Apr. 26th, 2011

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Got my schedule for next semester all worked out - surprisingly, this time I managed to get all my first choices! Hooray for upperclassmanship! ...I'm... not sure if that's a word.

Anyways, my schedule next semester will be:
Algebra MWF 3-3:50
Late Shakespeare MW 4pm-5:15pm
Learning and the Classroom M 7pm-9:30pm
International Horror Film W 5:30pm-9:30pm
Modern American Lit TTh 5pm-6:15pm

Taking all night courses next semester. A lot of the classes I am required to take are only offered in the evening, so I decided to just take all evening courses - this will leave the days open, which hopefully will help me get a job easier. It'll be tough, especially being at school from 3 until 9:30 on MW, but I'll pull through it. Getting dinners will be tough, but I'll figure things out.

Have to re-take algebra because my grade last semester was at the point that I passed the class, but not that it counted towards my degree. So I'm retaking it, hopefully having it three times a week will cut down on the problem of my prof trying to cover three subjects in one day, as happened with my two-day a week class last year. Also, I'll take advantage of free tutoring this year.

As for the other things, they all count towards my degree and just sounded fun! ESPECIALLY FOREIGN HORROR FILMS OH MY GOD. Yes, that counts towards my degree - it's a "Media Arts" class about film that has multiple subjects under one course number. The other courses were Chicano Film and Lit and Film Comedy... Horror Film sounded like it would be the most fun!


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