplishment for me.
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So, a while back I mentioned I won a contest with my short story 'Paper Bird'. Well, I submitted it to a state-wide contest as well, and won first place in my age group. Today I got a shiny gold medal for it, and it's being put forward to a national contest, which, if I place at all, gets me a scholarship.

I also got my acceptance letter to my first choice college!

Go me!
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I saw DeVotchKa in concert for the first time last night! I've heard a lot about their live performances, so I had some pretty high expectations. They did not let me down!

It included some amazing light shows, a classic string ensemble, and the thing that makes DeVotchKa the most unique band I've ever heard - a theremin. Of course, it would not have been complete without their trademark stunt of hiring Burlesque dancers for the show, and their grand finale featured two such women doing amazing tricks on giant scarves suspended from the ceiling.

It was a fantastic show, and one of the most unique concert-going experiences I've ever had.

Also, they had an indie band play the opening called Quixotic. They were really cool too - their music was sort of new age, sort of marching band, sort of gypsy. They also featured some wild light shows and a group of ballet/belly dancers. I dunno if I'd listen to them on a regular basis, but the performance certainly was awesome.
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Proof that maX is the most awesome friend in the world:

X found this shirt at a comic book store a few months ago, and sent me a picture of it to my phone. I loved it immediately, and set the picture as my phone wallpaper, as sort of a reminder that I should try to find this shirt or one like it some day. Yesterday, at my bowling birthday party (a post - possibly with pictures - about that coming soon, once I'm properly awake), X gave me this shirt and became my favorite person ever.

This shirt is... kind of unique. It's a size Large (I'm really a Small), but that's because it seems to be the only one of it's kind in existence. X actually asked the comic book store if they could track down a smaller shirt - they tried, but they couldn't find any like this at all, on the internet or in wholesale catalogs. And when you look closely at the picture, you know why - under the picture (which has 'of the Future' as a continuation of the text) it has the copyright/printing date. 1999. Yeah. I have a ten year old shirt. This is probably a collector's item.

And you know what? I'm gonna wear the hell out of this thing. As soon as I wash it. No washings in ten years has left it rather... itchy.
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Today, history was made. An African-American man became president of the United States. Everyone knew this was coming since early November, but it wasn't until today, after watching Barack Obama take the oath of office and give his speech, that it really hit me.

Now, I don't post political stuff on here, because I don't want any drama happening because of anyone's political views. But... today, I hope that Republicans and Democrats and all the independent parties can put their differences aside and just appreciate the gigantic step forward we took as a nation today.

The world seems a bit brighter today, and the promise that was made to me, and to thousands of children all across America when we were in first grade, that no matter who we are, we can do anything, even be president, seems like an actual promise now, not just a stock saying used on kids.
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I just found something so awesome, it had to be shared. I want this cake for my next birthday.
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Hello, internet. You should all be told now - when I have little interaction with any of my offline friends for two weeks, I get chatty. So. Today went from Awesome to Bad to Worse to Better to Awesome Again.

It started out when I went to my Kung Fu class this morning. I was walking the two blocks from my house to the dojo. My house is on a nice, quiet street, Dojo is on a major street. Located in a sort of... triangle from the two locations is an orphanage which has a little natural area that a bunch of red foxes live in. They hunt along a ditch that runs underground from the orphanage and opens up close to the dojo. I was at the busy street, about to cross at a light to get to the dojo, and whoosh this fox jumps up from the ditch, races across the quiet cross street, and runs past me, rounds the alley corner, and is gone. It was a young one, or just small - about a foot tall and two feet long. And I know this because it was A FOOT AWAY FROM ME. Just... just... just... squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

When I got into the dojo, I went to the bathroom to change into my uniform... and threw up. So they sent me home. This was about... 11:15.

I got home, fell asleep, watched some tv, and then about 1:30, ate some lunch. And then I threw up again.

Then, tired and icky and upset, I poked around on the internet. And saw the The 11th Doctor. I know wank is coming from all over the place about the choice, but I like him. He's really young, yes, but he's kinda... weird lookin'. I always felt Tennent looked too normal for the Doctor, but this guy looks like a younger 9. (Also, this fits with me and my friend's theory that Time Lords age backwards, and that the wizard Merlin was a Time Lord.) Also, I was able to eat dinner and keep it down.

And finally, the awesome again part. There's an indie movie theatre downtown. Once a month, they find rare/significant/historic movies and show them for free. We went this week, and the movie was Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger's Top Hat. This... this was one of my favorite movies as a kid. This was the reason I wanted a top hat. Seeing in on the big screen was, like... the universe's way of apologizing for me feeling like crap. Thanks, Universe.

Okay, that's it. I'm going to go sleep some more, 'cause I'm just... bleh.
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So, I was poking around Youtube today, looking for the songs from Disney's Mulan (shut up, it's my favorite movie. I can recite about 80% of it from memory), and I realized something. Y'know how celebrities inspire some people to be skinnier? Well, Jackie Chan inspires me to be the best martial artist I can be.

Seriously. The dude's awesome. He had his own cartoon, for cryin' out loud.


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