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Wow, I have pretty much completely jumped ship over to Tumblr, haven't I? Well... actually no, not really. I mean, I check my f-list and lurk at a few communities, but I've just found Tumblr to be a much better place to post art and thoughts off the top of my head. If I post at LJ, I feel like I need to plan it out or something so that it's substantial. :/

Buuut I do have some stuff I want to post today. Art stuff. Batman Beyond stuff. No cut because these ramblings are stupid but I don't care.

So I've seriously gotten into Tiger & Bunny, and felt like drawing a redesign of Terry's batsuit based on the power armor from T&B. Then I wound up with an idea for an AU.

Basically, Terry is born in the T&B ‘verse, but goes through much of the same events as his original canon (parents have an ugly divorce; he briefly joins a gang and spends some time in juvie; his dad works at a company that does weapons R&D and gets murdered after learning something he wasn’t supposed to know), but in a different ‘verse, so when he decides to seek revenge, things go a bit differently. Since he has no powers, and a criminal background, he has no chance of doing like Barnaby and becoming a sponsored hero. So he steals an armor suit (either an old suit from another hero, or an in-development suit from the company his dad worked at) and goes out to seek his revenge on his own. He tries to avoid the cameras of Hero TV as best he can, but eventually gets caught on tape, and rumors about a new hero abound. He continues to work on getting his revenge on his own, but occasionally has run-ins with the sponsored heroes, and quickly gains anti-hero status in the eyes of the public (ala Lunatic, but without the murdering). No one knows who this mysterious “Batman” is, or why he’s not working under a company, or if he even has any powers. But they do know that, with him around, the superstitious and cowardly criminal underbelly of Sternbilt is starting to be a lot more careful…

I DESPERATELY WANT TO RP THIS. Does... does anyone know of a T&B game that accepts characters from outside the show?
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