Feb. 1st, 2011

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'Kay, so, I got a letter in the mail the other day offering me a chance to apply as a Student Orientation Leader this summer. Which pays really well and would really, I need the job.

But today, it snowed. Like, an inch. So the whole city shut down. It's going to snow a bit tomorrow. So classes have been canceled for two days in a row.

Another thing that's been canceled? The only information meeting for Orientation applicants that I can make. djhfdkjshfdjshasa

Gave a call to the people running this stuff, going to find out if I can just stop by their offices to get some of this information, and I'll still apply. Bleh.

There was also a meet-n-greet type thing for the apartments I want to move into next year tomorrow evening, on campus, which will probably also be canceled. But that wasn't nearly as important.

Other then all that stuff, this is shaping up to be a good week. Because of the snow day, my roomies and I had a girls-day-out to enjoy the snow. (Well... I'm used to snow and don't give a damn, but one is from Utah and the other is from India, and aren't used to snow so it's still cool to them) It was pretty awesome. Tomorrow I'm just going to enjoy a day to myself. And Saturday I turn 20! My sis is coming into town because Wicked happens to me in the local theatre on my birthday, and my mom bought tickets for me and my sis! So awesome!

Also, I just realized that since classes are canceled tomorrow I'll miss my geology lab D: Oh noes, I like that class! We were gonna do sedimentary rock identification, too!


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